One early crisp September morning, considered being one of the better days in London; a curly haired brunette donning her maroon sweater and black skinny jeans is seen carrying her trunk across the street, walking towards Kings Cross Station. The sound of rushed feet grows as she enters the building, smoke from the trains temporarily blinding her. Soon she see's an all too familiar pillar in the middle of the walkway. Looking around to make sure no one was watching her, she ran to and soon through the pillar. She smiled triumphantly once she had emerged at the other side. From the corner of her eye saw a group of redheads with a raven head boy sticking out like a sore thumb in the barrage of people, she smiled from ear to ear and ran up to the group of people.

"Harry, Ron, everyone! How are you?" said Hermione.

The group turns around to look at her, confusion written on their faces. Soon realisation dawns on them as they recognise the girl in front of them. "Blimey, Hermione you've changed a lot this summer. You look stunning." Ron exclaims excitedly whilst looking at her in awe.

"Yeah, Hermione you've really grown over the summer, you even look a bit tanner," agrees Harry as he folds his arms and nods sagely at her, a smile lighting up on his face.

Ginny grins happily at Hermione and she teasingly says "Of course she looks stunning after all, she's planning to break a few young ladies hearts this year ."

Hermione blushes at the statement and hisses at Ginny "Gin you promised not to tease me about that." Ginny giggles and smacks Hermione on the back, a light smile tugging at the edges of her lips .The boys laugh loudly at the statement whilst giving her a good slap on the back making Hermione blush even redder.

"But, can you blame her after all you do look like you've been working out as well." Harry says good-naturedly.

"It's bloody brilliant it is now you can talk to us about getting a girlfriend can't you Hermione. Should be easier for you especially since you look so much more beautiful, maybe you can even help me get one" Ron says jabbing his elbow lightly at her while grinning.

" I agree, I mean look around Hermione since you came everyone, more specifically, many of the girls have been glancing in our direction quite a few times; and I can tell you for the first time that it isn't because of me and it certainly isn't because of Ron either " said Harry smiling like a lunatic.

"Oi!" Ron says playfully glaring at Harry, which causes the group to burst out in giggles.

Hermione then casually looks around to find many girls looking away very quickly when she makes eye contact with any of them. Even a few Slytherin's turn the other way blushes settling on their cheeks.

A voice catches Hermione's attention bringing her back to reality "Dear's, it is time to get on the train now, Hermione, Harry its lovely to see you both so well. Have a good year and try not to get into any trouble. Make sure Ron does his work, and that he and Ginny do not only concentrate on Quidditch." This makes both Weasley's shuffle in annoyance and look annoyed at their mother.

Ignoring her children's looks Mrs Weasley continue's talking "Hermione you look lovely. Do not be afraid about who you love. This is the wizarding world, people tend to care a bit more (Though not too much anymore) about class status rather than someone's sexual orientation" smiles Mrs Weasley sweetly, though secretly she was a little dissapointed about not getting Hermione as a daughter -in-law. Oh well, she was happy for Hermione either way lesbian or not.

Flushing at the matriarchs words and smiling back in appreciation, Hermione climbs aboard the train and gets into one of the carriages. Ginny sits next to her whilst Harry and Ron sit across her before they immerse themselves into a debate about the chudley cannons. She waves goodbye to the other weasley's as the train departs the station with a notable toot sound. Once it has left the station Hermione leans back down and closes her eyes. She hopes for an easy time this year, she hopes to find a girl to love, and most importantly she hopes that nothing would happen this year.

But, then again when has anything gone Hermione's way.

Some of you who have read tho story already know that I have edited this chapter because honestly, it sucked and I fixed up some mistakes. Also again Hermione is in 5th for the sake of my sanity (a huge age gap found in this story.)Plus the Beauxbaton school will still be arriving but more for an exchange program rather than the goblet of fire. Also, am i continuing my sequel Dungeons and Dragons: No, instead I am scraping the idea to make a series of one-shot based on this story idea, so please send me prompts for what some of you might want.