Title: The Taste of Rainbows
Author: Shenandoah Risu
Content Flags: A very wet Young.
Spoilers: Season 2 "Epilogue"
Characters: Tamara Johansen, Everett Young
Word Count: 457
Summary: She watches him getting drenched in the downpour.
Author's Notes: Written for a friend who wanted Young up on the palisades walkway on Novus, getting soaked by the rain.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
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The Taste of Rainbows

It's his turn to stand watch.

As leader of the Novus settlement, Young could easily pull rank and delegate his shift to someone else, but no matter how much the others urge him to at least give up this one thing he insists on putting his time in, like everyone else.

TJ has long since stopped trying to convince him otherwise when he's in what she calls "mule mode". In a life consisting of nothing but decisions made for the good of others, it must be nice to have some control over one's own actions. She understands that, and so she leaves him be.

Today, though – today it's raining.

It's early Spring, and while it's quite warm the rain drops are cold and she worries about his health and comfort, knowing fully well that he doesn't.

She pulls on her poncho, checks to make sure the children are well occupied making small baskets out of reeds, picks up his poncho and ventures out into the rain.

She sees him way up on the palisades walkway, slowly walking along the path. He's looking out onto the valley and doesn't notice her as she waves.

TJ backtracks a few cabin lengths to the nearest ladder and carefully climbs it, mindful of the slippery wooden rungs.

When she reaches the top she notices he has stopped, watching something way out there, and the sight of him takes her breath away.

His curly hair is heavy with raindrops, water running down his collar and tattered uniform jacket. The fabric clings to his wiry frame; he's all muscles and tendons, from daily hard physical labor. Droplets of water hang on his eye lashes, suddenly sparkling like crystals, as the thick layer of clouds parts and a ray of sunshine touches him, just as she is about to reach out to touch his arm.

She stands and stares, watching him getting drenched in the downpour, while at the same time the sun is caressing his face, his skin glowing almost liquid golden. And then he smiles at something he sees way out there, and she feels as if her heart is being squeezed by a giant fist, and she knows she's never actually seen him before for what he really is: a child of the universe, equally loved by the rain and the sun, gentled by both.

And she can't help the tears and her sudden sob that startles him out of his reverie. He turns his head and looks at her, and the flash of desire in his eyes makes her breath catch in her throat. She drops his poncho and wordlessly steps into his embrace.

And his kiss tastes like Spring rain and sunshine and rainbows.


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