As Reborn waited for Iemitsu to finally stop laughing, he briefly wondered if the man would stop breathing if he tried shoved his chopsticks down his throat.

Nana placed a bowl of rice in front of him with a smile, as though apologising for her husband rudeness. Reborn gave her a small nod of thanks.

He then growled at Iemitsu in annoyance, "Are you done?"

The man had been going off the whole time since Nana had announced that lunch was ready.

Iemitsu laughed for another moment before finally stopping, "Ahaha.. Sorry about that, it was just too funny."

Reborn twitched. The apology sounded like anything but sincere. Perhaps pointing a gun at him would change that.

"Hai, Tsu-chan, say 'Ahh~'" Nana smiled, feeding Tsuna.

Snapping out of his dangerous thoughts, Reborn glanced at her in disbelief. She was already seven and she still had to be fed?

Catching his gaze, Nana blinked, misunderstanding his look, "Oh my, Reborn-kun, do you want me to feed you to?"

Iemitsu promptly slammed his head down onto the table and burst out laughing again.

A vein popped out from the corner of his head. Gritting his teeth, he said, "No."

"I see," Nana smiled, "Well if you do, just ask, alright?"

Reborn said nothing as he picked up his chopstick, gripping it so hard that it almost cracked whilst the Ninth sent him a knowing chuckle.

Someone, shoot me now.

It doesn't make sense, Reborn thought as his eyes flitted through papers pass papers. Something was obviously wrong with the papers.

In the first place, why the heck hasn't anyone noticed it? Even if Nana was dense like a block of wood, surely Iemitsu would have noticed?

As he glanced up, his eyes narrowed at the blonde man who was gulping at him nervously, as though ready to jump up and run for safety any second now.

With a click of his tongue, he crushed the papers in his hands in annoyance, "You bionda idiota!"

Crossing his arms, Reborn placed the papers in front of Tsuna, "What is this?"

Tsuna blinked and tilted her head slightly, "My test papers?"

"No shit Sherlock," Reborn rolled his eyes, wondering if there truly was a problem with all the Sawadas, "What I want to know, is how your results are so low."

Before Tsuna could say anything, Reborn stated, "You've said that you managed to learn Italian within two months. And yet how is it that you're failing your Japanese?"

Tsuna flinched and glanced away, not meeting his eyes, almost guiltily.

"Tsuna," Reborn's voice was warning, he wanted answers.

Remember this, Reborn, when comes to girls, you have to be more gentle or they'll only end up hating you.

Glancing towards the brunette girl who was glancing away in fear, his eye softened unconsciously. Almost reluctantly, he released a sigh and placed a hand atop her head, "Tsuna."

When he received no reply, he repeated, "Tsuna, look at me."

As she finally glanced towards his direction, albeit a little nervously, he managed a small quirk of his lips, "Look, I'm trying to help you here. I'm you tutor. I can't help you if you don't say anything. Unless you want me to point a gun and threaten you, answer me."

Upon hearing his words, she dawned a guilty look. Looking downwards, she played with the hem of her shirt nervously, "B-because.."

"Because?" Reborn raised his eyebrows, "Continue."

"B-because.. If I work hard, everyone will hate me," her voice cracked a little from fear as she looked at anything but him.

"Wait," Reborn asked, his voice revealing nothing about how he felt despite the disbelief boiling within him, "You're getting bullied in school?"

She flinched and shook her head quickly, "T-thats not it! Rika-san is just upset that I scored better than her because she worked really hard!"

"Tsuna," his voice was threatening now. For some reason, the idea of the girl getting bullied in school was pissing him off. "What do they do to you?"

"N-nothing.." Tsuna whispered, glancing back down at the ground.

"Tsuna," Reborn's was hard, eyes fixed on her, "Answer my question."

"I-its r-really nothing much!" Tsuna insisted almost like a stubborn child, "T-they just ..t-take my books once in a while."

"And not return it," Reborn stated with a deadpan look, "Am I right?"

Tsuna hesitantly nodded.

"Did they hurt you?" Reborn questioned with concern. Why on earth am I so worried anyway?

He glared at her when she quickly said no.

Nervously, she whispered, "J-just once."

Reborn sighed, removing his fedora to run his hand through his hair, I can't believe this. What the hell is Iemitsu doing? His daughter is getting bullied in school and he doesn't even know?

Glancing at Tsuna, he felt something warm within him. The need to protect. Something that he hadn't felt since he became a hitman a long time ago.

"Tsuna," he softened his eyes just a little at her, "The next time you have a test, I want you to make sue you study properly for it."

She opened her mouth to protest but Reborn cut her off before she could say anything, "Its alright." He reached out to pat her head, "No one will dare to try and hurt you for it. I'll make sure of it."

Tsuna stared at him in surprise, "R-really?"

"Yeah," Reborn stated with a smirk, "If they want to hurt you, they'll have to get through me first."

"B-but, you're a kid too!" Tsuna protested. No, something told her that Reborn wasn't just any ordinary kid.

Reborn scoffed as he flicked her head, "I'm not a kid. I'm the world's strongest hitman."

Tsuna blinked in surprise before smiling, "Un! You look really strong, Reborn!"

Reborn glanced at her in surprise, not expecting such a reply.

"You'll protect me, right? Reborn?" she asked, glancing at him hopefully.

"Of course," Reborn stated, not sure of what to make of the situation.

Tsuna smiled, "I knew you were a good person!"

Reborn stared at her is disbelief. A good person? A hitman is not a good person!

"Thank you, Reborn!" Tsuna beamed.

Reborn twitched. I'm becoming soft..

Grinning in happiness, Tsuna jumped up and tackled him into a hug. Now if he was still in his adult form, or even his infant form which he was long used to, he would definitely be able to stay unaffected. Unfortunately, due to the fact that he was still unused to his new body, as much as he hated to admit it, he could not balance.

Reborn groaned as he was pushed down on to the floor, wincing at the impact of his body against the ground.

Tsuna instantly jumped in worry, "S-sorry! D-did I hurt you?"

Reborn sat up, wincing a little, "Its alright."

Tsuna eyed him worriedly, "It must hurt a lot, doesn't it?"

Right before he could say anything, she said, "I know! Wait here!"

With that, she ran out of the room shouting, "Mama! Reborn has a boo-boo on his back! Can you kiss it better?"

Reborn then promptly proceeded to choke on his own spit.