Chapter 1. The finder

I sigh and look out of the window, not paying attention to class. It's a rainy day and I can hear everyone whispering about that Kira-person. I sigh again, annoyed this time, and roll my eyes. They are acting like he's a new God or something. I think it's all bullshit. No, I don't think that all those deaths are coincidences, but I can't see the link. How can someone kill another without touching the person? It's impossible, there's no proof! And if it was possible, how would Kira kill all those criminals? Fly around the world with an invisibility-cloak, flicking with his wand and yelling 'Abracadabra, ALL THE CRIMINALS DIE!' ? I chuckle and shake my head. Impossible. The bell rings and I rush out of the classroom. As I open the great door of the school, I grab my umbrella and walk through the rain.

But still… I can't stop thinking about it. Those deaths couldn't possibly be coincidences. Someone is killing them. But how? I refuse to believe that there is a sort of God or wizard killing them. Magic doesn't exist for God's sake! But how…?

When I open the door, I get a surprising tight hug from my mother, making her half-soaked too. The water drops out of my hair and my makeup is all over my face. ''I'm so glad that you are home, Maeko-chan! I was so worried, it took you so long!'' My mother's high-pitched voice yells into my ear. I push her away softly.
''Mom, what's going on?'' I ask suspiciously. Normally, she would've yelled the fudge out of me.
''You've could had been killed!'' Mom says panicking.
I raise one eyebrow, and look at her from toe to top slowly. Has she gone crazy? What does she mean, killed?
''Mom, about what in the world are you talking about. Did you watch your weird CSI show again the whole night? I told you, you should go to sle…''. My mom interrupts me, grabbing my shoulders. ''Didn't you hear it? The rumours?'' She asks, her voice higher pitched than before. I shake my head.
''Oh, you kids never read the daily papers, of course, and never watch the news… Kira is now also killing innocent people, you have to watch out! Especially you, Maeko-chan, because you are against Kira!'' She almost yells. I sigh.
You see, Kira is not good. It's a bad, bad person.
''Mom… Just calm down, I'm going upstairs. I have a test about two days, so.. I won't join dinner tonight.''. I take off my shoes and walk past her.
''Again? You don't eat very often, is there something wrong? You don't have anorexia, do you?''. She grabs my shoulders again and turns me around, looking suspiciously at me. I roll my eyes and push her hands away.
''Mom, I told you to calm down. I don't have anorexia. See you, and goodnight.''.

As I walk upstairs I can feel my mom looking worriedly at me. She needs to stop doing that.
When I'm in my room, I open the window and look outside. It has finally stopped raining. The birds are flying again and the people are putting their umbrellas away.
The TV on the building across my house is sending out the news.

''Today, five criminals died because of a heart attack today. The first one, Matsuro Yamato, died five seconds after he was left free from jail. The second one, Hanabusa Yuki, died in her cell, same as the other three. Oh wait.. Excuse me, six criminals are murdered. Almost a minute ago, Senri Nagato died because of a heart attack too. Is this the work again of Kira?''.

Yeah, duh. It couldn't possibly be a piglet who kills all the criminals. I still refuse to believe that this Kira-creature is a God. Or a wizard. Or a piglet. But what if he was a God or a wizard… He only wanted to kill the criminals right? What's the point of killing innocent people? It's not like they've done anything. Wait, maybe Kira doesn't exist! Maybe it's just a deadly illness that's spreading all over the world! And it emerges in jail!

I shake my head. No, that can't be it. Who am I fooling? It isn't magic, it isn't an illness. That Kira person maybe is a God, but where's the proof…?

Suddenly something black flies into my window and hits my head. ''Ouch!'' I mumble, and I rub my forehead. What was that? A bird, an umbrella? I look at the ground and see something I didn't expect to see.
It's a book.
Who the heck throws a book at me?
I look outside, but no one's there. He must have ran away, that bastard. I look at the book again and pick it up. It has written Death Note on the cover. That's an odd title, who wrote it?
No writer. I open the book and I see empty pages. I smile.
''Ah, it's a notebook. I see. No one has written in it yet… Maybe this could be used as a Diary, or a journal.'' I say to myself.
''Nope, it can't be used like a diary.'' A low voice behind me says.

I startle and freeze. Who said that? I turn around and see a huge monster in front of me.
It has dark wings, bright blue eyes, sharp teeth, red lipstick on his lips, he's skinny with long arms and long sharp nails, red combed back hair and a pale skin. Not to mention that he scares the hell out of me.

Great, I'm going to die. This monster is going to eat me up or take me to his world to become his slave. Or maybe I've done something awful, I have to die and go to hell! Either way I'm screwed. I want to say good-bye to the world, to my mom, to my friends…

''Who and what are you? And what are you doing in my room?'' I ask, with a rambling voice. It couldn't have been any better. My stupid consciousness had to talk to him. So stupid.
''I am Dai, and I am a Shinigami. That is my Death Note. You can write the names of people in it, and they will die.''.
I raise one eyebrow at the… Creature. Now I realize what the hell is happening here. Am I dreaming? This is impossible. Technically this can't be happening.
''You've got to be joking right?''. The creature shakes his head. My eyes widen. It's still impossible.
Then I realize that the curtains are still open.
''Can other people see you too?'' I ask, not closing them just yet.
''Nope. Only the ones who touch my book, or a page of the book, can see me. So, at the moment, only you can see me. I will be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, actually all the time. I have to stay with the owner of the book.'' Dai grins. I frown.

I still can't understand. I still have to be dreaming. Maybe I'm lucid dreaming? No, I'm certainly not dreaming. Now what should I do? If that thing is real and if he is going to stay with me all day and night… I don't really have an option.

''I guess you're my new best friend then, hmm…?'' I say, clacking with my tongue. Dai shrugs.
''Maybe.'' He answers coolly.

After a couple seconds of silence, I decide to break the ice.
''So… Would you like something to eat, or something…?'' I ask. So cheesy, but I have nothing else to say.
''What do you have?'' Dai asks. I frown a bit at Dai's emotionless voice and gaze. Doesn't this guy feel anything? He could've said 'Thank you' at least! I bet he's a spoiled Shinigami, taking everything for granted.
''Fruit and candy. Would you like to eat an apple?'' I answer politely. I have to stay calm and nice. I don't want him to take me to the Underworld, if that was even possible. Heck, there's a Shinigami standing into my room, telling me that I could kill people with a book. Everything's possible now.
''Nope. I don't like them. Give me a lollipop. Strawberry.''. I throw the lollipop at him.
''Sure.'' I grab a lollipop myself, apple flavoured. ''So, I'll take a wild guess… There are more Shinigami than only you?''. Dai nods.
''Correct. Now, what are you waiting for?'' He sounds impatient. Huh, he does have an emotion. I look at him with a confused gaze.
''What do you mean?''.
''Don't you want to kill people or something? Don't you have someone in mind to kill?''
''Nah, not really.'' I shake my head and sit in my desktop chair. ''I'm going to watch TV.''.
''Damn, you are boring…''. I grab the TV remote and shoot a glare at Dai.

''Hello, my name is Kuran Miyoshi. We have big, bad news. A new criminal called Akeboshi Akira killed a ten years old girl called Sanada Akiko this morning. The police found her body fifteen minutes ago. According to outsiders she was just walking on the street and accidentally bumped into the man. He pushed her against the wall and shot a bullet through her head. She died immediately. The police didn't catch him yet, they are looking for…''

I look at the screen blindly two seconds before I realize that this is my chance to try the Death Note. I grab the black book and a pen, looking curiously at Dai.
''Can I also describe how he dies, like the cause etcetera?'' I ask him, clicking my pen.
As Dai nods, I immediately write what comes first on my mind.

Akeboshi Akira. He died because of suicide, at 10.19 pm, after he was sitting in train 26 to Tokyo and feeling guilty, he shot a bullet through his own head.

''And? What do you think?'' I ask Dai with a victorious smile. Dai shrugs. ''I guess it's okay. I've seen better.''. I roll my eyes and smile. I knew there was a sadistic person deep inside of me.

''Wait, what? Oh, excuse me, but I've just been told that the Akeboshi suddenly died. Of two causes! His fellow passengers told the police that he was suddenly crawling on the ground, screaming, and that he drew his pistol and shot himself. He was probably getting a heart attack! This is one of the most mysterious deaths I've ever seen...''

I raise one eyebrow. A heart attack? I can't remember me writing his cause was a heart attack. Does that mean Kira was planning on killing him too? He must have noticed that there was another person having the same plan… It's not something you can't possibly notice. I smirk. Look at me, first refusing to believe in Kira, and now I killed the same guy Kira wanted to kill. Seems like I have no other option than to believe in him. I startle out of my thoughts when I hear Dai laughing. Whoa, another emotion!
''Seems like you and Kira both wanted to kill that man. What a teamwork, ha-ha-ha!'' Dai laughs.I grin and nod. ''Seems like it. But it's okay. I like a little competition.''.
Dai looks at me, and bursts out laughing again.
''Am I still boring?'' I look curiously at him, smiling my victorious smile again. Dai shakes his head.
''Not anymore! I wonder how this is going to work out!''