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Korra yawned as she stumbled into the gym's locker room, her arms hanging limp as her tired eyes flickered to the firebender to her left.

"Morning," she muttered.

Mako glanced at the girl and shook his head, taking note of her exhausted expression.

"I told you not to stay up too late last night," Mako sighed.

"I know, I know," Korra replied dismissively, waving a hand at the disgruntled firebender. She walked into an adjacent row of lockers, taking care to fold away the airbending clothes that she had forgotten to take off last night.

Mako's eyes darted to the mirror to his right, catching a guilty glance of the Avatar's naked frame.

"Whoa,"he whispered.

The young waterbender's body was slender, but firm; her muscles accentuating the tan, water tribe skin that almost glowed with youth. Her hair, loose and untied, reached down to her shoulder blades, its softness and length almost begging to be gripped.

While her back was turned towards the reflection, he could almost make out the outline of her breasts, which were situated perfectly below a delicate collarbone-

"So when's Bolin coming?"

Mako fell back into the lockers as he was snapped out of his reverie, the back of his head hitting the metal surface with a resounding clang! He rubbed his hair as the Avatar's giggle echoed throughout the empty room.

"He's not feeling too hot today," he mumbled sheepishly.

"Oh, that's too bad."

He saw the waterbender put on her under-armor and almost cried out in protest. Korra turned and tilted her head, looking at him strangely. Mako looked away, trying to regain his composure as he tried to formulate an excuse.

"It's just training," he said nonchalantly, trying to sound as casual as possible. "We'll train with the gear later."

Her blue eyes looked at him questioningly, before she shrugged and peeled off the thin layer of armor, much to the delight of a certain firebender.

The two walked out of the room and took their positions opposite to each other, each wearing a tank top and black training pants.

"Ready?" Mako asked, his eyes trained dangerously on his opponent.

"Bring it." Korra grinned cockily, fierceness in her expression.

The firebender poised his right foot firmly on the ground, starting the frenzied dance that would eventually leave both of them panting.

Mako was silent as he thrust his fist, sending out a jet of fire that roared angrily towards the waterbender. He punched consecutively, sending out a combo of small, concentrated flames; the move that had put his name on the list of pro-bending rookie hopefuls.

Korra weaved gracefully between the fireballs; her body's fluid motion a stark contrast to the sharp jerks that were her opponent's bending style.

She countered with a wave of water; its deadly curve broken only by a well-placed punch from her adversary.

"Not bad." He smirked, belittling the waterbender's efforts.

Korra clenched her jaw and readied to press the offensive, her attacks intensifying as the two continued to trade blows. The battle became fiercer as each element tried to triumph over the other; water dousing fire as fire evaporated water.

The teens' chests heaved as they breathed heavily, both trying to fight off exhaustion as they tried to find openings that lasted only a fraction of a second.

Finally, Korra's target hit its mark.

Mako grunted as he was knocked back with a stream of water, his eyes narrowing as a defiant smile spread across his face.

"Lucky shot."

Korra winked at him in mock playfulness, smiling cheerfully as she observed her soaked opponent. Her smile disappeared as she saw through his shirt, her heart skipping a beat at the sight.

Mako's muscle shirt stuck tightly to his skin, the fabric outlining the teen's muscled frame. Korra's eyes wandered over the boy's well-defined pecs and abs, and the thickness of his arms as he ran his hand through his soggy hair.

She gulped at the distraction.

Maybe that wasn't such a good move after all.

Korra yelped as she felt a searing pain to her shoulder, not realizing that her opponent had already begun to move.

A triumphant expression spread across Mako's face as the waterbender staggered back, struggling to regain her position. His eyes honed in to the strap of her tank top, a small tear slowly becoming more prominent.

A sinister idea popped up in his thoughts, and he shook his head to clear himself of it.

…But maybe just once.

The two continued their match, with Mako unable to keep himself from aiming at her clothing's weak spot. Both opponents grunted as attacks began to land more frequently, each one knowing that this had become more than just a training session.

His frustration getting the best of him, Mako roared as he thrust his fist powerfully, his opponent letting out a squeal as she was knocked back towards the wall. He stared at her blankly, before mentally reprimanding himself for getting carried away.

"Ah shit…!" he cursed under his breath, running over to his teammate. "Korra, are you alright?"

Korra groaned and rubbed her shoulder, grimacing in pain.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, a little aggravated.

His eyes at the sight in front of him: the strap of Korra's tank top had finally ripped apart, making the shirt sag and reveal more of her skin. She was panting and glistening with sweat, her hand clutching her left arm as she sat on the ground.

And looking oh-so-vulnerable.

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