Digimon Tamers 2: The Rise of Zero


First of all, I do not own the Digimon franchise.

This is my first story I have written, so reviews are very much appreciated. It would be good to know if I'm doing things right or wrong for future reference.

Speaking of references, all the information in this story was taken from Season 3 and the Digimon Wiki, so apologies if some thing are different to what you expect.

Basically this story is my version of a Season 3 sequel, or a Tamers 2 as the title suggests. Season 3 is by far my favourite and this is a perfect opportunity to carry that on. I advise you to have a decent knowledge of Season 3 before reading this. All of the original characters and concepts are not fully explained in my story as they are all ready explained/developed in the original series. The two films aren't required for this, nor are any other seasons, seeing as Tamers is pretty much a stand alone season like the others after it.

A few things to sort out before I begin...

This takes place one year after the D-Reaper incident (with the Runaway Locomon somewhere as well, but I haven't seen that yet) with Takato, Henry and Rika as the only tamers featured in this story.

Ryo is in the digital world playing guardian/balance keeper (all those megas from Calumon's Shining Digivolution need to be monitored).

Kazu, Kenta and Jerry (with their partners) are not in this story and I have no plans for that to change yet. I will see how it progresses and decide if they need some love or not.

HYPNOS is still around, but they now just monitor bioemergences and relay the locations to the tamers. We all know how successful HYPNOS was at stopping digimon, so I made them learn from their mistakes. And yes, Yamaki is still an ass.

Impmons tamers are around, but they are still too young for any fighting. Impmon does get some time here, but without his tamers around to help him fight he can't really do too much.

Apart from that, I wish you all luck on the journey we are about to embark on. I advise you to keep all arms and legs inside at all times, and I'm going to eat my cookies.

Please enjoy...