Jade West was getting the stuff she needed for the weekend out of her locker when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. "Hey Jade." The owner of the arms said into her ear. Jade smiled and twisted her head to kiss the cinnamon-colored cheek beside her. "Hey Tori, any particular reason for... this? Not that I'm complaining." She said to her girlfriend. Two years together and she still found it hard believe. Tori Vega was her girlfriend-and would be for a long time coming-they had both been accepted into the same arts college for the next year. "I didn't think I needed an excuse to cuddle my super cuddly girlfriend. But if you're asking… what did you get me for my birthday?" she asked. At that, Jade begrudgingly squirmed out of Toris grasp. You've been asking for two weeks, what makes you think I'd tell you with three days to go?" Tori gave Jade the innocent girl face that always got her to do what she wanted, "'cuz you love me?" Jade gave Tori a peck on the lips and started making her way out of the school. "You know I do, which is why I'm not going to tell you. It'll ruin the surprise." Tori followed Jade to her car, still pleading. "Please, tell me! It's like you said, I'm gonna find out in three days anyway."

"All the more reason to wait. Now do you want me to take you home or what?" she sat down in the passenger seat and crossed her arms sulkily. Jade got into the driver seat and put her arms around Tori. "Come on Tor, trust me, you know it'll be worth the wait." She encouraged, kissing Tori on the cheek. The Latina never could hold a grudge and softened immediately. "Fine, I'll stop asking you." Jade started the car and drove off, "that's my girl."

They got to Toris house and walked in to find her mom in the kitchen. "Hey mom, we're home." She said.

"Hey Tori, hey Jade. What do you guys want for dinner?" They had come out about their relationship almost a year ago, and Jade had come over so many times that she was almost a fixture in the Vega household. "Anything's cool Mrs. Vega." And with that, they lay on the couch to watch TV. Jade put her arms around Tori while Tori leaned her head on Jades chest. It was nice to be able to cuddle together like this without worrying about people seeing them. Their parents were a little awkward about it at first but they were used to it by now-though they still didn't like to get too lovey-dovey around them. They had just settled when Toris mom asked for Jade. "Jade, sweetie, could I talk to you for a moment-in private?"

"Sure, Mrs. Vega." And she got up to go upstairs with Tori' mom. "Wait, what's going on?"

"Oh, nothing, just a few last minute arrangements for your birthday." And went upstairs. Naturally, Tori was curious-what would her mother and her girlfriend have to talk about in private? So she did the only thing that made sense-she snuck upstairs and tried to listen at the bedroom door. "So you have everything arranged?" it was her moms voice. "Don't worry, everything's perfect. Thanks for going along with all this, it can't be easy for you." What can't be easy? What was all set up? "Don't worry about it Jade, I trust you and Tori. Whatever happens, I know you'll take care of her. But I don't want to know the details of whatever you to get up to-I'd rather die in ignorance of that part of my daughters' life."

"Fair enough." What could they be talking about? What part of her life didn't mom want to know about? "okay, well I think everything's alright. My parents are cool with it-they're even giving us spending money on top of everything else." Spending money? What would they need spending money for? "Well, I think we should contribute something-this is my daughters eighteenth birthday present." A huge grin spread across Toris face, so that's what their talking about! My birthday present! "Don't worry about it Mrs. Vega, you're doing your part just by agreeing. Now let's get back, before Tori misses us." At that Tori immediately ran downstairs and sat down as if she had never got up. Her mom and Jade came down and went back to what they had been doing-her mom making dinner and Jade cuddling Tori. "Hey, what where you talking about?" Jade held Tori a little closer. "Nothing. Nothing at all. Not that we could say much without ruining the surprise-we both know you were listening in." Tori blushed and gave her innocent girl face again. "Sorry?"

Jade just chuckled, "it's cool. I know we didn't say anything to ruin the surprise, but your still gonna have to wait till this weekend, deal?" Tori smiled, more excited than ever about her birthday. "Deal."