Chapter 6 - The Sympathy Bang

The next morning, Rylee groaned quietly to herself as she cracked a eye open before quickly shutting it when she was hit with the bright sunlight coming through her bedroom window. That one little movement caused her head to pound worse then she had ever felt before in her life. Sure she had drank before, she was a teenager after all, but it was never this bad, she had never been this hungover before. Even her mouth was extremely dry, making her want a tall glass of cold water and some aspirins, make that a whole bottle of aspirins. All she could hope for was that she didn't do anything to stupid.

With that thought in mind. Rylee moaned out loud as she rolled from one side of the bed to the other side, causing her hand to slap against bare flesh, someone's hard chest, if she had to guess.

"Damn it Laney! Watch where you're rolling would ya?" Tyler said with a groan, as he opened his eyes to look at her. He rubbed the spot on his chest that she had hit then added,"that hurt like a bitch."

At hearing his voice, Rylee whined out,"oh God", as she slowly opened her eyes and came face to face with him. Suddenly the night before came rushing back, causing her to groan again before saying."damn it! I guess last night wasn't a dream. It really happened."

Tyler looked up at her with a surprise expression before a grin came across his face,"you're dreaming of me huh? Were they as dirty as what we did last night?"

"Shut up Ty!" Rylee snapped, as she sat up in bed with the sheet covering her bare chest. The sudden movement caused the pounding in her head to increase, forcing her to rub her forehead as another moan escaped her mouth.

"Hm, that noise sound familiar and if I remember right, after you made that little noise last night, it was then followed by a 'oh Tyler!'." Tyler joked.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up." Rylee snapped again, as she shot him a dirty look, which he ignored.

"Whatever. You know you like me." Tyler said, as he shot her a grin.

"You're right Tyler. I do like you." Rylee said, as she turned to face him, causing his grin to turn into a full blown smile. She continued to look at him as she bit her bottom lip and batted her eyelashes at him before shooting him a smug look as she added,"I like you to get out of my bed."

"Nah." Tyler said, as he shook his head at her comment. He laid back against her pillows, wiggling around to get more comfortable, then said,"I like it here. I think I'll stay away."

Rylee scoffed at his comment, she couldn't believe he was actually serious about staying in her bed. He even went as far as closing his eyes, like he was honestly going to go back to sleep.

With the sheet still wrapped tightly around her body, she leaned over the side of the bed to grab her discarded shirt from last night and quickly threw it on. Next she grabbed her underwear and slipped them on before standing up from the bed, where she then grabbed a pair of black lounge shorts. As Tyler continued to lay in her bed, slowly breathing in and out as he ignored all the noise she was making, she gathered up his clothes that were scattered across the bedroom floor. Once she had everything, minus his shirt, which was still in the living room, in her arms she tossed them onto the bed and on top of him, causing the button from his blue jeans to hit the side of his face, which she actually felt bad about. It wasn't like she meant to hurt him.

"What the hell Rylee!" Tyler yelled out angrily, as he snapped his eyes open and sat up in the bed to face her.

"Sorry about that." Rylee said, as she shot him a apologetic look. Tyler nodded his head as he rubbed the side of his face, letting her know it was ok. Once she knew he was ok though, the anger came back, as she folded her arms across her chest and said,"now get out."

"Why? Why do you want me to leave so badly?" Tyler asked. He was honestly curious why she wanted to get rid of him so bad now. He guessed he was stupid to think last night could have been the start of something.

"Cause for one, I don't want Matt to come home and find his best friend in bed with his little sister. Do you know what he would do if he caught us?" Rylee asked, then before Tyler could answer, she did,"he would kick your ass."

Tyler scoffed at her comment then said,"correction, he would try to kick my ass. Don't worry, I can handle Matt."

"It's not just that though Ty. I really think it would be best to pretend last night never happened." Rylee added.

"Pretend all you want Laney, but it happened." Tyler said, trying not to feel disappointed as he slipped on his boxers then stood up from the bed, earning a sigh and eye roll from her. Not only cause of the comment, but also from him continuing to use her dreaded middle name as a nickname like he has been doing for years.

"Well let's just never talk about it ok?" Rylee suggested, then added,"we both know it was just a drunken mistake, a sympathy bang."

"A what?" Tyler asked with a laugh.

"A sympathy bang." Rylee said again, then explained,"I was depressed, we were drinking way to much, you felt bad for me and was just trying to make me feel better. Which you did, so job well done, but it didn't mean anything, right?"

Tyler looked at her and tried to decide how to answer. He could tell her the truth. He could tell her that last night was the moment he had been waiting for for years. He could confess about the long time crush he has had on her ever since they kissed during that stupid game of truth or dare at her birthday party. But if she saw last night as nothing but a sympathy bang, she probably wouldn't believe him about his feelings for her. She would just write it off as him wanting to get her back into bed. Apparently she didn't have the same feelings for him that he has for her or she wouldn't be working so hard to kick him out of her room and he wasn't about to put his heart out there just to have her stomp on it. So he did what he normally did to girls, he lied.

"Right. It might nothing. Just a sympathy bang." Tyler lied.

"Right. That's uh, that's what I thought." Rylee said quietly, as she felt her heart drop. She didn't know why, but it actually bothered her that what they shared last night didn't mean anything to him. Sure she was the one trying to kick him out and acting like it wasn't a big deal, but truth was, sex was a big deal to her. Yeah she was young and probably should have waited before losing her virginity to Jeremy after they had only been dating for a few months, but she knew right away she loved him and she wanted to share that with him, and maybe she didn't love Tyler the way she had loved Jeremy, but like Jeremy, she had known Tyler all her life and did actually care for him on some level and she had hoped he felt the same. She knew all the other girls Tyler had slept with were just a fling, someone to pass the time with until the next girl came along, which was why she never thought she would ever have sex with him, even if she had thought about it once or twice, which was something she would never admit to him, but she had always thought, or at least hoped, if anything ever did happen between them, it would actually mean something. She hated knowing she was nothing but another notch on his belt.

After a few moments of silence, Rylee cleared her throat, pushing all the confusing thoughts from her head, then said,"ok well, I'll um, I'll let you get dressed."

"No need to be all shy now. You've done seen all I have to offer." Tyler joked, as he shot her a grin.

"Yeah and I wasn't that impressed." Rylee said back, as she turned around and begin to walk toward the bedroom door.

She was almost to the door when he called out,"the noises you were making last night says otherwise. I'm pretty sure you even called me a God at one point."

Rylee turned around to face him before asking,"hey Ty? Do you remember back in elementary school when I was in a couple of plays? You and Matt use to talk about how good I was in them and how I would make a good little actress. Remember that?"

"Uh... yeah." Tyler answered, confused on why she would be bringing this up right now.

"Well what makes you think I wasn't using some of those acting skills last night?" Rylee asked, as she shot him a smug smile.

Tyler's mouth dropped open in shock at her comment. There was no way she could have been faking it last night, it felt to good to be fake. As he continued to stare at her in shock, she laughed at his expression but didn't say another word as she turned around and left the bedroom to make her way into the living room.

Tyler quickly threw on his pants, socks and shoes before rushing into the living room after her. He saw her bending over to pick up his shirt that was tossed aside last night. He paused for a moment to enjoy the view, then shook his head as he remembered what she had just told him back in the bedroom. He walked toward her then said,"whoa, wait. There is no way you were faking last night."

Rylee turned around to look at him, the smirk still on her face, as she walked over toward him. She pushed his t-shirt toward him before leaning toward him and begin to softly moan.

Tyler raised his eyebrows as her moans begin to get louder before she started to call out,"oh Tyler... oh that feels so good... don't stop."

"Ok, that's it. We are doing this again." Tyler announced, as he lightly grabbed her arm and begin to pull her toward her bedroom again.

Rylee laughed out loud as she pulled her arm out of his grasp and came to a stop. She held his shirt out toward him then said,"calm down and put your shirt on."

"No. I can't have you going around saying I'm not good in bed, I've a reputation here Laney." Tyler said, feeling a little offending, which only made her laugh harder. He shot her a look then said,"stop laughing. This is serious."

No matter how hard she tried, Rylee could not stop laughing at his comments or the shocked look on his face, that someone would even think he was bad in bed. While she was continued to laugh, he grabbed the other end of his shirt and yanked it and her toward him, causing her to slam into his chest. She quickly sobered up as she looked up at him in surprise and felt her heart racing at their closeness. With their faces only inches apart, Tyler leaned down toward her. His eyes glanced over her face, taking her all in before he said barely over a whisper,"unless you were only kidding and the truth is you really did enjoy it last night. So tell me something, was it good for you Rylee?"

"It was um... it-it uh ..." Rylee begin to stutter out, finding it hard to form any thoughts or even words with him being so close to her.

She finally just gave up trying to say anything as she snapped her mouth shut with a whimper. Tyler couldn't help but smirk at her reaction, it was the exact reaction he had hoped to get from her. With his trademark smirk still present on his face, he begin to slowly move his face closer and closer to hers, causing her to raise her eyebrows in surprise. Although she guessed she shouldn't have been to surprised that he was making a move on her, especially after last night, but what did surprise her was the fact that she wasn't moving. She knew she should take a giant step away from him, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't and she couldn't understand why. This was Tyler Lockwood, the guy she grew up with, he should be like a brother to her right? Although if she really thought of him like that then what they did last night was pretty gross. So no, she did not think of him as a brother, cause last night was, there was not enough words to describe how great last night was, though she would never tell him that. His ego was big enough already.

As she was lost in thought, her lips parted slightly as she waited for his lips to touch hers, but instead of just going for it and kissing her, he surprised her again, when he stopped short at her lips and raised a hand to softly caress her cheek before lightly tracing her bottom lip with his finger tip. It was like he couldn't stop himself from touching her and in that moment she honestly didn't mind.

Tyler eyes flickered between her eyes and lips a couple of times before he begin to move his face closer to hers again. Her heard her breath hitch as her eyelids begin to slowly close. He was so close to kissing her, he could swear he could already taste it, but before their lips could meet they both heard the doorknob jiggle as someone begin to unlock the front door.

Rylee snapped her eyes open and gasped in surprise as she pushed Tyler away from her, it took him a moment to realize what was going on, before he quickly slipped on his t-shirt right as the front door opened and Matt walked in.

"Hey." Matt said to his sister, then he glanced over at Tyler as he asked,"what are you doing here so early? You didn't stay the night or anything did you?"

"What? No! Come on, that's crazy Matty. If Tyler and I were stuck together all night we would have killed each other." Rylee said with a laugh, hoping her brother believed her lie.

"Well it does look like a fight broke out." Matt pointed out, as he glanced around the living room which had magazines and the throw pillows from the couch strode across the floor, as well as the empty bottle of liquor they had drank the night before sitting on the coffee table.

"Oh that! Well..." Tyler begin to say until Rylee interrupted him and said,"I did that. Just me. By myself."

As Matt shot her a confused look she continued,"after Tyler dropped by last night cause you called him to check on me, he brought me a bottle of liquor."

"You brought liquor to my baby sister?" Matt asked angrily, as he shot his best friend a dirty look.

Tyler stuttered a few times until Rylee spoke up again,"I mean, he brought me some cause I asked. It was my fault Matty. I was just... after what I saw last night, I just wanted to forget and get out of my own mind for a little bit so Tyler was nice enough to bring me something, even though he said it was a bad idea."

"Right... yeah, that's what I said. Bad idea. Liquor bad." Tyler added.

"And then what? You two sat up drinking all night?" Matt snapped.

"No! No, no, no. Absolutely not." Rylee answered, as Tyler added,"right, no, we didn't do anything."

"No, right after that Tyler left and I just sat here drinking. All alone." Rylee said.

"Then you trashed the living room?" Matt asked.

"Right, that was me." Rylee answered.

"So what are you doing here now then?" Matt asked Tyler.

"Right, well, I just wanted to make sure Rylee was ok after drinking all night. Alone." Tyler answered, then added,"plus I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out today or something."

Matt looked at the two before him as he tried to decide if he believed their story or not, until he finally realized who this was he was talking to. This was his best friend and his baby sister, neither one would lie to him, besides he knew Tyler wouldn't make a move on her, he saw Rylee as a sister too, beside he knew his sister would kick Tyler's ass if he ever tried. The two had a whole love/hate friendship thing going and it had been that way for years.

Rylee carefully watched her big brother and was worried he was on to them, she was thisclose to finally just coming clean about everything and deal with the consequence when finally he spoke up and said,"I would man, but I was just going to grab a few things then head back over to Elena's."

"How is Elena and Je... how is everyone?" Rylee asked, finding it hard to even say her ex-boyfriends name.

Matt shook his head sadly then said,"not good."

"Well tell everyone I'm thinking of them and I'll try to visit soon." Rylee said.

"Everyone?" Matt asked, wondering if she meant Jeremy too.

"Everyone but him." Rylee answered softly.

"Will do." Matt said with a nod, then added,"I'll leave my truck here in case you do want to visit later or just in case you need it for some reason."

"Ok, thanks Matty." Rylee said with a smile.

"Just don't get caught by Sheriff Forbes or anything since you don't have your license yet." Matt pointed out.

"I won't." Rylee promised, then added as a thought hit her,"but wait since I had your truck, how did you get home and how are you going to get back to Elena's?"

Matt opened and closed his mouth a few times, unsure on how to answer that question, cause he knew she wouldn't like the answer. He opened his mouth again to just tell her the truth, even thought he knew she would feel betrayed to know he got a ride from Vicki after what happened last night. He knew what Vicki did was wrong and he told her as much as Rylee left the Gilbert house, but she was his sister and besides he needed a ride and she offered. But before he could finally answer, the front door opened again as Vicki walked inside.

"Hey Matty, are we going or not?" Vicki asked him.

"Vic, I told you to wait in the car." Matt answered, knowing it wasn't a good idea for his sisters to see each other this soon after all the drama.

Vicki ignored Matt's comment as she glanced around the living room before looking over at Rylee and Tyler. She folded her arms across her chest then asked,"what happened here? Don't tell me you two hooked up last night. Guess I'm not the only slutty Donovan in town now, right sis?"

After her comment, Tyler and Matt looked over at a still Rylee as she shot a murderous look toward Vicki. She balled up her fist at her sides and took several deep breaths as she tried to control her anger at her big sister, but no matter how hard she tried to control it, she realized the anger was controlling her.

Neither of the boys were prepared when Rylee suddenly lunged toward Vicki, but thankfully Tyler was quick enough to wrap a arm around her waist, stopping her in mid-air. Matt stepped in front of Vicki to block Rylee from slapping at her. Even if he did believe she did deserve to have her ass kicked, he couldn't stand to see his sisters fighting and was going to do what he could to stop it when he was around.

As Rylee fought against Tyler's hold, Matt yelled at him to take Rylee outside and far away from the house, which is what he did, as he dragged her from the house kicking and screaming.

"Calm down Laney." Tyler yelled, as he opened the passenger side door and tossed her inside. He quickly slammed the door in her face mid-scream as he jogged over to the driver side and slide behind the wheel.

"Ah! I can't believe her!" Rylee yelled, as he pulled out onto the street and begin to drive away from the house.

"She is such a..."

"I know." Tyler said, interrupting her.

"And she just stood there and... ah!" Rylee screamed, as she punched the dashboard in front of her.

"I know Laney, I know. She's every bad word and more, but you have got to calm down." Tyler said, as he reached out to grab the hand that just punched his car, then added,"and don't do that again."

"Maybe next time I'll just punch you." Rylee snapped, as she jerked her hand away from his.

"If that makes you feel better, go ahead." Tyler stated.

Rylee looked over at him in surprise as he glanced over at her. He reached for her hand again and gave her a small smile as he squeezed her hand hoping to comfort her.

As she felt her anger slowly melting away, he looked back over at the road then said seriously,"I get it Rylee, I really do. I know how it is to be so angry it takes over, but you can't let it do that to you. I know that is one thing we have in common, our bad tempers, and I know what Vicki did was wrong, but she's your sister."

"Yeah my sister that screwed my boyfriend." Rylee added bitterly.

"I know and like I said that is wrong, I'm not making excuses for it, but you've got to be the bigger person. You can't let this ruin your relationship with her. You only get one family and don't hate me for saying this, but you don't have much family left. Your Dad left a long time ago, your Mom comes and go, so Matt and Vicki are all you have left." Tyler pointed out.

"I know." Rylee said soft, then added,"I know I don't have much of a family, but I don't know if I can forgive her for this. I want to, I really do, but she has went to far this time Ty."

"I've seen what anger can do to a family and I don't want you to go through that." Tyler said back quietly, speaking from his own home life. If anyone thought his temper was bad, they had never seen his fathers. The Mayor had a even worst temper that he sometimes took out on his son, although Tyler never really talked about that to anyone. But Rylee had been at his house with Matt enough times in the past to know exactly what he was talking about.

"I'm sorry Ty." Rylee whispered, as she squeezed his hand for comfort this time, then added,"I wish we both had a blood relative we could count on, trust and love."

"That would be cool. Maybe some loving uncle could pop up or some long lost father." Tyler joked, then added,"it would be better then the screwed up parents we do have and in your case a psycho sibling."

"Very true." Rylee added with a chuckle.

The two looked at each other with a smile on their faces, before they both turned their heads back to look straight ahead. After a few minutes of silence, Rylee cleared her throat then said,"so now that you have kidnapped me and taken me from my home, will you at least feed me? I'm starving."

Tyler laughed at her comment then said,"yeah I guess I can do that. You want your usual?"

"I would love my usual." Rylee answered, smiling.

Many minutes later, the two were sitting on the hood of Tyler's car as they both dug into a paper bag to pull out the food Tyler just bought for them from Mystic Grill. After getting said food, Tyler drove to the playground that use to be a big part of their childhood and was one of Rylee's favorite places in the world. Not only was it the place she would play at when she was younger, but it was also the place she always ran to when she was mad, upset or just wanted to get away. It was her special place and Tyler knew it would help cheer her up after all the drama she had been through.

After taking his cheeseburger out of the white plastic to-go box, he raised it toward his mouth and was about to take a bite when he heard her let out a moan. He couldn't deny that he felt a tighten in his pants at the noise that she made, but when he turned his head to the side to look at her, he couldn't help but laugh as she took another big bite from her burger.

"Is it that good?" Tyler asked laughing, as she made another noise.

"Mm-hm." Rylee moaned out with a nod of her head as she chewed her food. She took a quick sip of her drink and swallowed it all then said,"I swear, noone makes a better bacon cheeseburger than the Grill."

"You weren't kidding earlier about being hungry huh?" Tyler joked, as he watched her shove a few french fries into her mouth.

"I told you, I was starving." Rylee said.

"Yeah well, I did kind of wear you out last night, so guess I shouldn't have been surprised." Tyler said with a smirk on his face.

"Damn it Ty! I thought we agreed we were not going to talk about that again. Ever!" Rylee yelled, as she tossed a french fry at him.

"Sorry, sorry. I couldn't resist." Tyler said laughing, as he picked up the fry from his shirt and popped it in his mouth.

"You're a jerk." Rylee mumbled, as she bit into her burger

"A jerk that you fu..." Tyler begin to say until she gasped out loud and shoved a handful of french fries into his mouth.

Tyler spit the fries out onto the ground as he begin to laugh at her reaction. Even if her face was scrunched up in anger, she was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, which was why he never could resist picking on her.

Rylee lowered her head to cover up the small chuckle that escaped from her lips. As hard she tried she could never stay mad at Tyler, he just had a way of making her laugh and forget about everything, even now he was doing a great job of keeping her mind off all the Vicki/Jeremy stuff.

With a small smile on her face, she glanced over at him and said,"thanks Ty."

"For what?" Tyler asked confused.

"For getting my mind off of everything." Rylee answered, then added,"after all of this and the way you've been, I can definitely see us being friends again which is not something I thought would ever happen again. So thank you."

Tyler smiled back as he held up his drink then said,"to being friend."

"To being friends." Rylee said back, as she held up her drink and tapped it against his drink.

"And by friends, you mean friends with benefits right?" Tyler asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

"See! Every time we have a moment you have to ruin it again." Rylee said laughing, as she punched him in the arm.

Tyler laughed back as he rubbed the spot where she hit him, then said,"it's good to see you laughing Laney."

Rylee chuckled then said,"you are unbelievable. I might have to take the whole friendship thing back."

"You know you love hanging out with me." Tyler said, as he bumped his shoulder against hers.

"Honestly, I actually do." Rylee admitted, then she shot him a smile and added,"I don't think I could have got through last night without you."

"That's because of all the sex we ha..."

"Don't even finish that sentence mister." Rylee said, as she slapped her hand on top of his mouth.

He lightly nibbled on her hand to get her to move it, causing her to punch him in the arm again. She shook her head at him then said,"can't you just be serious for a minute. What I'm trying to say is, you were right last night when you said I needed someone and you told me you were going to be that someone, so seriously, thank you for being my someone to turn to Tyler."

Tyler shrugged like it was no big deal, even though hearing her say that meant everything to him. He gave her a tender smile as he said,"hey, that's what friends are for."

Rylee smiled back at him as she scooted closer to him. She laid her head on his shoulder then said,"just friends though. There will be no benefiting between us, just so you know."

"Yeah, yeah, you say that now, but you'll be back. Once you get a taste of Lockwood, you are hooked for life." Tyler joked, as he wrapped a arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

"Ha-ha. You are not funny." Rylee said, as she slapped him in the stomach.

"You really need to stop hitting me." Tyler said, as he lightly tickled her side.

"And you need to stop that." Rylee said, as she jerked to the side to get away from him with a laugh.

"Ok. I'll stop." Tyler said, as he held up his hands in surrender. Then he laid back against the windshield and motioned for her to lay beside him. She laid down on her side and cuddled up to him with her head resting on his chest. She closed her eyes and begin to relax as he ran a hand up and down her back.

After a few silent minutes, Tyler assumed she had fallen asleep as she slowly breathed in and out. He rested his hand flat on her back then leaned down to kiss the top of her head before whispering,"I'll always be there for you Laney, no matter what."

With his lips still resting on her head, he took a deep breath, inhaling the fruity scent of her shampoo, then he rested his head on top of hers and closed his eyes, never seeing the small smile on her face from his whispered confession.

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