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Francis' POV

Antonio's cock is big enough that when it presses at the back of my throat, I actually feel myself start to gag a little. It's not really so much the length, but the girth of it, making me feel as if I can't breathe any longer. I try again, slowly pressing it further, reminding myself to breathe in and out through my nose and just… stay calm. Soon enough, I have him in all the way, his dark, curly pubic hair tickles my nose and makes me hum into him. There's a sudden wet pop as he frantically pulls his mouth off of Gilbert's dick.

"FRANCIS! NO!" I really rather like the way he begs me to stop, to have mercy. I suspect we'll both be hoarse tomorrow. Him from shouting out like that and me from… doing this.

"Francis, p-por favor!" He's looking down at me, reaching for me and my eyes flicker from Antonio to Gilbert, who, probably unhappy to have Antonio not sucking him off at the moment shushes him pretty sharply and pins his hands against the back cushions of the sofa. I can feel Antonio hot and throbbing in my throat. He's so close to coming. It's why he continues to ask me to stop. Instead, I flex my throat muscles around him, mimicking a swallow. I wonder how far I can push this without making him spill his load.

Gil shakes his head at me, the movement so slight, it's almost unperceivable. I pull Antonio out very carefully, being sure not to do anything to push him over the edge when he's already so close. He seems relieved at first. I won't be finishing him off so soon. I suppose that might be embarrassing for him. I'm going to pay close attention when it does happen, though. I think watching him orgasm would be breathtaking.

I stand, rubbing my knees. The carpet is soft, but they're still a little sore. Antonio is panting now, a writhing mess. I'm proud of the state I've put him in. Gil finally unpins his hands and Antonio surprises us both, I think, by attaching his mouth to Gilbert's neck, his chest, his stomach. Anywhere he can manage really, leaving soft pinkish marks on paper-white skin. Gil looks down at him for a time. Antonio has adjusted his body on the couch. He's on his hands and knees. My heart skips a beat and then pumps faster when my eyes graze over his backside and the way he has it stuck up in the air like this. I'm positive he isn't trying to present himself and that he's just caught up with worshipping Gil's… my eyes flick over to check. Antonio is busying himself with dipping his tongue in Gilbert's navel. I leave the two of them to it long enough to make my way to that same side-table where the forgotten beer bottle still sits. I pull open a drawer. I only ever keep certain things here. Lube, condoms, a few "toys".

Gilbert's head is close to me where I stand and I notice his breaths becoming shorter and more ragged. He tips his head back. Antonio's face is between his legs, bobbing up and down on his erection, eyes closed. I didn't think he would be so enthusiastic about sucking cock!

While he's so happily distracted, I make my way to settle in behind him. If I don't prepare him now and properly, it's going to be so much less… pleasant for him (and for me) later on. The last thing I want is to see him in pain, after all. At first, he barely seems to notice me massaging his ass-cheeks. One smooth, gorgeous, firm cheek in each hand, I work my fingers slowly closer to where they need to be and push them apart to peek at what I already knew would be the most perfect, untouched, puckered hole. I used my thumbs to gently rub the area just around it. To my amusement, it twitches and Antonio turns around to look at me, Gil's cock once again forgotten. Poor thing.

Antonio's POV

I know I must be glaring. I may be tipsy and just a little bit of an idiot, but I now know what Francis is trying to do. Not that I've ever done it before, but I know enough. "No. No, no, no." It's my automatic reaction. I don't want anything in there! I'm tempted, very tempted to get out of here.

Francis raises both hands into the air and lifts both his eyebrows. The pout would make him look sort of innocent if I hadn't just felt his fingertips that close to my hole. "It won't hurt, Toni. If you let me do it right." He very nearly purrs the words, and, I swear it's all it takes to charm me into believing him. My cheeks blaze, but I give a small nod. How is it so easy for him to disarm me like that? Maybe I should try to learn a few things from him.

I look back over to find Gilbert, but he's gone missing. My brows shoot together in confusion. I turn my head to look back at Francis. So that's where Gil went. He's… watching, staring. I can feel Francis rubbing something slimy on me back there, and then… I nearly choke on my own breath. I thought it would hurt. I really, really expected to feel pain. Instead the single digit in my hole feels weird, wrong, and actually kind of good. He works the finger in and out slowly. I put my head down on the armrest of the sofa, either out of embarrassment or just to keep from groaning aloud, which I think would be more embarrassing. Another finger and I can't seem to keep my hips still. Dios mio. I can hear the two of them breathing behind me. After a few long moments, I can't keep the garbled moan inside any longer. "Th-there!" He's found something, something amazing.

Gilbert's POV

Why the hell am I so impatient? I'm trying my damned best to do as Francis and just enjoy how pretty Antonio's ass is, stuffed with now, three of Francis' fingers. I should be listening to the sounds he's making, but when I try, it just makes me want him more and fucking now.

I palm myself and stroke my dick once, twice, imagining what it will be like to be inside the chocolate- haired Spaniard, tight around me and bucking wildly.

When Francis finally pulls his fingers out, his blue eyes look glazed. He's enjoyed himself, pushing Toni to the brink of coming and then stopping and starting over again, but if he's done his job right, everyone is going to be happier when this is over.

Francis stands and moves off to the side where Antonio can watch him. I'm surprised that he's able to turn his head, eyes falling to where Francis is beginning to unbutton his pants. Antonio squirms, probably feeling empty. Francis does something like that when he wants me inside him.

I move, lean over him and rub the tip of my cock against his hole. I'm going to remedy that empty feeling very soon. As soon as Francis stops teasing Antonio with his painfully slow strip-tease. "Francis!" I try to get him to undress faster. I… need this. Need to find release one way or another and if the blonde can't get moving a little faster, I'm prepared to bend him over this sofa. Francis finally, graciously stands naked. I wish there were a way not to be so distracted by him, but he's gorgeous. Long, lean with just a very small hint of curves about the hips.

I pull Antonio up by wrapping my arms around his middle so we're both on our knees on the sofa. My chest to his back, skin against skin. I breathe onto his neck and nip at the back of it. He shivers, goose bumps breaking out along his flesh. "Gil. I-" Antonio doesn't finish his sentence, even when I wait for him to. I think he's trying to find the right words, or maybe there aren't words for what he's trying to say. Who the hell knows?

Francis moves onto the sofa, laying on his back and spreads his legs for Antonio. If I could see his face, I wonder what would be there in his eyes. Lust, fear, eagerness, or apprehension? Francis uses the bottle of lubricant by rubbing it first on his own fingers, then his dick and then lower, lower on his ass. He won't really need much prepping. I suspect he's been readying himself for this for days. I lower Toni on top of him and Francis moves his arm between them, guiding him no doubt.

Francis' POV

I position Antonio so that he's at my entrance. His eyes are hooded. Just one push and he'll be inside me, but I'm shocked when his hips do move forward and the head of his cock is suddenly inside me. It stings, but I've felt worse pain and this. Actually, I find this very pleasant because I know that it must feel so good around him. My breathing increases, even as I try to slow it. A sheen of sweat breaks out across my body.

Kind as his is, Antonio kisses me so gently, so lightly on my lips and whispers. "Are you alright?" Bless him for having the patience and thoughtfulness to ask. Maybe Gilbert and I should feel guilty for making those good-natured jokes about how dense he is. I nod. "Please, Toni. Move." I can't stand that he's being so still. I want him deeper, want to watch his face when he's buried. He pushes in further, stretching and filling me. I could come now if I didn't have better control.

I dig my fingers into his lower back and let out a quiet moan of appreciation. He feels so good. The weight on top of me, his skin under my fingers, that beautiful full feeling. He moves his hips back and forth once and grips the cushions into his fists. He may not last long and the thought would almost make me proud, if not for the fact that Gilbert is waiting and if Antonio finishes now, he won't get what he's been after. Gilbert must realize this too, so he grips Antonio by the hips. When he pulls back and gruffly whispers something to him, there's a flash in Antonio's eyes. A fight, I think. Does he want to fight Gil off? No. Maybe it's nothing, but I make a move to stop it, just in case. I move my fingers lower to Antonio's backside, pulling his cheeks apart. I feel so very helpful. A smile lifts at the corners of my lips. Antonio's eyes slam shut and bites his bottom lip. I prepared him pretty well, but even so there will be that initial pain. Gilbert is inside him. He pants, and Gil doesn't waste any time, slamming into him, forcing Antonio to bear it all or to slam into me as well.

Antonio's POV

I don't think. I just do. This is too much! As soon as Gilbert pushes forward, I do too. I can hear Francis gasp underneath me, but it doesn't register. There is only… only the way this feels. Pain, yes, but mostly there's the pleasure and I'm not sure where it's coming from, Gilbert's dick inside me or mine inside Francis. I only know it's all coming from that general area and spreading out from there.

I never thought I'd lose my virginity like this. To my best friends, both of them and in different ways, but all at once.

Gilbert begins to move again and so do I. So quiet, I think for a moment and then realize that my ears were ringing, blocking out the sounds of our moans and heavy breaths. The ringing slowly fades. Our rhythm is clumsy at first, mine and Gilbert's. Francis can really barely move, save for lifting his hips, and even like this, he is graceful.

I'm on my elbows, not crushing the blonde, thank goodness, but it lets Gil put his arm straight down to steady himself. I can't see where the other arm is as he continues, sliding back and forth inside of me. As he pushes in, I push back against him, slipping further from Francis and closer to Gilbert. When he pulls back, I press myself deep inside Francis. We find a rhythm, though it isn't always perfect, it feels amazing.

Francis raises his hands to put them on my face. "Kiss me, Antonio." And I do, open-mouthed and greedily, tongues clashing and rolling until I'm too out of breath to do so any more. I feel Gilbert's mouth at my neck, his teeth scrape against my shoulder. I feel like I'm going to explode. There is so much to feel. I'm close, much too close already as we continue what I'm not sure to call. Fucking or making love. "I'm.. I.. !" I can't get the words out. Francis seems to know what I mean though and lifts his hips. "Come, Toni." One more push, a bit rougher than I mean to be and I spill into him, calling out what I'm sure is gibberish in any of our native languages. At the same time, or maybe just seconds later, I feel a warmth beneath me, just under my belly button and Gilbert groans loudly, teeth clenched. The sound is sort of… triumphant? Like he just won something. The thought occurs to me that I'm warm inside too and he must have came.

Gilbert's POV

I shake and swear under my breath. It's actually difficult to keep from collapsing on Toni and Francis. Instead, I pull my self from Antonio's still-tight ass and let myself fall back on the other side of the sofa. My legs flip out from under me and tangle with theirs. Toni's perfectly toned butt-cheeks are red and though I like his tan skin, this color looks so much better here. I suck my bottom lip into my mouth and press my top teeth down over it, grin and then let it out again. Antonio is carefully pulling himself from Francis, either because I've made him sore or he's trying to be nice and not hurt Francis, or both. I don't think there's any point in not just getting it over with now that we're all finished, but I think it's pretty cute that he tries. He shifts into a sitting position, hisses in a breath, lifts his ass as if the sofa's on fire and then wobbles to a stand. I can see where Francis came. A slick shiny mess on both their stomachs. And his first time too. I whistle one quick note. "Not bad, Toni." And I mean it. It was really good. Awesome. "Oui." Francis goes to stand as well, pressing his palms flat against Toni's chest. "It was beautiful, Antonio." He kisses his jaw. Antonio seems too stunned to speak at first, his face contorting, and then bursts out into laughter, confusing the hell out of me.

I want to do this again. The thought has me chuckling too. Francis doesn't laugh, but he does smile and it's plain that he's amused. "A shower, I think." Antonio runs his fingers through the mess on his stomach. "And I think I'm going to need help." He winces, but I think he'll feel better after he washes up.

Francis' POV

Once we're all in the shower, (Thankfully, it's custom-made and plenty big enough for the three of us. More if we wanted.) I lather up some body wash on my hands and busy myself with washing Antonio. Antonio busies himself with gathering bubbles into his hands and making himself a soapy beard. Gilbert busies himself by using the shower-head to spray Antonio in the face, demolishing his bubble beard. I sigh aloud, until Gil shoots the water into my open mouth, which I spit at him, like a water fountain. Everything will be different from now on, but I'm happy that this has happened so perfectly.

Antonio's POV

Everything is going to change, or will it? I just know that no matter what, I want us all to stay together.

Gilbert's POV

Everything is awesome.