I forgot to give this little warning/explanation here when I first wrote this, so here it is. First of all, this is my first ever fan fiction, so it's pretty rough. I hope I'll get better! This is a Hetalia AU High School story where I will use human names as opposed to nation names. Does that make sense? It's rated M for later chapters and language. Yaoi. If you don't like gay (boy on boy) stories, then kindly don't read it. I also like to switch POVs (Point of view) so that we get a peek into the character's thoughts. Also, please forgive me when it comes to writing from Gilbert's point of view. I have a hard time grasping his personality, so if he's a little OOC, I'm so sorry. I mean no offense.

Antonio's POV

In all honesty, I was just relieved that I had friends. I knew that I wasn't the smartest or even the most interesting person. I often misread situations and sometimes completely miss the punch line of a joke. Other times, a subtle wink or secret look is either lost on me or has me blinking in confusion. I realize all of these things about myself and somehow, I'm unable to change them.

Even so, Francis smiles at me from across the table when I'm finally able to pull my head out of the clouds and try to focus on conversation he and Gilbert, just to my right, are having.

"…so I thought you it would be nice if the two of you came over tonight. What do you think, Antonio?"

Francis's eyes are such a pretty blue color. I can't help but to let out a deep sigh. All that silky blonde hair falling just between his neck and shoulders, curling at the ends a bit. He's not handsome, I decide. He's beautiful.

Gil. I turn to look over at the albino, who seems amused that I haven't answered yet. Gilbert is handsome. The flat of his palm lands square in the middle of my back a little roughly and it stings.

"Yeah." I nod. The small smile I am usually unaware of grows, showing my teeth. I know I should have answered sooner.

Gilbert then rubs his fingers in circles, instantly relieving the prickly feeling. His ruby eyes sparkle when they flicker away from me and back to Francis. His hair is so pale, it reflects the florescent lighting and I stare. He has an unearthly look to him. Like he belongs somewhere else. I am lucky he's not. Lucky that he's sitting beside me.

I don't deserve good friends like this. What is that makes them want to hang out with me? Doesn't matter. I'll just enjoy it. No sense in worrying about it. I'd rather be happy than stress over being as clever and charming as they are.

"This will be awesome! This is the first time you'll get to be at one of our sleepovers. They're totally kick-ass!" Gil pulls his hand away and looks back at Francis, tilting his head just so and begins grinning. It strikes me as funny and wonderful, but Francis mirrors the grin.

Francis's POV

Gilbert and I decide to walk just a few paces behind Antonio so we can talk without him noticing. It isn't hard to do. He is… blissfully unaware most of the time. I find it rather endearing, really. And besides, I know Gil and I both like to watch him walk from here. Antonio's ass is perfection. It's round and soft looking, perky. But if you've ever touched it, you know better. It's firm. Believe me, I've "accidentally" brushed up against him more times than I can count. It's fortunate for me that he doesn't catch on very quickly.

Gilbert has noticed though. And I've noticed the way he looks at Antonio as well.

"So that it's it then? Your plan. It's… awesomely simple." he smiles, "I like it. Do you really think he'll let us?" Gilbert nudges me and I give a short nod, tearing my eyes away from Antonio's backside.

"Ah, we just make sure to get him nice and loosened up first. Not shit-faced drunk, Gil. I don't want this to be sloppy and rough. We make it so he enjoys it, no?" I slide my fingers around Gilbert's wrist when no one is looking and when Antonio has disappeared inside the classroom. He knows what I want and his lips twitch. We're so familiar with one another. The only thing different about tonight will be that there will be one more person to join in on the fun. Gilbert leans down just a bit and presses his lips into mine. The kiss is quick, but there's always time for more later.