End Game Chapter 5


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Supercell – My Dearest

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****End Game****

"You're seriously trying to kill me aren't you?"

The man lounging on the throne grinned impudently, "Now what gave you that idea? All I'm doing is looking out for my little brother."

"Adopted little brother. " The hooded man pointed out before flipping him off, "Fuck you. Seriously," was the dry reply as the speaker jerked his thumb at a regal looking girl who had her sunshine yellow hair tied up in two spiralling pig tails, her nose stuck up in the hair with quiet dignity, "If you make me bring her back with me, Akeno isn't going to stop at just breaking my limbs."

"Are you saying that you find me, Ravel of the House of Phenex dissatisfactory compared to Rias Gremory's Queen?" the girl in question shot at her new Master, bristling.

The hooded man shook his head, "No... I'm saying my friend will castrate me. Probably worse."

She huffed, "Not my problem. My Nii-sama lost to you and our family had to pay the consequences." A memory of a black reptile-shaped abomination of massive proportions, large enough to swallow the entire god damned Phenex Mansion whole, spitting out a saliva covered, wounded and utterly defeated Ruvel Phenex flitted through her mind and she held back a slight shiver at the sheer power the unassuming man that stood beside her had displayed, "I was ordered to join your Peerage, so that is what I shall do, and do it well I shall."

"Gods above and below grant me patience..." Naruto cursed under his breath before trying to reason with the man with long red hair, "Look, I know that I've been putting my Peerage off-"

"For the past 600 years. You are currently the only Ultimate Class demon that has categorically refused to form a Peerage so far." the red haired cut in idly.

Naruto inclined his head to acknowledge the point, "Be that as it may, you also know what I do isn't safe and I can't do it with Blondie here tagging along," The girl behind him began fuming at being called something as crude as Blondie when several strings of solid shadow shot out of her new Master's back and shut her up, "Can't she just stay here as your assistant or something?" he almost began whining.

"What about a compromise?" Grayfia cut in with a suggestion to the two stubborn men.

Both of them shared a look before shrugging, "Shoot."

Grayfia at the man in the white cape decorated with red flames at the bottom, "You don't want her following you while you do your job." Her finger moved to her husband, "And you want Naruto-sama to start a Peerage while Ravel gets to experience the Human World as well as scout for the next few members of his Peerage." The grey haired maid primly smoothed down her apron, "What I propose is this, both Naruto-sama and Ravel can go to the Human World, but while he is out on missions, Ravel can stay with Rias as a Free Bishop. That is acceptable isn't it?"

The blonde girl was silent but she approved, somewhat, at least now she would be able to justify spending time with that brown haired boy that had defeated Riser, her previous Master as well as brother.

After a moment of stunned silence where the two men wondered why they didn't of that first, Naruto's rough tenor held a great amount of amusement in it, "Now I see why you married her. We'd probably all be screwed if you hadn't."

"I know."

Grayfia held back a slight blush as her husband beamed at her with pride.

****End Game****

When Issei Hyodo entered the clubroom for after school activities the day after the wedding fiasco in the Netherworld, he wasn't entirely sure what to expect, especially since Rias Gremory had all but declared herself his wife and moved into his home, with her Nii-sama, the Lucifer of the Netherworld's permission no less. His parents had been rendered practically catatonic that he now had two young beautiful girls staying in the same house as him. That they had done so of their own free will was the icing on the cake.

Either way, when the hooded man who was lazily lounging on the clubroom's sofa greeted with a casual "Yo." Issei had almost bolted out of the lavish clubroom until he remembered the fact the man who was lazily flicking a ball of fire on the couch in front of them had a rather disturbing tendency to eat people that annoyed him.

Behind him, standing in a deferential position was a somewhat familiar young blonde girl.

"Issei-san, we finally get to meet again." The young girl bowed and stared at him with sparkling eyes.

The dark haired boy couldn't help but gape, "Uhmmmm...Sorry but who are you?"

"Ravel Phenex isn't it? Sister of Riser Phenex." A disturbingly calm and confident voice that could only belong to the Occult Research Club's President spoke from behind Issei, "By the way, you're blocking the way, Ise."

"Ah gomen, Buchou." Issei stepped aside as Buchou's words finally jolted his memory. Giving the blonde girl a friendly wave, he stood beside his Master.

When the flame haired girl had seated herself at the majestic desk reserved for the President of the Club, she pinned the lounging man and the blonde girl with a scrutinizing stare, "I've heard the general outline from Nii-san, but what else can you tell me?"

The dark haired boy found himself switching his attention from person to person, feeling rather dumb and locked out of the loop.

The man in the white cape sat up right and yawned lazily, "No biggie, I'm still here because I still have something to do in the Human World. When I'm around, she'll be with me but when I'm off on a mission, she will be under your command for the duration that I'm gone. Whether or not you want to use her is up to you. Treat her like you treat anybody else."

"Wai-wait, what's going on here?" a rather confused Issei interjected.

Rias leaned back into her chair tiredly, "I told you yesterday right? The Phenex House challenged the Gremory House to a Royal Rating Game, the only difference between those and normal Rating Games is the fact that there was a massive amount of influence and money at stake. Because The House of Phenex lost, they ended up having to surrender a majority of their land and gold as well as their servants." She switched her gaze from the fidgeting black haired boy to the despondent blonde girl and her lazy Master, "Amongst which is Ravel Phenex-san since she was a Piece at the time despite being a member of the Phenex House itself."

Seeing her older brother nod along, Rias decided to probe further to confirm the suspicions that she had mentally formed while watching the match between the hooded man and Ruvel, "I also suspect that my brother is trying to set Ravel-san up as Naruto Nii-sama's First Wife not only to expand our influence and soften the blow of such a titanic loss for the House of Phenex, as well as act as a placeholder for the union between The House of Phenex and the Gremory House instead of me and Riser."

She gave the hooded man a steely gaze, "Three birds with one stone so to speak."

"Wait! Surrendered? You mean like slavery?! That's not fair to Ravel-san!" Issei said hotly.

"That's enough Iseei-san." Ravel interrupted him softly, "This is my task, and it is something I will do with my head held high."


[KLANG!] The sound of a metal plater clattering onto the marble floor drew everyone's attention to a wide eyed Akeno standing in the door way. The look on her face made it apparent that she had heard everything.

The black haired girl bit her lip before doing an about face and briskly walking away with a stiff back.

The man who had gone back to lounging on the sofa only sighed softly, "Explaining this isn't going to be fun."

"No it isn't." Rias agreed quietly, "Shouldn't you go find her?"

The man leapt up onto his feet, red flame cloak fluttering softly, "This is going to sting," he muttered lowly before patting Ravel's head not in an unkind manner, "Stay with Rias until I come back alright? Just treat them like you would your friends."

As the hooded man left the room, Rias spoke quietly, "Issei, would you mind leaving us for a moment?"

Her pawn only gave her a hesitant look before reluctantly leaving the clubroom for a quick breath of fresh air after the rather disturbing revelation.

"Please have a seat, Ravel."

The young blonde girl quietly took the seat directly facing Rias, with a quiet but firm dignity.

"I know you don't like what has happened, I mean, it was only yesterday when I was in a similar position to yours." Rias poured a cup of steaming tea for the silent blonde, "But I just want you to know that Naruto-nii san probably doesn't like this as much as you do. If anything, because he was more or less completely shunned by the majority of the Netherworld and his disposition towards matters of the heart, he probably hates it even more than you do even though most demons don't see any problems whatsoever with having more than one partner, some even see it as a sign of prestige especially since servants are categorically treated like nothing but simple property in the Netherworld."

When the blonde failed to reply, Rias continued firmly, "I know that you don't have feelings for Naruto-nii san, but I would just like to ask that you don't take it out on him. He is a simple man that has never had much to look forward to in life; I would at least like him to have some support from his Peerage."

"Ask? Not command?" Ravel murmured.

"Ask." Rias confirmed with a nod, "We of the House of Gremory take care of our servants. You can rest assured that Naruto-nii san will never try to force you do anything you do not want to do."

Ravel nodded mutely but held back on judging anything until she had spent more time in his company.

****End Game****

Supercell – My Dearest

The moment the hooded man entered the little room in the attic that he had taken to calling his, he had to dodge a bolt of lightning to the head by ducking before three more shot out to corner him until the final one was less of a bolt and more of a torrent. Left without a choice, Naruto had taken the hit head on. The blast of lightning blew the hooded man straight into a wall, hard enough to leave an imprint of his body in the cement.

Coughing slightly at the disturbing buzz in his limbs, the shinobi pulled himself out of the wall and landed on crouched feet before vaulting out of the way of another blast, one that was probably powerful enough to put down anything short of an Ultimate Class demon.

When he landed, he found himself taking even more blasts, but he withstood the rocking blasts with crossed arms, however they were still powerful enough to throw him back a few feet, the wooden board cracking under his feet as he fought to maintain upright.

"You're getting good with that." He noted blandly as he slowly began to move forward against the repeated blasts of magic, "Though you should try to mix more elements. Simply using lightning makes you more predictable."

He blinked when a floating orb of sparks made itself known directly in front of him, an orb that exploded violently and threw his entire nervous systems into a frazzle.

"Well... that's new."

Cursing, he experimentally tested a few fingers and quickly righted the problems before crawling to his feet and moving towards a growling Akeno again, disregarding the fact that he was being used as a guinea pig for her new spells.

He took measured step after step, ignoring the blasts that hammered his chest with little more than a tiny grunt until Akeno had no space to move her hands before throwing his rather numb arms around her shoulder.

Akeno stiffened.

"Sorry." He murmured.

"There's nothing to apologize for, you just broke your promise to a young girl, that's all." Akeno spitefully replied, savouring the wince that rocked his body.

"In my defence, I really didn't want her in my Peerage at least not until I kept my promise to you." He muttered tiredly, causing Akeno to instantly feel guilty that she had attacked his pride, "I fought against it but that idiot insisted. You know how he gets when he thinks he has a sudden brilliant idea."

Akeno couldn't help it, she chuckled at the memory, "Yeah... about as stubborn as you. You both used to get into the stupidest arguments about trivial things." Relaxing her back, the raven haired lady of Kuoh Academy slumped into his embrace with a sad smile as she remembered the promise a rather precocious black haired girl had forced the hooded man to make.


A small black haired girl pulled on a lock of golden hair causing the man to wince a little, "Neh, Naruto-nii san, where were you? Rias-chan was sad when you weren't there for her birthday."

The man whose face she could no longer remember was lying on her lap gave the the small girl who was fiddling with his sunshine yellow locks a crooked smile, "I was in the Human World, Lucifer-sama has many missions for me. I'm his most important Piece you know!" the blonde boasted in an exaggerated manner for the girl's benefit.

The small girl giggled at his antics before pouting at him, "No fair, you're always so busy! I want to go to with you! You get to do all the neat stuff like fighting with Gods and being powerful!"

The blonde smiled softly and knelt down beside the pouting girl before ruffling her hair, "Tell you what; when you can prove to me that you're strong enough to join me, I'll accept you into my Peerage. Then we can go on adventures together. Until then, I won't accept anyone; you'll be the first person I ask alright?"

Her eyes glimmered in excitement, "Pinkie swear?"

He held out his pinkie to her with an amused smile, "Pinkie swear."

Their pinkies curled together and they shook on it.

A rather star struck Akeno Himejima instantly shot up and stood up on her tippy toes to peck his rough cheek before racing off to tell her best friend about the promise that the Ultimate Pawn had just made to her.

To the tall man, all he had done was make a promise to a promising young devil with much potential. A girl to whom he owed a debt of honour and one of the few people that did not flinch away from mere physical contact with him.

To the girl, the man who was one of the most powerful men, one of the most feared fighters in the Netherworld had just proposed to her, a 7 year old orphan.


"Looks like I didn't get strong in time huh?" Akeno softly said before yelping cutely when the hooded man bent and swept her off her feet into a bridal carry.

"Technically you're stronger than her at the moment. Circumstances just sucked." The blonde replied with muted amusement as he carried her to the small cot in the corner of the Spartan room.

Akeno sighed and nuzzled his chest as she lay on top of him, "Sorry for attacking you, lolicon bastard."

"You wouldn't be you if you didn't." Naruto pointed out wryly, ignoring the gibe.

The girl on his chest simply hummed before she jerked upwards again with narrowed eyes, "Speaking of which, why are you still in the Human World? I assumed you were here only because of Phenex."

The blonde made some vague gestures, "This and that..."

When her glare intensified the blonde couldn't help but chuckle and raise his hands in surrender, "Things are getting restless. I have a standing order to protect Rias from stuff that she can't handle until she can." He shrugged carelessly, "Ria-chan knows this; it was one of the pre conditions that her overly doting brother imposed on her before he allowed her to come to the Human World. I just never had a reason to show myself until recently."

Giving a cute huff through her nose, Akeno resettled himself on his chest once he was sure that he wasn't hiding anything else. It was a little early for bed, but right now, she just wanted to revel in the comfort of his presence.

The hooded man sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist, an unspoken assurance for the girl who had somehow wormed her way into his heart, though neither of them had ever said anything out loud about confirming the strange, reluctant relationship they shared.

Part parental, part friends and part something more.

It was just the way they were.

****End Game****

Crystal blue flames flared in the darkness as he felt something warping the town's atmosphere. An influx of charged ozone flooded the dark red sky.

Dark red sky?

Naruto cursed and quietly slipped out of Akeno's grip as quietly as he could without waking her up only to know he had failed when the girl stirred restlessly now that her favourite and warm plushie was gone.

"Muu..." Akeno stretched like a cat, her form fitting uniform emphasizing her bust, "Naruto?" she asked sleepily.

Before he could answer, he heard an urgent knock on the door shortly before a flustered Rias barged in with the rest of the Occult Research Club trailing behind her, including a sleepy looking Ravel dressed a cute pink set of fluffy pyjamas.

The flame haired heiress of Gremory House took on a authoritative posture, ignoring the half lidded Akeno Himejima on Naruto's bed and cut straight to the point. "What's going on Nii-sama? Have you seen the sky?"

"I have," he replied shortly as he knelt in front of the girl so that he could look deep into her eyes to emphasize how bad things was, "Listen to me, there is a Heretic God in town." At that, the faces of those that understood what a Heretic God was turned exceptionally grim, even Akeno was now fully awake and throwing on her jacket, "We've known that one was waking up but we couldn't tell which one. I won't ask you to go back to bed, but please," he gripped her shoulders, "Please don't interfere no matter how bad it looks. Just stay as far as you can and watch. Ok?"

The flame haired girl bit her lip in indecision but nodded.

Without wasting another second, the hooded man leapt out of the window.

"Uhmm... What is a Heretic God?"

Rias drew a deep breath to stop herself from snapping at Issei because she knew that he wasn't aware of all the intricacies of being a devil yet, "I'll tell you later. For now, all of us have to head to the hill behind the scho-."

Just then the ground quaked as they watched a massive plume of smoke appear in the distance and Rias felt the blood drain away from her, "We need to get there. Now. We can watch what is happening from there and stay away from the battlefield."

From inside the plume, a massive titan with glowing brown skin, at least 500 feet tall stepped forward, each step was a miniature earthquake in itself, making it hard for the group of school age children to maintain their footing as they hurried to the top of the hill behind the school.

"What is THAT?!" Issei shouted in confusion.

Akeno took in the titan, which was wearing sandals, a plumed helmet and typical Roman centurion armoured cuirass with a bronze pauldrons shaped like a wood pecker and a wolf on each shoulder. It carried a massive bronze glowing shield in its left hand a and a massive spear topped with a garland of laurel. A spear that was currently being waved around a small black speck in an attempt to crush it.

The speck landed on the ground before shooting back into the sky, colliding with the shield with a loud reverberating screech, its two arm blades tried to pierce the shield with nothing but sparks to show for it.

"That," Akeno stopped for a moment to regain her breath, "is Mars. The Roman God of War, most implacable of the Roman Pantheon."

****End Game****

Play Two Steps from Hell – Heart of Courage Extended

Leaping agilely from limb to limb, the tiny speck that was a caped and hooded man scrambled up Mar's neck, digging his blades into the bronze skin for leverage and definitely annoying the God if his roars were any indication.

"That's right, come and get me you dumb fuck." Naruto leapt up, avoiding a massive palm that was trying to swat him like a bug and landed on the huge ass nose, sprinting forwards he thrust his arm blades into the left eye socket, causing golden ichor to shower him when the huge palm returned for a second round.

This time they were successful and the blonde was squashed under several metric tonnes of celestial flesh before being swatted to the ground like a meteor.

A rather dishevelled man painfully crawled out of the imprint his body had made in the earth, his regenerative power resetting all the bones that had been smashed to dust by that attack.

The last bone returned to its place just as Naruto looked up to see the titan rearing back with his spear. Not wasting another second, he resummoned his arm blades and braced himself.

Naruto grunted as he crossed the massive blades, deflecting the spear thrust. The shit ton of pure force from just deflecting it alone was enough to jar him badly.

The spear head rocketed past his body like a bullet train before digging itself into an abandoned part of town with a massive roar that shook the entire town. Immediately shedding the blades for more manoeuvrable digits, Naruto flung his arms around the bronze shaft, the width of his arms barely even covering a tenth of its circumference but it was enough for him to get a grip on.

The sharp claws at the end of each finger dug in and Naruto heaved.


Spear and titan was sent flying through the sky.

Issei's eyes bulged as the monster was sent flying away by the tiny speck, "A God? Like real Divine stuff? Satan etc?"

"Issei," Rias said with a deceptively calm tone even as she watched her adopted brother go toe to toe with a God, "We've already told you that God and therefore Satan exists, but they were defeated, leaving the Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels to fill the void. Therefore, you should already be able to tell that other gods exists as well and they can also die." She pointed at the titan which was slowly being cut down to size, "What you don't know is that every divine being draws their strength from Belief."

Issei blinked, he could almost feel the Capital B.

"When their religion wanes, their strength as a whole weakens. But because they are Divine, they never truly die unless they will it themselves. They will always come back, getting Belief and worship from their believers just ensures they do it faster. That is the Mars, the Roman God of Warfare as Akeno already said; the Roman Religion slowly lost ground about 2 millennia ago, dooming the Roman Pantheon of Gods into the Nether where they slowly crawl out of after each defeat. Those are what we call Heretic Gods. Their appearance is always followed by natural disasters, normal people can't see him right now, but you can be damn sure they can feel those earthquakes." She drew a deep breath and pointed at the titan, "That's why Naruto-nii sama is trying his best to push Mars away from town."

"But why do they keep coming back?"

Buchou nodded in approval that he was asking the right question, "When they crawl out, they seek fertile ground to spread their religion and gain strength once more. Long story short, let's say Mars defeats Naruto right here and now and none of us are currently strong enough to even scratch him save me. If that does happen, the Roman deities will be able to gain back ground and rematerialize legitimately, turning back from Heretic Gods to normal ones. Us, as the losers would be forced to retreat to another area where our belief is strong."

"That's a bad thing?" Issei questioned quietly.

"In general one territory won't really matter, but without God and Satan, our forces are already withered despite the amount of territories we have. Angels and Demons alone simply can't hold Heretic Gods back with our current strength especially with how much internal strife we suffer from." She gazed at him empathically, "If we are pushed back far enough, we would both,all of us here will permanently cease to exist."

"No I don't mean that," He summoned his gauntlet and pointed at where the titan had split down into two beings; a massive skyscraper sized wolf and wood pecker, and the wolf was currently heading straight for the middle of town while the wood pecker harried the black speck that was Naruto with its agility and ability to fly, "I meant THAT!"

Rias, heiress of the House of Gremory blinked before steeling herself, "Let's go. We have to stop that wolf from reaching town."


"Buchou, can you give me a lift?"

****End Game****

Just before the wolf could re-enter Issei's hometown, a red comet with a blazing green emerald in its centre fell out of the sky and hammered the wolf's skull into the ground with a powered fist.

"Get him while he's stunned!"

"Not a bad idea, Ise!" A smiling blonde sprinted up the wolf's snout and thrust his blade into the wolf's eye while the tiny Koneko began pounding away on the wolf's snout itself with her monstrous strength, the sheer blunt force of her punch sending its skull up and down like a roller coaster.

Above the three melee fighters, Ravel, Rias and Akeno were hurling spell after spell of sizzling lightning, blazing fire and blackish red orbs of destruction at the stunned beast, which was really all they could do, throw all the brute force they had at the wolf in an attempt to distract it.

Rias gritted her teeth and realized why Naruto was so insistent that she and her friends stayed away from the fight, Kiba's demonic blades was barely an irritant as his sharpest blade literally bounced off the slit pupilled eye ball and despite Koneko's massive strength, all she was doing was annoying the wolf instead of any actual damage.

Ravel and Akeno encountered similar problems, Mars' wolf form was impervious to magic and despite their best efforts the wolf slowly got up, the earth cracking under its feet as it shook the fire and lightning spells off like a dog would shake off water. Only her orbs of destruction and her pawn was doing any noticeable damage, each orb that hit the wolf's flank ate away at its existence like acid on flesh, but she knew that her strength was nowhere enough for a sustained attack of this level.

Ise was already in armour mode and his clawed fists wailed away at the wolf's forehead, scratching deep gouges in the thick fur with the spikes.

As she thought, they really weren't strong enough to fight with a God.

That was when bad turned to worse.

Play E.S. Posthumus – Unstoppable

Koneko screamed once as a massive paw lifted and swatted her high into the sky, the sounds of her ribs cracking could be heard by everyone there, but only Ravel had been paying attention while everyone had been focused on hurting the God. The Nekomata reached the apex of her forced flight before almost slowly falling back, right where those massive jaws were waiting for a morsel to eat.

The Phenex flitted down as fast as she could, darting through the gaps in the wolf's fang and caught the unconscious Koneko mid fall before she could enter the beast's throat when the jaw snap shut around them.

Or it tried to.

A somewhat pissed off hooded man had thrust his body in between the closing jaw, catching the back of a scared Ravel's pyjamas with one black armoured hand.

"Ma-Master, your body." She cried out in horror.

She could feel him giving her a pained smile as his armoured body, already badly pierced by the fangs, was slowly being crushed under the sheer pressure of the wolf's jaw. He grimaced even as whatever metal it was made from folded with a screech.

"Don't worry about me." He elbowed the closest fang, breaking it off so that he could get some leverage, "Even if you don't like me, as long as you are in my Peerage, I'll always protect you." He squeezed her tiny fist in his huge metallic one, "Now get ready."

A rather pale Ravel nodded, her wings fluttered unsteadily in mid air as her Master's arms turned to black blades again.

"OooooOOOOHHH!" The roar issued by his throat got louder and louder as he forced the jaws apart with his blades, just enough for a scared Ravel to dart through. The crying blonde girl, with an unconscious silver haired girl in her arms hovered in mid air anxiously waiting for her Master to escape as well when the jaws slammed shut like a steel trap.

She tried to scream but nothing came out from her throat when a whispery, ethereal chant reached her ears.

He, who rejects,

Dragon that endures till the end of eternity,

Even when the dark is fleeing and the light is weeping,

Nidhoggr, I summon you,

Come forth on wings of Ragnarokr, Malice Striker, Corpse Eater,

Witness the Unstoppable, Do the Impossible.

Ravel would never forget that night.

It was the first time she saw a God being gruesomely torn apart from the inside, bit by bit as a man in thick, black, spiked faceless armour methodically ripped his way out of a keening wolf that slowly morphed in a defeated titan that was bleeding gold Ichor.

He was more monster than man when he planted one armoured foot on Mars' bleeding nose, staring him straight in the eye as he plunged the blade that was his right hand into the massive orb.

Then he ate the God.

****End Game****