The night had never seemed so silent. Everyone sat perfectly still not one muttering a word. Noises from outside where all ignored, never heard. Dawn got up and made her way upstairs to go to sleep, or perhaps to wake up…. This had to be some nightmare. No one watched her go, no one even looked up. They were all wondering the exact same thing 'had that just happened?' The same thought ran through everyone's minds over and over again, none of them could believe it had.

Morning came and went, the house stayed silent until Willow finally spoke. "So what now?" She asked "what do we do?" Xander bit his lip "whatever we can do, gotta keep fighting right." Willow nodded "I better start trying to find a spell, before Buffy ends up destroying the world." Spike frowned "we don't know she's going to destroy the world, I mean come on its Buffy." Layla shook her head "it's Buffy without a soul; it's not gonna be Buffy at all." Spike sighed "we have to get her back." Willow grabbed her laptop "we're going to, I'm going to find something, and I'm going to get her back" she sounded so sure, so confident, she felt it to, but everyone knew this was going to be close to impossible.

Darkness fell upon Sunnydale. Buffy awoke with a smirk. Oh this was going to be fun, this town was going to be hers, and no one was going to be able to stop her. First, she had to eat. She stood up a grin on her face, "wonder who's out after dark?" she wondered aloud. She wandered the streets, she knew Sunnydale so well she didn't even have to look where she was going. She found herself on a street near the Bronze. Buffy smirked as she heard footsteps coming round the corner. She followed the young red haired girl, and stayed in the shadows as the girl looked behind her and quickened her pace, Buffy sped up to. The girl broke into a run knowing someone was there behind her. The girl crashed into someone. "Are you alright?" Buffy asked the girl. She looked behind her to find nothing "yeah, I'm fine, just, I thought, no it was nothing." Buffy pushed the girls red hair behind her ear revealing her neck. "You know you really shouldn't be out after dark, you never know what you'll find." Buffy said with a smile. "Yeah my mum always tells me that, I should have learnt by now" The girl said more calm now. "No" Buffy said with a laugh shaking her head "you should have learnt to keep running" she smirked and grabbed the girls arm "otherwise you never know who's going to catch you." Buffy heard the girl's heart racing and could smell the fear coming off of her, it made Buffy smile. "Now I wish I could play a bit more, but I'm hungry" She switched to her game face, it felt natural, sort of strange, but natural, "and you're dinner" she laughed as the girl screamed. "Now, now don't worry this won't hurt a bit" the girl backed up against the wall, heart pumping fast Buffy could hear the blood flowing through her veins. "It'll hurt a lot" she finished as she bit into the girls neck. Blood flowed into her mouth, and the girl stood there frozen in fear until Buffy had drained her and let the body fall to the floor. "Shame she didn't have any friends" Buffy stated walking away and leaving the lifeless girl in the street.

"Oh here we are, Slayer turned into a vampire… oh" Willow said staring at her laptop. "Why, what was the slayer like?" Xander asked. Willow sighed "It doesn't say, her watcher staked her before she rose." Dawn came into the room unable to sleep "any luck on how to cure Buffy?" she asked hopefully although she knew the answer. Willow shook her head "She's a slayer there's something different about her, she not going to be like any other vampire so in theory I should be able to create a spell to restore her soul but that's the problem I'm creating a spell and I know a bit about how magic works but not enough to actually make up one from scratch." Dawn frowned "but you have angel curse right so you aren't doing it from scratch." Willow nodded "yeah but it's not that simple it's almost like having the basic layout for something then having to put the pieces together…. When you don't have all the pieces." Spike looked at her "but you can do it" he didn't say it as a question. "I don't know if I can" Willow said trying not to show how upset she was, her friend was evil and dead and there was nothing she could do about it. "Willow you are a powerful witch, and you can do this" Spike told her "bring Buffy back" it was almost as if he was begging, except Spike couldn't beg. Layla sighed "but let me guess we have to somehow find a part of Buffy the spell can cling onto so it can actually be there long enough for the soul to stay intact?" Willow nodded. "Well who's going to try?" Layla asked "I would say Angel, except I don't think he's ever going to leave this house again let along actually speak" she told them. Willow sighed "has anyone talked to him?" Layla nodded "yep it was mostly me talking and him sitting there, not even sure he heard me." Xander shrugged "oh well, I'm pretty sure Dawn can find a piece of Buffy, after all they are sisters." Layla nodded "but I'm worried about Angel, he's blaming himself for everything" Xander rolled his eyes "and we care why?" Layla glared at him "he's my brother" Xander fell silent suddenly aware if Layla got angry she could throw him through a wall. Layla sighed "and I can't even get through to him" Willow sighed "It' going to be fine" she said "everything is going to fine."

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