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Digimon Tamers 2: The Rise of Zero

Chapter 37

The four Sovereigns bid their farewells as they returned to their domains, Baihumon returning to his fortress in the domain they were currently in. Zero flexed his new form a few times before condensing down to his Rookie form.

"Sovereign or not this form is still more comfortable. But our task here is done, it's time to go home."

"Right, we can discuss everything when we get back." Takato confirmed.

"When you get back."

They stopped and turned to Zero.

"What do you mean Zero? You not joining us?" Henry asked.

"I am a Sovereign now, I should see Fanglongmon before I return to my 'domain', it still feels wrong saying that."

"I suppose that makes sense. We will see you when you return then." Takato said as they turned to leave again, stopping when they noticed Rika wasn't walking with them.

Renamon saw her tamer standing with Zero. "Rika?"

"You go on home, I'm staying."

"Why? This isn't your home." Renamon said.

"And you aren't my partner!"

Everyone stopped at this. They didn't expect this, Renamon definitely didn't.

"What are you saying?"

"Don't play dumb Renamon. We all know how you have treated Zero since you got back from your trip with your son. You have been unfair to him the whole time, and since we biomerged I felt it for myself. You hate him! After all you have been through, you betrayed him. Your marks are no longer present as a result. You pushed him away, yet expect him to die for you. You are disgusting! To think I was your tamer, no longer. I hereby terminate our partnership. Take your digivice and get out of my sight!"

Renamon was broken. She had pushed him away, Shadow had said he was the one manipulating her, but that wasn't true. She had placed all her care in her son and forgotten Zero completely, only now did she realise. Her paw went to her mark only to find nothing. Zero's words from before came to her.

'These marks are only broken by death or betrayal, and I vow to you Renamon, I will never betray you.'

He had said those words a couple of nights after he had returned from his previous death. But the truth still hit her. She had betrayed him, pushed him away so far that he had nowhere to turn to, no one to turn to. She hung her head, even now she felt nothing of what she had for Zero. She tried to, but something stopped her. Something that wasn't there before. Guilt. Guilt she had never felt before. She was an honest digimon, yet she had lied to the one she had gotten so close to. She had wanted to spend her life with him, and she had lost that chance.

"I understand. Zero, I have betrayed you. No form of apology can change that or remedy the situation. I don't know why I did what I did, I only stood to lose from it no matter what happened. I didn't want to lose Shadow, not to anyone. I began to place him before you until I felt nothing towards you, that in itself is inexcusable. But I still lost him. If I had of been who I was supposed to be, maybe he would still be here and we would all be together as we should. But it isn't so. Maybe in time things may change between us, but know this. I will never forget you Zero, not again." With that, Renamon turned away and joined the others as they walked into the portal Ryo created for them.

When they had left, Ryo joined the new Sovereign and Rika.

"So fox face, your ego swelling yet?"

Zero smirked. "Watch your tongue, you are addressing a Sovereign."

Rika and Ryo both laughed as Cyberdramon bowed in respect. "Forgive my tamer's behaviour, my Sovereign. He is quite lapse with his respect."

"Alright, pack that in. I may be a Sovereign but I will not have my friends giving me that level of formality, it's disturbing."

"As you wish, 'my Sovereign!'" Ryo chirped in.

Zero growled before taking his Myobumon form. "Watch it Ryo, I anger easily."

Ryo had the decency to gulp and drop the joke as Zero shifted back to his Rookie form.

"Okay, that can come in handy."

"I'm sure your not supposed to abuse your power like that Zero." Rika dryly commented.

"A little fun between friends is hardly abusing power is it. But I suppose I should watch it. Well Ryo, you have our thanks for your help in this. I hope many didn't slip past us."

"Actually you lot got them all. Not a single one ran from the fight. It seems dark digimon are so bent on their greed that they can't run from any fight, even if it means certain death for them."

"That's good, it means none got to the real world then."

"Sure does. Anyway we should be going. Azulongmon has another assignment for us I'm sure. Catch you two around." Ryo called back as he and Cyberdramon left, heading east to Azulongmon's domain.

Zero stood next to Rika as they both contemplated their new stations. Zero as the Sovereign of the real world and Rika as a former tamer leaving her home behind to spend her life keeping Zero company.

Zero broke the silence first.

"I suppose we should go see Fanglongmon. I don't think it's wise to keep him waiting too long. Then we should go back to the real world to inform your mother of your choice and get the things you may need for spending lengths of time in this world."

"Yeah, I guess we should. But it's a long way."

"Lucky for you that I'm a Sovereign then." Zero said with a smirk as he shifted into Myobumon. "Climb on."

After a few attempts to scale his massive form, with his help, Rika sat behind Zero's head as he stood. She became slightly dizzy from the height but soon adjusted.

"Brace yourself Rika, this could be rough. Open! Sovereign Gate!"

A rip formed in front of them as Zero stepped forwards, disappearing into the tear as it sealed behind them. A short while after a rip opened in Fanglongmon's lair as Zero stepped out, shaking himself carefully to avoid throwing Rika off as he straightened his fur.

"Well, that was certainly different. I feel all tingly now."

"You and me both, that was a rush!"

A deep boom returned them to where they were as Fanglongmon stepped towards them into the light.

"Ah, Myobumon. Or should I call you Zero?"

"Whatever pleases you my lord." Zero said as he bowed.

"Such respect, not even Azulongmon calls me that. But Zero sounds easier so I think I'll stick with that. Now, what bring you here so soon?"

"I believed it best to seek you out before I do anything else, my lord. I'm sure a new Sovereign running around without seeing you first is a sure way to anger you."

Fanglongmon laughed, a deep booming echo in such a confined area. "My anger is never directed at anyone, deserving or not. You have nothing to fear by not seeing me first, but I am glad you did so. It allows me to formally welcome you as one of my Sovereigns with my own words rather than an interpretation. You are free to do as you see fit. And you, human, you wish to accompany my newest Sovereign on his travels do you not?"

"I do, Fanglongmon."

"Very well. The path of a Sovereign can be lonely at times, companionship will be a welcome reprieve I'm sure. You may go, you only need to see me when I summon you. And believe me, you will know when I do."

"Thank you, my lord."

With those final words, Zero turned away and opened another Sovereign Gate to the real world. Sadly he forgot to take a less obvious form before he did and set off every alarm in HYPNOS as a very large digimon just appeared in the park.

"Oh damn! Hold on Rika!" Zero quickly realised his mistake and shifted to his Rookie form, catching Rika as he did so. "I need to remember that. People don't want to see a giant armoured nine tailed black fox standing in the park."

"Yeah, and next time let me down first you dumb fox!"

"I should head to Yamaki to stop him freaking out about my return. Wanna come with?"

"Do you really need to ask?"

Zero shrugged "It's polite to do so, Rika."

"Then let's go."


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