It was early September and Hermione was approaching Kings Cross train station. The smoke from the trains temporarily blinding her. Soon she saw and all too familiar pillar in the middle of the walkway, looking around to make sure no one was looking at her she ran to and soon through the pillar. She smiled triumphantly once at the other side and from the corner of her eye saw a group of redheads with a raven head boy sticking out like a sore thumb in the barrage of people, she smiled from ear to ear and ran up to the group of people.

"Hey everyone,how are you?" said Hermione.

The group turn around to look at her confusion written on their faces and soon realisation dawns on them as they recognise the girl in front of them.

"Blimey,Hermione you changed after the summer you have. You look stunning."Ron exclaims excitedly.

"Yeah, Hermione you've really grown over the summer you even look a bit tanner" agrees harry as he folds his hands and nods sagely.

Ginny grins happily at Hermione and she teasingly says "Of course , she's planning to break a few young ladies hearts this year ".

Hermione blushes at the statement and hisses at Ginny "Gin you promised not to tease me about my sexuality" . Ginny giggles and smacks Hermione on the back a light smile tugging at the edges of the lips .The boys laugh loudly at the statement making Hermione blush even redder.

"But, can you blame her . It's bloody brilliant it is now you can talk to us about getting a girlfriend can't you Hermione. Should be easier for you especially since you look so much more beautiful" Ron says his face flushed from laughing.

" I agree i mean look around Hermione since you came everyone more specifically many of the girls have been glancing in our direction quite a few times and i can tell you for the first time that it isn't because of me and it certainly isn't because of Ron either " said Harry smiling like a lunatic.

Hermione turns around and can see many girls are looking away very quickly when she makes eye contact with them many , even a few slytherins turn the other way blushes settling on their cheeks .

"Dears, it time to get on the train now , Hermione, Harry it's been lovely to see you both so well. Hermione you look lovely and don't be afraid of your sexuality this is the wizarding world though many care about class quite a lot unlike muggles we do not have a problem with same sex relationships" smies Mrs Weasly sweetly though secretly she was a little sad about not getting Hermione as a daughter -in-law oh well, she was happy for Hermione either ways lesbian or not.

Flushing at the matriarchs words and a tad uncomfortable Hermione climbs aboard the train and gets into one of the carriages Ginny sat ext to her and Harry,and Ron across her. She waves goodbye to the other weasly's as the train departs . Once it has left the station Hermione leans back down and closes her eyes . She hopes for an easy time this year , she hopes to fin a girl to love and most importantly she hopes that nothing would happen this year.

But, then again when has anything gone Hermiones way.

And thats the end of the prologue nothing as happened just yet but thats why its called a prologue but anyway like the idea hate the idea please review and also Hermione is in her 5th year along with Harry and Ron. Plus the beauxbaton school will be coming but more as an exchanged program there is no goblet of fire there is no voldermort harry is just popular because he is the youngest seeker ever for gryffindor the slytherins are still quite stuck up but not as bad and yes harry's parents are alive; but anyway more will be revealed as the story progresses.

Ps: though this says Hermione and Fleur does not mean the she will end up with Fleur but there is a possibility.