I'm back! I've been extremely busy the past few months, but with summer coming, everything's starting to slow down. And then comes finals week. Ugh. But I'm going to make an effort to write more and update more on my stories! *Party* Anyways, this is a Hermione/Fleur femmslash, and I've decided it's not going to be a oneshot. If you don't like this kind of pairing, don't read. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and review!

Hermione Apparated to the front door of her flat, exhaustion wearing at her. She unlocked the door, and walked inside to the living room. There, she placed all of the paperwork she had brought home to finish. Her fight for elf rights had triumphed, and now there was much to be done on paper with all the legal rules. She clumped her way upstairs to her bedroom and had to resist the strong urge to just collapse in bed. Quickly shrugging out of her Ministry robes, Hermione changed into a comfortable tank top and boy shorts. If one were to look at her, their attention would be riveted on her perfectly formed elfin features, or her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. But Hermione dismissed any thoughts of her outward appearance, and went right back down to get started on her work.

It could be considered a ritual, the way Hermione started to work. She allowed herself a stretch, before sitting down in her comfy armchair, ready with sharp eyes and a quill to sign or correct. It was six o'clock when she went to her work with a will. Throughout the hours that passed, the only sounds were the scribbling of her quill and the rhythm of her breathing. She did not look up from her work, unconscious to the world around her. It was the way Hermione always got absorbed in work. Finally, she got to the last paper and with a flourish of her wand, all the papers were sorted into a neat stack.

Standing up, she felt her neck pop. Her joints were a bit sore from the long hours of sitting. Yawning, she noticed that it was nearing one in the morning. Rubbing her eyes, she made her way to the stairs when she suddenly heard the floorboard creak. Whirring on the spot, Hermione acted on instinct and fired a Stunning spell at the intruder. With a loud, indignant meow, Crookshanks hissed at her, turned tail, and ran to safety.

"Aw, damn it. Sorry Crookshanks! I'll make it up to you!" called Hermione. She mentally slapped herself at being so jumpy. Resolving to get to bed before she hexed a lamp or something, she took the stairs two at a time. Reaching her sanctuary of a room, she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. But the minute she walked in, a tingling sensation startled her body. And she was washed by a mouthwatering mixed scent of chocolate and flowers.

"Huh? W-what is this?" stammered Hermione at the foreign feeling and scent.

"Why zon't you turn around and zee for yourself, ma belle?" questioned a heavenly voice. Hermione felt herself melt at the warm and sexy sound. She spun around and saw the gorgeous Fleur Delacour, dressed in a see through tank top and skin tight jeans. With the source of smell standing right there, the scent intensified and so had the electricity in the air. Hermione felt a distinct wetness in her crotch area.

Smirking a bit at Hermione's wonderment, and the smell of her arousal that the veela inside her was so attuned to, Fleur eyed her hungrily.

"Bonjour Hermione," purred Fleur, with lust evident in her eyes. Hermione gulped as Fleur came towards her with the stance of a predator intent on its prey.

So that's the first chapter! Tell me what you think? It's nice to get input. Have a nice day.