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Post Episode 1 Darkness Rising

Ellen's pov

It was weird moving to jasper Nevada of all places, not that I'm saying it's any less important that any major city but why here? I guess it's like what Dad said that "because it's such a remote location we are able to patrol and observe Decepticon activity whilst maintaining a low profile". Still I do miss my friends and I can't exactly ground bridge back and forth to see them that would be a waste of resources.

Well Dad said we wouldn't be here for longer than a year, which I know he's only saying to give me peace of mind, but he said he would ground bridge me back if it was any longer as it wouldn't be fair on me.

"A new school, that would interesting. Yeah sure, like moving to a new town is not ridiculing enough." I thought sarcastically as I drove through Jasper on my motorcycle, well what I really should say is that I hope it will be interesting, because hey, i've been dragged around so many times its gets frustrating so I gotta force positively before I go out on a murder spree. So with that thought I pulled up to school, parked my bike, grabbed my bag and walked up those steps like a boss...hey if they smell fear I'm instantly screwed for the whole time I'm here, its like the wild in here you gotta start making an impression. kind of like the same in prison.

well lets see, where the hell am I? gr-eat first impression, going around with a piece of paper in your hand looking completely lost and the more I was trying to find my way to class the more lost I felt and the more lost I felt the more the panic was rising, "take it easy Ellen this isn't like you too lose your cool over something like getting lost, just double-check, maybe you missed a room." I thought to myself as I glanced from door to door.

come on, come on! 101, 102, 101A? 37?! how does that even work?! I threw down the paper as i was quick to give up, "i don't know where i a-mmmm!" I blurted out in the hallway falling to my knee's did I mention I can be a little melodramatic? Well after that I got a few abusive words thrown at me and some finger-pointing nothing out of the ordinary but what was different was someone was sane enough (I hope) to approach me after that.

"Are you okay?" he said I wasn't sure if he meant that if I was okay or my mentality was okay.

This boy was about 2 inches taller than me; he had black hair, blue jeans and a grey shirt, he stance was casual it suggested he was easy-going, typical teenager to me. "If theirs a neon sign saying 'over here you monkey!' then no I'm pretty lost if I'm honest with you." I said awkwardly scratching my head.

"Here let me have a look" he said picking up the piece of paper i had recently broke up with "...hey no problem you've got the same classes as me, first is history" he chuckled "nice way to start a Monday morning right? it's just this room here" he said pointing to the room which to my embarrassment was two doors away.

"Thanks." i said finding my feet, "I just need to gather myself up for a minute" I said to him.

"I'll see ya in there?" he replied he was so welcoming I felt so much better about this whole moving thing now.

"Sure, um I'm Ellen" why did I say "um" who are you William Shatner?

"Jack" he said as he turned to walk into class, was he doing a 'I'll leave just my name and leave to make me seem more mysterious thing?' or do I just watch too many movies? I'll go with the second one. i let myself sigh, to be honest i kind of said to myself that i would distance myself from others so not to make friends, I mean moving from one place to another, making friends and then leaving them? but that was a failed attempt straight away.

I'm a sucker for the 'nice person', even if I only met him. Strangers would offer me candy and I'd not hear the alarm bells. still, him helping me out. Its just weird, or maybe i'm paranoid.

So to add to the failure of keeping a 'low profile' the Teacher then called me up as soon as i stepped foot into the room obviously to ask me to do a "tell us a bit about yourself." routine. "Ellen why don't you first introduce yourself then tell us a bit about yourself." okay maybe I was wrong on the first half.

"Okay, my names Ellen Robertson I've just recently turned 16 years old I'm from Tranquility we moved here just to try something different I guess...I'm not sure what else to tell you." I laughed awkwardly.

"Well what about your parents?" she sounded half interested when saying that like she wanted to kill time as much as possible.

"Well I'll just be blunt and say that my Dad is in the military and my Mom is abroad also in the military but dealing with other issues". i said flatly.

Yeah just say that, instead of 'i currently live in an old Missile Silo, i spend most of the time lying on the couch on weekends, deprived of human contact.' "Oh does that mean you have a bit of military experience?" she half laughed but sounded more interested now, man I wonder what jobs there are in Jasper.

"I do have a bit of field experience, just enough to keep myself alive though." I said though tried to make it sound like a joke.

"you mean they've taken you with them?" I'm not sure if she sounded concerned or excited or both at the same time but I better wrap this up, seeing how most of the class was resting their heads on their desks, good grief did I walk into a funeral?

"No, I meant if I was ever in a dangerous situation, can I go sit down now?" I asked...well practically begged is more like it, that joke crashed and burned. and like that she snapped out of her thoughts.

"o-oh yes, you can sit in the seat in front of- in front of...?" she starting clicking her fingers trying to remember his name, "Jack! Jack, you can sit next to him." I smiled at him trying to distract him from the fact his teacher forgot his name, now there's a good example of a student-teacher relationship, and my distraction seemed to work as he smiled back and gave a slight wave, so I wandered over to my seat as I sat down and got myself comfortable with my new environment.

I lent over to him as the Teacher wasted no time in getting the lesson going, "See what happens? you help me out once and thats it." I jested awkwardly.

"Just, don't ask me to loan you cash." he jested back.

"So yeah, Ellen remember?" I said.

"Yeah...I remember it was literally five minutes ago you said."


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