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Hermione gulped as Fleur came towards her with the stance of a predator intent on its prey.

"U-uh Fleur, h-how did you get in my house?" stammered Hermione. So what if her wildest wet dream was right there in front of her, one does not simply just break into Hermione Granger's house. Even if they do scream wild lustful sex from every cell of that mouthwatering, delectable-

"I must say ma belle, for the most brilliant witch of your age, the protective wards you place on your residence are quite basic," Fleur's smooth voice cut through Hermione's wanton thoughts. Hermione could not possibly keep her eyes glued off of Fleur's curvy figure, and noticing this, she cheekily remarked, "But I don't zink you'd mind, non? After all you've got quite a show here," and provocatively swayed her hips.

"G-gah," Hermione stumbled out as her face turned tomato red, a color that suited her beautifully Fleur thought. Wasting no more time, Fleur pressed her body up next to Hermione's, effectively trapping her against the wall.

Hermione was feeling lightheaded as she swooned, with her heart accelerating every second. Fleur went immediately to start kissing her neck. Hermione, hopeless to the burning pleasure, felt her body go limp. Fleur snarled at her submission and attacked her lips ferociously. Both moaned at the contact.

Fleur ripped open Hermione's shirt with ease and took off her bra with it, instantly releasing Hermione's breasts in their full glory. Her nipples were already hard, pink buds which Fleur made even harder by sucking on them. She nipped at them with her teeth and Hermione gripped Fleur's hair while groaning. Fleur sucked on them until she was sure they couldn't get harder and continued her journey southwards to the true treasure.

Hermione's eyes were glazed and tell tale signs of her arousal were running down from her nether regions. Fleur ripped off the offending panties that were in the way of Hermione's glistening blossom. What lay before her was simply heaven on earth. Not even hesitating, she dived in for the most delicious meal, moaning at the delectable taste. She furiously lapped at the pussy lips, refusing to waste a single drop of Hermione's sweet juices, and her mouth encircled Hermione's nub, slightly nipping at it.

That did it for Hermione, who climaxed and screamed her ecstasy to the world. Fleur continued sucking gently until Hermione rode out her orgasm. Once she had relaxed from the bliss, Hermione smiled gently at Fleur. Fleur responded to the heart warming smile with a soft kiss on the lips.

Fleur cuddled against Hermione, with her arms snaked around her waist tightly, with the intent to never let go. Hermione sighed in content, but then Fleur felt her stiffen up.

"Fleur, as much as I enjoyed that, I still need to know why the hell you showed up here," Hermione's confused tone said.

Fleur nuzzled into Hermione's neck and whispered into her ear, "To be with you ma belle. I love you."

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