End Game Chapter 1

Alpha and Omega

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****End Game****

It was dark.

The ground tasted like iron.

The sound of dull throbbing permeated his chest. Bit by bit it was slowing down.

The sound of him dying.

Was this it?


Pearly white teeth ground against each other in impotent fury and hate.

He refused to die an inglorious death here on this nameless cave.

He wanted, no he needed to be Hokage.

He needed to end this war.

He needed to live his life.

He would not accept any less.


There was no reply. Of course there wasn't.

Kurama wasn't there anymore.

Who else could help him?

His fingers scrabbled desperately on the ground, grinding the dirt under his nails in anger.

Who else could help him?




A bright red light slowly appeared in front of his prone body, shining through his barely opened eye lids, taunting him. A bright passionate flame like light that mocked his own dying flames.

A little blurry but it was better than the darkness that was slowly invading his vision even as his pulse weakened.

"Hu-huh? Where the heck is this? Asmodeus! Is this your doing?" the angry voice of a young man, probably barely in his twenties echoed in the empty cave.

The dying young man strained his neck to inspect the newcomer. His eyesight was blurry but enough to make out a few details. A lean person, he couldn't see if it was female or male but going by the person's voice it was probably male. His height indicated that the newcomer was only slightly older than him, standing there in heavy armour the likes he had never seen before, silver plate mail, gauntlets and greaves with gold accents and red decals. Long flaming red hair spilled from a pony tail as the man's head swung about warily.

Probably looking for a trap. It was what he would have done. What he should have done.

He wanted to say something but his throat had already stopped functioning.

When the young red headed man stopped looking around warily he finally noticed the corpse of a young blonde man, face down in the dirt, one unfocused blue eye seemed to be looking at him.

Warily he approached the body, "Did this person summon me here? That shouldn't be possible..." he muttered lowly, not really expecting an answer.

"Sirzechs!" the voice of an angry young woman rang out jarringly as another person appeared out of a red floating circle, "Where the hell did you go? Don't tell me you went on another joy ride! In ANOTHER dimension no less! We're in the middle of a war!"

The lone blue eye shifted slightly to the most recent newcomer. A silver haired girl with a passionate and angry expression.

Was Kami shitting him? There was no way these idiots could help him...

Could they?

"Ah Grayfia," the first person mumbled, "It wasn't my fault... this time. Something summoned me forcefully. Something with enough hate and greed to call me here, to pull me against my will through the Gate..."

The girl with the long silver hair froze, "Summoned you? Across dimensions? Who!" she looked around the empty cave before silver gray eyes halted upon the body cooling in a pool of blood and dirt, "Is it him? Is he dead?"

"Mostly dead. There's a difference. And I'm not sure. I don't think anyone has ever been summoned to another dimension like this before..."

The long haired girl sighed and face palmed, "I knew this Evil Piece plan was a mistake from the start. There are too many variables with the system to work properly!"

Before the man could retort a low whisper emanated from the body in a rasping voice, "I... don't know... who you two are... and I do...n't care... but c...an... you save me? I have to keep... living..."

The raggedy blonde tried to pull himself up but failed as all strength finally left his limbs completely.

The two of them blinked in reply before the silver haired one glared at the red haired one, "Sirzechs, don't tell me you're seriously considering this!"

The one called Sirzechs shrugged in a carefree manner, "Like you said, there are too many problems in the system at the moment, that's why I'm testing this out for Ajuka. This is a good opportunity to see what the system can really do isn't it? Besides... this seems incredibly fun."

"You're really going to waste a piece on him? A pathetic human? I don't even sense a Sacred Gear in him!"

One delicate eyebrow rose, "He summoned me across dimensions. Me, the newest Lucifer. Against my will. Someone with enough hate, malice and greed to do that at least deserves a chance isn't it?"

The young man knelt beside the blonde and laid one slender hand on his back as his eyes closed in concentration while his companion stood back, tapping her foot on the ground with her arms crossed in a really impatient manner, "Whatever, it's your piece, just hurry it up. I don't know how long Serafall can hold the East Pavilion without us."

"This is... really weird..."

"Weirder than you? No wonder he summoned you here. What was the phrase? Birds of a feather?"

"Grayfia-chan... you're so mean..."

"Grrr! Don't call me chan!"


"Stop laughing and deal with whatever the problem is!"

"Alright, alright... yeesh. Can't you relax a bit? You really need to get laid." The red haired young man muttered that last part quietly so that his companion didn't hear it, "Anyway, I just thought it was really weird. This man only needs one pawn to resurrect."

The downed blonde mumbled something that sounded a lot like "Quit flirting and save me damn it." But Sirzechs wasn't sure because the blonde's mouth seemed to be muffled with dirt.

"Yeah. So? I told you he was weak didn't I?"

"I was... kinda expecting some really big price for someone that could summon me against my will, something like two queens or something." Sirzechs said as he pouted childishly.

"Are you going to do it or not?"

Sirzechs winced at the unnecessarily loud yell and placed one pawn piece on top of the young man's back, "Hmm... that's strange..."

"What now?" his companion questioned tiredly.

"The price is correct but the piece isn't reacting to him. It's rejecting him for some reason."

"Ahh... whatever, it failed right? Let's go then."

Reluctantly Sirzechs nodded and hesitantly picked up the unresponsive pawn piece, "This is truly a pity. I am very sorry I couldn't help..." and slowly walked to a waiting Grayfia, his shoulders set in a very disappointed slump.

****End Game****

"Haizzz... This really sucks!" a brown haired boy yelled to the sky in an empty park before slumping back into the park bench tiredly, "Why am I so weak? I can't even form a single contract for Buchou even though I've been a devil for at least a month!"

This boy whose name was Issei Hyoudou was a low class devil who had been resurrected recently after his rather disastrous first date which had ended with him killed and his so called girlfriend doing the killing.

Ambition = to be a Harem King.

Amount of magic = Less than a 5 year old demon. So little that he couldn't even use the most basic of demon magic, teleportation using magic arrays.

Age = Years without a girlfriend. Or at least one that didn't want to put something sharp through him.


An utter pervert and third member of the Infamous Pervert Trio of Kuou Academy who would shameless peep on anything that even remotely looked like a pretty female.

Ranking = Bottom of the class, only slightly above his two friends Motohama and Matsuda, the remaining two members of the aforementioned Infamous Pervert Trio.

In short, he was what society would consider scum or trash. His only redeeming feature was that his body contained an extremely powerful Sacred Gear. Though it had to be said that he didn't even know what it could do yet.


A cute sound roused the boy from his depression and he lifted his head to look around the park which had seemed empty earlier and was just in time to see a nun (sister) trip and fall down with her arms spread wide. Her bag was flung away from the momentum and burst open, spilling its insides all over the place the moment it hit the curb.

Figuring the least he could do was help someone who seemed as unfortunate as him, the brown haired boy got up and casually walked over to the sister who was picking herself up as she rubbed her sore nose with one hand with her back to him. He paused to pick up a shirt before kneeling beside the cutely mumbling sister, "Ummm... do you need any help?"

The sister adorably lifted her head to look at her helper with watery eyes.

Just then, a sudden gust of wind blew off her veil and Issei was left looking at an extremely pretty blonde girl with green eyes, 'Shhhhitttt! She's so BEAUTIFUL!'

The golden haired sister simply tilted her head curiously at the person who had approached her, the frozen boy seemed to be staring at her with a curiously red expression on his face, "Umm, are you alright?" she asked him unsurely.

It took a mighty effort of will that he didn't know he had to tear his eyes away from the beautiful sister and Issei laughed sheepishly before hurriedly picking up the clothes on the ground to hide his mistake, "Ahaha, I'm... uh alright," He desperately casted about for something to say and keep the sister's attention on him as he picked up her veil, "Are you travelling? I don't see many sisters in this area very often."

"Ah... No I'm just a sister who was recently appointed to the Church in this town. You must be a resident of this town, it's a pleasure to meet you." The sister smiled brightly and bowed politely.

Issei smile widened, beautiful AND polite! She truly was perfect wife material!

"I was troubled since I got here. Ummm I can't speak Japanese that well... I was lost and other people couldn't understand what I was saying..."

She held her hand together in front of her chest and looked really sad. Internally Issei chalked it up as another reason to be happy about being turned into a demon; the ability to understand any human language.

"Ahaha, I think I know which church you're talking about, do you want me to show you the way?"

But was that really the church in questioned? Was it even functional? Last he remembered seeing anybody there was 5 years ago!

The sister's smile returned and the she bowed repeatedly while thanking Issei profusely. The brown haired boy on the other hand smiled and felt like his heart was being filled with warmth at being blessed enough to meet someone like her, "Ahahaha! It's nothing! My mother taught me to always help people in need! Don't worry about it!"

She didn't.

Just as he was leading the sister away the sound of cloth flapping in the wind alerted him to the fact that they were being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a strange figure clad in a white long coat with red flame like designs at the bottom. What was even weirder was that the person was somehow perched upside down from a tree but when he turned around to look closer the figure was already gone. Shrugging it off as an illusion or something he returned his attention to the cute sister just like that led her to the nearest church.

****End Game****

"Are you worried about Issei?" A slender but busty girl with a cattish smile and long black hair tied in an elegant pony tail questioned her friend who was staring uneasily out of a window.

"How can I not be? I have faith that he will become truly powerful but it's not normal for a resurrected demon to have so low magical reserves. Not to mention, none of his clients made a contract with him yet." The red haired princess replied.

"Fufufu, I don't think you should be worried about that though. Every survey that we received has nothing but good things to say about him. About how he treats them nicely and warmly, and how he spends time with them despite not getting a reward. I don't think I've ever seen something like this. Since most people who summon us do so out of greed, a situation like this is rather unique. Then again Hyoudou-kun is a rather unique person isn't he Rias?"

"Hmmm... true."

Just then a breeze floated through the open window where Rias was standing and her childhood best friend stiffened in her seat immediately before covering her mouth in a ladylike gesture and laughing sadistically.

"Ara ara, there seems to be a shitty hentai jiji siscon hanging around campus lately."

The red headed girl blinked before turning to look at her Queen with a confused expression before realization dawned and she quirked one eyebrow at the raven haired girl, "Akeno... I really don't understand you sometimes."

"Fufufu, Rias-sama what is so hard to understand? He is a shitty hentai siscon, that's all."

"No I meant how you can always sense him when no one else can."

"It's because he is a shitty hentai siscon."

"How can you sense something like that?"

"Because he is a shitty hentai siscon."

"... That's why I said I can never understand you."


****End Game****

"Issei. Get ready for a fight." The president of the Occult Research Club calmly ordered her newest servant.

"Hai! But umm... may I know what for?"

The entire Occult Research club was standing outside what seemed like a desolate abandoned building on the outskirts of town.

Akeno stepped up beside Rias calmly, "We have received an order from the Arch Duke. There's an exiled demon in Rias-sama's territory and as the demon's officially in charge of this area it's our job to terminate it and we have tracked it down to this place."

"Te-terminate it?"

A sly smile appeared on Rias-s lips, "Yes. This will be a good chance to show you how demons fight."

Wait, are you serious! I'm positive that I won't be of much use!"

"Yes. It's still impossible now."

Issei's shoulders slumped down in despair at being told so bluntly that he was useless. She could at least be more tactful!

"But you can watch what a devils' battle is like. Today just concentrate and look at how we fight." The read headed president of the Occult Club tipped her chin as if just only thinking of something, "Oh yes. I will also explain the traits the servants have."

"Explain? The traits servants have?"

The newest member of the club made a confused expression but the President continued speaking anyway.

"Devils who become a master can give certain traits to those who will become their servants. Yes it's probably about time I explain about it and the history of devils..."

"There was a three sided war between the devils, the fallen angels, and God with its angels followers. All three sides had a large army and they fought for almost eternity because all three sides were so evenly matched. As a result, all three sides lost most of their troops and the war finished several hundred years ago with no side winning."

Kiba continued after Buchou.

"The devils were no exception. High ranking devils with peerage who commanded about 20 or 30 troops lost most of their underlings because of the war. At the time, a majority of all the armies of Hell consisted of what we call pure blooded demons but because of the high amount of deaths among the demon population, demons with rank and titles couldn't even form new armies any longer."

Akeno-san continued on from there.

"I heard that most of the pure devils passed away in that war. But even after the war, there are still problems between the devils, the fallen angels and God. Even though the fallen angels and God's side suffered similar losses, we are still in a position where we can't let our guard down or else we will be in trouble."

Then Buchou spoke again.

"Thus the devils decided to use a system to form a small group of soldiers. And that is the Evil Piece."

"Evil piece?"

Issei scratched his head furiously as he tried to keep up with the history lesson.

"Devils with peerage decide to use the traits of the human's game "chess" to their servant devils. There was a certain irony to the whole situation because most of the servants are devils that were reincarnated from humans, in other words half bloods. Since then chess became a popular game in the world of the devils. We'll leave that aside. Devils who are masters are given the rank of "King". In our case that is me. From there they created 5 special traits which consisted of the Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. Since they couldn't make an army, they decided to have a small number of devils and the system would give them enormous powers in order to compensate. This system was made in the past few hundred years ago, and became unexpectedly popular amongst devils with peerage as a form of entertainment as well as a method of settling conflicts without exaggerated losses."

"Popular? You mean the chess rule?"

"They started to compete against each other. For example like, "My knight is stronger!", or "No, my rook is stronger!" As a result high-class devils started to play a game like that of chess against each other using their servant devils. We call it the "Rating Game". Anyway this game became very popular amongst the devils. Now there are even tournaments for it. The strength of their "pieces" and also how strong they are at the game affects the devils' social position, and their peerage. There is a thing called "Piece collect" where they gather humans with talents and make them into their pieces. It is very popular recently. To sum it up, the more talented their servants are and the better they do in these Rating Games, the better their status in our society."

Issei nodded slowly, "I see. So being a influential player in that game means that you are a splendid devil. It also becomes your pride then. Ummmm... and at the moment many of the servants devils have now were former humans and they function by becoming pieces in the game. I feel it's complicated. So will I be someday forced to fight in that game?"

"I'm not a matured devil yet, so I can't participate in a formal tournament. Even if I could, there are things that I need to go through or else I can't play. In short, Ise and my servants here won't be participating in a game for a while."

"So does that mean that Kiba and the others haven't played in that game yet?"


Kiba answered my question with a bishonen smile.

Ise smiled tiredly, "Hmmmm...The world of devils is unexpectedly strange. I used to imagine them being evil and scary, but it looks like my imagination was incorrect. Or maybe I feel like that because I'm still ignorant of the ways of the devils world. Before that there is something that is bothering me..." he looked at his beloved President, "Buchou, what is my role and traits? And what piece am I?"

"Ise, you are..."

Buchou stopped before she could say anything else. Just as their group crossed over the threshold a certain presence flooded the area. It was all Issei could do not to fall to his knees under the onslaught of such an intense intent to kill.

"Kukuku, I can smell something disgusting. But I can also smell something delicious. Is it sweet? Or is it sour?"

A low eerie voice which sounded like it was coming from below the ground echoed around the abadoned building's interior.

Completely unfazed Rias stepped forward and loudly declared, "Exiled-devil Vaizor. We are here to eliminate you."


The abnormal laughter echoes around them.

From the shadows, a grotesque thing slowly stepped out as if savoring Issei's fear.

For a moment Issei wondered it was all a mistake as a woman came into view, only a few things told him that it wasn't, namely the fact that her naked body was floating several feet of the ground.

No... not floating.

"Bamn!" the sounds of incredibly heavy footsteps accompanied the naked woman's movements.

The next thing that appeared was the body of a gigantic beast. It was a grotesque being with an unnatural form having a woman's upper body and the lower body of a monster. It was also holding something that looked like a spear in both of its hands. The lower body of the monster had four fat legs with sharp claws while a long scaly snake tail lazily waved about in the air like one belonging to a cat while it was hunting its prey.

For a moment no one made any noise except for a slight gulp from Issei.

"Leaving your master's side and rampaging as you please definitely deserves a death sentence. In the name of Duke Gremory, I will gladly eliminate you!"

The exiled demon laughed mockingly, "Eliminate me? A small girl like you? No matter how brave or cunning you are, I will rip your body apart and color it in red just like your hair! Fuwahaha!"

Rias simply snorted condescendingly at the demon's posturing.

"What was the phrase? A weak dog barks the loudest? Enough, Yuuto!"


In response to Rias's order, Kiba Yuuto simply disappeared from his spot beside Issei. The brown haired boy was tempted to yell that something was wrong but before he knew it, the blonde bishonen boy reappeared beside the towering monster in a burst of speed.

"Ise, I will continue from the lecture before." The red head's calm words drew Issei's attention from Yuuto who was nimbly evading the monster's claws.

" Lecture? The thing about Evil-pieces traits?"

"Yes. Yuuto's position is 'Knight'. Its trait is speed. Those who become a knight will have their speed increased drastically."

Just like she said, Kiba's speed started increasing bit by bit to the point where Issei could no longer even keep up with his movements and Yuuto looked like nothing more than a yellow blur to him even as the bishonen dodged spear, claws and tail alike. Each time the sharp point of a spear or a claw got close to him a teasing smile would appear on Kiba's lips before he dodged it entirely with another burst of insane speed.

"All Knights have speed as their Piece's attribute but the matter of an offense is entirely up to the user itself. In Yuuto's case, he is an excellent swordsman and thus uses swords as a primary mode of offense."

Kiba stopped dodging as if to punctuate Rias's words and suddenly he was holding a European sword that appeared out of nowhere. In one elegant move, the sword was drawn and the naked blade glinted in the light of the moon before yuuto's self proclaimed rival suddenly disappeared again.


Issei blinked.

All he had done was blink and the next thing he saw was the monster's arms hitting the floor with heavy thuds. Both of its arms had been separated from its torso along with the spear it had been holding. Blood gushed out of its wound on to the floor in a gory mess.

"This is Yuuto's power. Speed which you can't follow with your eyes, and sword skills of that of a professional. By combining these two attributes, I do not doubt that he can become one of the strongest knights in the Rating Game."

Yuuto suddenly leapt back, feeling that his introduction was over, allowing a small shadow to slip into range.

"Wait! Is that Koneko-chan!" Issei cried out in a panic as the small girl reared back one fist but was swallowed by a huge grotesque mouth that had opened in the monster's abdomen.

Rias who seemed completely unruffled and unconcerend for the safety for her suboordinates continued speaking as if Koneko hadn't just been swallowed whole, "Next is Koneko. She is a 'Rook'. The trait of a rook is its -"

"That's not the time for that! We have to save her!"

Rias simply blocked Issei's charge with one hand, "Ko, Koneko-chan! No, she's in trouble….!"

A strange creaking sound came from the mouth in the monster's abdomen, "Grrgghh!"

The jaws were slowly being pried apart by a tiny emotionless seeming girl, the sounds were coming from the monster who was trying to clamp the jaws close again.

"The traits of a rook are simple; incredible strength and also very high defense. It's impossible for a devil with that caliber to defeat Koneko. It can't crush her."

Just as she said Issei watched completely stunned as Koneko casually stepped out from the mouth before lifting the entire monster whole and throwing up into the air like the 5 metre tall monster weighed absolutely nothing.


Koneko-chan jumped up high and punched the monster's stomach so hard that the huge 5 foot long teeth around the obscene abdomen jaw shattered.

A picture perfect volleyball spike.

The enormous body of the monster rocketed backwards from a frail punch and Issei failed to stop gaping as the monster crashed into the wall and slid down the wall like a swatted fly.

"Lastly Akeno."

Akeno-san laughed daintily and took her cue to start walking towards the monster who had just been sent flying by a hit from a tiny Koneko-chan.

Rias nodded approvingly at Koneko before turning back to Akeno, "Akeno is a 'Queen'. It's the person who is the strongest after me. She is the unbeatable queen who has all the traits of pawn, knight, bishop, and rook.


The monster stared defiantly at Akeno-san... who simply laughed fearlessly laugh after seeing the monster's gaze as it tried to get up again.

"Ara ara, seems like you still have some energy left in you neh? Then how about this?"

Akeno smiled sweetly before lifting up her hands in a cupping gesture towards the sky. Weird purple miasma spread out from the ceiling above her and everybody could hear ominous rumbling coming from the purple cloud.


"Gagagaggaaaaaa!" The monster screamed as the purple miasma sparked violently and a lightning bolt strikes down the monster.

Issei couldnt help but shut his eyes against the bright flashes of light. By the time he reopened them , the monster's entire body was burnt and smoke was coming out from it.

"Oh my... It seems like you are really an energetic child. Looks like you can take more."


Wihtout warning, another lightning bolt hit the monster mercilessly as a red blush slowly stained Akeno's cheeks and she licked her lips as if almost in hunger.


Akeno's face while striking down the lightning bolt had a scary and cold expression even though she was smiling. From that moment onwards, the newest member of the Occult Club decided that like Koneko, he would never risk getting Akeno pissed off.

Or at least not until he was sure he could survive a thunder strike.

"Akeno excels at using attacks made from magical powers. She is physically strong as well as proficient at using natural elements like lightning, ice, and fire and such but prefers to use Lightning spells. And most of all, she is the ultimate sadist."

'Sadist! Thats not supposed to be something you say so easily like taking a walk!'

"Usually she's very kind. But once the battle starts, she won't stop until she calms down."

"Sob...I'm scared of Akeno-san..."

"You don't have to be afraid, Ise. Akeno is very kind to her comrades so it's not a problem. She even said that you were cute. Next time, get spoiled by her. She will definitely hug you kindly."

"Fufufufufufu. How much of my lightning can you take Monster-san? You still can't die yet. The one who finishes you off will be my master. Ohohohoh!"

'Buchou...I'm getting very scared of the person in front of me who is laughing very loudly... I thought she was the person with the most common sense. Well she is a devil after all... That's how it is, isn't it? Since she is a devil, she has to be scary, right?'

For a few minutes Akeno-san's lightning attacks continued repeatedly and mercilessly as Akeno licked her fingers while watching the wretched monster hungrily. After Akeno-san calmed down, Buchou confirmed it and nodded her head. Buchou approached the monster that had already lost its will to fight. Buchou put her hand towards the monster.

"Any last words?"

"Kill me."

That's the only thing the monster said.

"Is that so? Then disappear."

A heartless reply.


A gigantic black magic ball shot out from her palm. It was big enough to cover all of the monster's body. When the orb made contact with the monster's body, the monster simply gurgled as her body slowly disappeared, disintegrating like ash in a strong wind.

Just like she said, it disappeared.

Rias simply made a tired and sad sigh after confirming it.

Turning around to the club members, the red headed girl clapped once and nodded approvingly, "It's over. Good work everyone."

And just like that, everyone was back to their usual cherry self.

Just like that the "exiled-devil" hunt was over. Even though he hadn't done anything, it was a truly terrifying night for Issei Hyoudou. Seeing the abnormal combat capabilities of a demon wasn't a simple thing.

For a moment, he realized if he accepted tonight, this would be the turning point for Issei Hyoudou.

The turning point where Issei Hyoudou changed from trash of Society to something that might actually be worth something.

Ah, there was something he still hadn't asked her.

"Buchou, there is still a thing that you didn't tell me."

"What is it?"

Buchou responded with a calm and affectionate smile.

"My piece... more like what is my role as your servant?"

To tell the truth, he already predicted the worst case. More like there was only "that" left. But he held out a small and naive hope. If Akeno-san was a 'Queen', Koneko was a 'Rook', and Kiba was a 'Knight' that meant there was only two roles left. The 'Bishop' and...the 'Pawn'.

Issei's hopes were completely shattered.

The crimson-haired beauty smiled at him and spoke so clearly that there was no doubt that he had heard it correctly.

"You are a 'Pawn'. Ise, you are a pawn."

Ise's shoulder slumped down in disappointment.

"...Watch out."

Yuuto's blade was already out and sparking as it clashed with a blood caked ivory spear whereas Koneko took a defensive stance in front of her 'King', protecting her from the claws attacking them. Out of the corner of his eyes, Issei noticed that Akeno was simply standing there with a calm expression on her face. Maybe she has so shocked she didn't have time to respond?

Whatever the case, she wouldn't make it in time to stop a snake like tail from sweeping all of them away.

So he did the only thing he could despite being scared.

"Sacred Gear!"

A bright green light emanated from the back of Issei's left fist as a red gauntlet that seemed to be made out of some sort of red alloy materialized around his left fist, "I'll show you Buchou! I'll show you that even if I'm a pawn I'm not useless!"

"Ise! Don't! You don't know how to fight yet!"

"Haah!" Ise let out a victorious roar as he deflected the tail swipe with his gauntlet, the intimidating spikes on the tail screeched out as they sparked against the red alloy. Throwing the heavy tail off course, Issei jumped up and single handedly punched the new monster in the face with his left fist hard enough to send it staggering back.

This one was male and seemed to be at least double of the first monster's height and bulk.

"Guguguguaaah! You killed my mate!"

It roared and a spiked snake tail lashed out violently, scoring cuts all over Ise's abdomen. Although Issei managed to deflect the worst of the spikes the force from the massive tail blow still managed to send him flying through the air.


"Ise!" he could vaguely hear shouts coming from everybody in the Occult club and was about to lose consciousness when his skyward momentum came to an abrupt and jarring stop.


One fist firmly held Ise up by his collar and his eyes widened as he struggled to focus on the familiar white long coat with its distinctive red flame designs at the bottom, "You're that guy who was watching me and Asia!"

"Not bad, that was pretty admirable. Stupid. But admirable." The person whose face was obscured by the shadows cast by a white hood dropped down to ground level and gently lowered Ise onto his bum.

Ise stared in confusion as his club mates surrounded him in concern; ignoring all of them the man in the white coat's chest puffed out as he seemed to take a deep gulp of air even as the monster started charging their little group.

The spear was just inches from the unknown man's face when he roared.

'Kessoku no Hokou.'

There was a split second where Ise's thought process halted as he wondered how a breath of air could stop the spear from hurtling through the man's face but instead of the expected hot air, a huge whitish blue beam lanced out from the man's roar, instantly disintegrating everything in front of him.

In a matter of seconds, half of the building was already gone and beyond where a wall used to be was a huge smoking trench on the ground.

The monster that had been at least ten meters tall and had been giving Yuuto and Koneko trouble had disappeared without a trace.

The man in the white coat patted some ash off of his coat and turned around to face Ise's group before he made some clicking noises.

"Tsk, tsk, you let your guard down Ria. I thought I taught you better than that?"

"There was no such thing. I knew you were there from the start, Nii-sama. The note mentioned that you were in the area hunting for our target's companion since it was out of our abilities to hunt both of them at the moment so I was already expecting you to act the moment it showed up." Rias calmly retorted.

"Tsk. Know it all." The man replied in an amused voice.

"Umuu..." Rias simply huffed cutely with a defiant pout on her face like a little girl wanting to impress someone, resulting in Issei's dropped jaw since he had never seen her act like this before.

Rias-senpai was adorable! Too adorable!

Wait. Nii-sama?

"Eeeehh? You're Buchou's brother?"

"Ara? I forgot to tell you? We're not blood related but we are close since he is a retainer of the Gremory family."

Rias glanced back at the relaxed man who seemed to be watching them amusedly.

"Ise, meet Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

"Ahaha, I'm no one special, just an ordinary passerby."

"Ara ara, that's right, you don't have to be so respectful to a shitty hentai like him so you can just call him shitty hentai jiji siscon." Akeno-senpai said with a completely straight face and a mature affectionate smile that totally didn't suit the absolutely loathing glint in her narrowed eyes.

"...Or you could call me Naruto..." he added nervously.

'Don't act like you didn't hear Akeno-san say anything!'

****End Game****

Play Gundam Seed - Meteor

One ragged hand slowly rose from the ground as if trying to reach the leaving couple, "I... I don't know... who you are, but if you... can help me... I'll do anything, I REFUSE TO DIE!" the blonde roared with all his remaining strength.

As if in response, a red glow activated in the male demon's pocket and a glowing chess piece shot out automatically, slamming into the blonde's open palm.

The blonde's bloodied fist closed resolutely around the rocketing piece, defying Death itself.

"A mutated piece..." Sirzechs breathed out in awe. "A mutated piece responded to him."

Grayfia looked at her friend unsurely, "Are you sure you want to use something important like that? Is it really worth someone that costs only a single pawn?"

The red haired man started laughing maniacally, "Worth it? Of course it's worth it! This is interesting, this is so interesting!"

The beautiful silver haired girl rubbed her temples tiredly, "You know, I used to wonder how the heck are you and Ajuka friends, but then you suddenly start laughing like that and I then started wondering why didn't I stay on the other side. At least their sane."

"Kahahah! Sane is overrated and boring! This man is interesting, that's all I need to know! You! What's your name?"

"Naruto... Uzumaki Namikaze."

Sirzechs laughed even louder, "How fitting! Yes! A Storm is truly fitting enough to be one of my pieces!" he confidently strode forwards and placed one hand over the blonde's closed fist before slowly invoking the required ceremonial phrase, "I, Sirzechs Lucifer, by my command, to thee, Naruto Namikaze, to allow thy soul to descend to Earth once more, to become my demon slave."

A revolving magic array bearing his official herald slowly formed around the prone blonde, activated by his powerful chanting, "As your new Master, I grant you new life. Awaken my servant!"

The red glow slowly grew brighter and brighter until the two demons had to shield their eyes from the harsh glare, "Awaken to your new life!"

As if waiting for that command, the circle flared a brilliant gold, the light engulfing the whole cave.

****End Game****

Kessoku no Hokou –Roar As One

****End Game****

I was supposed to post chapter 26 of Broken Faith instead of this one. I'm really sorry I didn't, but i guess the trolls affected me more than I realized. It was really hard to get my flow going like usual. So i just typed whatever came to mind and ended up producing this. Still stuck on Broken Faith though.