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Chapter 3. A New Beginning

When the meeting is finally over, I decide to go after Light. He seems to be an interesting person. He doesn't talk much, but if he does, some intelligent words come out of his mouth.
Maybe he knows more about Kira than he actually told us.
''Light-kun!'' I yell, and Light turn around. ''Ah, hi there, Maeko-chan.''. I walk next to him and we walk in my house's direction. ''What'd you think of the meeting?'' he asked.
''I have to be honest, it was a bit boring… Those girls are only in the club because of the 'hot' rumors, Soru is totally in love with me and I really didn't receive any useful information about Kira. How about you?''. Light shrugged. ''I thought it was kind of interesting… Sometimes.'' He smirks, ''But you're right, in some ways… I mean, I also thought I would learn something more about Kira today, but no one said something interesting about that. Except about Kira the Second…''.
I nod. You know, it does sound kind of awesome. Kira the Second… I really have a name now. I'm fabulous. The corners of my mouth cringle up as I repeat that in my head. Lights voice snaps me out of my fantasies.
''Let's do some research together tomorrow. I bet we will find more about Kira on the Internet than we ever will in the fan club.''. Light smiles and I smile back. ''Great. Tomorrow, eleven o'clock, at the library?''. ''No problem. See you there. Take care of yourself.'' He says to me as he lays his hand on my shoulder. I can feel my cheeks burning and I wave Light good-bye. I walk further to my house, trying to avoid my mother again, but this time, I fail.
''MAEKO-CHAN! Is that you?'' I roll my eyes and sigh annoyed. ''Listen to this, there is a second Kira!'' My mother's high-pitched voice echoes through the house.
''I KNOW MOM! I'm going upstairs, I have to study for tomorrow. I'll take a lollipop!'' I yell back at her. When I'm upstairs, I throw the lollipop to Dai and turn on my laptop immediately.
I decide to do a little research already. As far as I know, the internet never let me down. So it won't this time either. I click on my web browser and type 'KIRA' in on Google. As I scroll down my scream, I sigh annoyed again. Only Kira fan sites… Ridiculous people. Would there be a website for Kira the Second? I shake the thoughts off and turn on my TV on. I frown when I don't see the news, but I weird sign. It looks like the letter L. Suddenly it begins to talk. I raise both my eyebrows. What kind of new TV-show is this?

''I… I don't believe it… This was an experiment to test a hunch I had. But I never really thought… Kira… You can actually kill people without direct contact… So… My hunch was right… I couldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. But you can… You'd have to, of course. It didn't make sense otherwise.''

My eyes widen and I look at Dai, who was also gazing at the TV. What is this…?

''Listen to me, Kira, if you just killed Lind. L. Tailor, the man you saw on TV. He was a condemned criminal, scheduled to today, at this hour. It wasn't me. His arrest and conviction were kept secret from the media, and went unreported even on the Internet. Even you had no way of knowing about him, it seems… But I, L, do in fact exist.''

My mouth falls open in disbelief. ''No… Way.'' I gasp. That is the real L? I should definitely watch out for him. He is extremely dangerous… What will Kira do now?


''He can't…'' I whisper. ''He cannot see your face and he doesn't know your real name.''

''Evidently, you AREN'T able to kill me. So there are a few people you can't kill. That's a valuable clue. Now I'll give you some information, in return.''.

I shove my chair closer to the TV. I need to know that information. It could be very useful.

''Although it was announced that this was being televised globally… Actually, it was broadcast only in the Kanto region around Tokyo. The plan was to broadcast live to other areas in turn, but that's no longer necessary. You are in the Kanto region of Japan, Kira.''

I almost fall of my chair. ''You've got to be kidding me… He lives in the Kanto region… Just like me! He could be my neighbor, or a classmate, or…'' I stumble out of disbelief. Dai shakes his head. ''Unbelievable… Well, that L person is sharp. You have to be alert, Maeko. Or else he will catch you too.''. I nod.

''And, although the police have missed this, your first victim was the Shinjuku killer who took eight people hostage in a nursery school. His crime, when compared to those of the notorious murderers who've died of heart attacks, was not very serious. Moreover, this case was reported only in Japan, nowhere else… That was all the information I needed. I knew, Kira, that you were in Japan! And that your first victim was nothing but a guinea pig for testing your powers! We broadcast first to Kanto because it has the largest regional population in the country. That you happened to be there was pure luck. I didn't expect this to work out so perfectly according to plan, but… Kira, it would interest me greatly to know HOW you carry out your murders… But that's something I can find out AFTER I catch you! I'M GOING TO FIND AND DISPOSE YOU, IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO! I'M… I'M RIGHTEOUS!''

A moment of silence. I can't believe… I cannot believe what just happened. Kira lives in my region, L discovered that by his amazing, genius plan… I could be in danger. What should I do?

''Till we meet again, Kira.''.

Shit just got real.

''Maeko-chan!'' Light yells at me. I turn around and wave at him. I can't help but blush. Just looking at him walking so calmly and relaxed, with his hands in his pockets and that extremely sexy smirk… I almost melt when I look at him. I swear, I could be a puddle within the next three seconds. He walks in my direction and we end up walking to school together.
''Light-kun! How are you? Your house is really near mine, isn't it?'' I ask.
''I'm good, thanks. This is the last week of school before the vacation, isn't it? Are you going on a holiday?'' Light asks. I shake my head.
''No, I have to study and other things to do… How about you?''.
''No, the same reason.'' Light looks at me with his beautiful brown eyes. His brown hair softly blows with the wind. ''How about we study together this weekend?''. I can feel my cheekbones heating up again. ''Don't you have a girlfriend? Are you allowed to be my study mate?'' I ask slowly. Light chuckles. ''No, I don't have a girlfriend. I do have my eyes on someone though…'' Light winks at me and I blush multiple shades of red. I laugh sheepishly at him, mentally face palming myself. Why is it so hard to respond smoothly, like they do in those romance movies?
Suddenly, a hyperactive, blonde girl jumps in front of Light and I. I look at her and I recognize her. It's Misa! From the TV show! What is she doing here? Does she know Light? A bullet of jealousy shoots through my stomach.
''M-Misa? What are you doing here?'' Light stumbles, seeming confused. Misa grins widely and grabs Light's hand. I slightly glare at her, wanting to cut her hand off.
''I wanted to see you! I miss you, Light-kun!'' Misa whined. Then she looks at me.
''Who is this? A friend of you?''. I smile a fake smile and nod at her.
''I'm sorry, I am Maeko. I'm a huge fan of you, Misa!''. ''Ah, okay, I see! Nice to mee…'' Light cuts Misa off, snapping at her. ''Misa. Go home. I don't have time for you now.''. I frown a little at Light. That was very mean. Misa pulls a sad face, nods slowly and walks away, getting followed by a couple of her fans. ''So, you obviously have great contact with her, Light. You're very lucky that Misa is in love with you. Many, many other boys are jealous.'' I make my comment. Light smirks. ''Yeah, I figured. Too bad I don't feel the same way about her.'' The corners of my mouth curl up when I hear that. ''But you see, it's no problem if you're going to study with me this weekend. Saturday, three o'clock, at my house?''. I nod. ''Great! I'll see you Saturday then!''. Light also nods, and he winks at me. ''Can't wait.''. With that, he leaves. I watch him walking away, my head cocked a little to the left.
''Someone's sailing on the Love Boat.'' Dai's voice snaps me out of my gaze. I shoot a glare at him. ''Am not. Shut up.''. Dai grins widely. ''Did you ever fall in love?'' I ask out of curiosity.
Dai raises one eyebrow, and then smirks at me. ''I'm a Death God, why would I fall in love? And with who? Nah, I'm not born to be loved or to be a lover. I'm more the Death, murder type. You?''. I shake my head.
''I did have three boyfriends in the past, but they were nothing… Those middle school boyfriends. It was more a sort of friendship than a relationship. Oh well, what would you expect of a middle-scholar. They were cute and I loved to play with them, but… Not really.''. I look up at the sky.
''Light is different though. I don't know why, or how but I just feel… This sort of bond between us. It's a different atmosphere.'' I smile. ''And his smirk is just so… Sexy and his hair always falls perfect, even if it's windy. And his eyes… Are so beautiful, they pierce through your heart. His voice makes me shiver and when he winks… I just melt…''.
Dai laughs.
''Ha-ha, how romantic! Did you also already planned how your wedding is going to be? Names and looks of your children? House? Ha-ha!''. I shoot another glare at Dai.
''Stop teasing me! I'm not that awful!''. I am lying. I am that awful. But come on, which girl isn't? I pretend that I'm wearing a beautiful long, white, sleeveless dress, getting married on the beach when the sun goes under, with the perfect man with dark hair, dark eyes and an amazing smile and body. He puts the ring with a great, shimmering diamond around my fourth finger. I'll have two children ( I don't know their names yet) , and my house is going to be great and white and with six bedrooms and four bathrooms and a pool and…
And I just catch myself on being awful again.

It's Saturday, ten o'clock, and I ring Lights doorbell. I am way too early. I wait a couple seconds and then decide to leave. But then at that moment, Light opens the door, and when he sees me, he lights up. ''Ah, Maeko-chan! You're early! Please come in! Sorry for the mess, I just had breakfast!''. I smile. ''No problem!''. I step into the house and look around a bit.
''I like your house… Oh, and I brought some books, just in case.''. ''I see. Good. Well, let's go upstairs then!''. Light walks on the stairs, and instead of following him, I take time to look at some pictures. I smile when I recognize him as baby. He was so cute… And he has a little sister. How old would she be? Ten, eleven? Then I look at the family picture. Light looks a lot like his mother… His mother seems so nice, though his father seems a little stricter. His sister grins widely and Light puts up his smirk.
''Maeko-chan? Are you coming?'' Light asks from upstairs. I snap out of my thoughts. ''Oh, yeah, sorry! I was stunned by your cute baby pictures, ha-ha!'' I laugh as I walk the stairs. I see Light blushing. He is so cute when he blushes!

When we're in his room, I take my books and I'm going to sit on his bed. Light sits next to me and he takes one of my books. He opens it and begins studying it. ''So…'' I try to break the ice. ''Did you also see that weird Kira message on TV? With that L?''. Light immediately looks up. He nods. ''Yeah I did.. It was pretty weird isn't it? I wonder why L just didn't show his face…'' His voice sounded a bit annoyed. It even had a slight anger in it.
''So that Kira couldn't kill him.''. Light raises both his eyebrows and looks at me with a questioning face. ''T-That's what he said right?'' I stumble. Light nods slowly.
''Yes, it is. It is true indeed. But Kira couldn't have killed L anyway.''. I narrow my eyes a bit.
''You are right about that. Kira didn't know L's true name.''. Light looks at me, his eyes widened. ''What did you say…?''. I swallow. I have gone too far. What do I say now? I can hear the panic bomb ticking in my head. ''N-Nothing. Something stupid. Never mind. Do you also like sushi? I love sushi!'' I say quickly. And again I am mentally face palming myself. Sushi? For real? Light laughs. ''Yeah, I do. Now if you will excuse me, I have to use the bathroom. Be right back, make yourself at home''. I nod. When Light closes the door of his room, I sigh.
''You have such original ideas. Sushi? Would have never come up with that!'' Dai laughs at me. ''Shut up. I was panicking, this was the first thing that came to my mind.''. ''Yeah, sure.'' He grins. I roll my eyes and shake my head out of annoyance. I stand up and decide to take a look around his room. It's different from mine. It's so neat, strict, and clean. It doesn't have many colors and it has a bigger bed. His desk is a bit of a mess though. Books are lying all over it. A bag of potato chips is open and a few apples lay next to it. I walk to the desk and open one of the drawers. Then I see something really suspicious. It looks somewhat familiar… It looks like a notebook, or a diary. Then I realize something. .


Suddenly something black flies into my window and hits my head. ''Ouch!'' I mumble, and I rub my forehead. What was that? A bird, an umbrella? I look at the ground and see something I didn't expect to see.
It's a book.
Who the
heckthrows a book at me?
I look outside, but no one's there. He must have ran away, that bastard. I look at the book again and pick it up. It has written Death Note on the cover. That's an odd title, who wrote it?
No writer. I open the book and I see empty pages. I smile.
''Ah, it's a notebook. I see. No one has written in it yet… Maybe this could be used as a Diary, or a journal.'' I say to myself.
''Nope, it can't be used like a diary.'' A low voice behind me says.

I startle and freeze. Who said that? I turn around and see a huge monster in front of me.
It has dark wings, bright blue eyes, sharp teeth, red lipstick on his lips, he's skinny with long arms and long sharp nails, red combed back hair and a pale skin. Not to mention that he scares the hell out of me.

Great, I'm going to die. This monster is going to eat me up or take me to his world to become his slave. Or maybe I've done something awful, I have to die and go to hell! Either way I'm screwed. I want to say good-bye to the world, to my mom, to my friends…

''Who and what are you? And what are you doing in my room?'' I ask, with a rambling voice. It couldn't have been any better. My stupid consciousness had to talk to him. So stupid.
''I am Dai, and I am a Shinigami. That is my Death Note. You can write the names of people in it, and they will die.''.

End flashback.

I look at Dai, but his facial expression is almost emotionless. You've got to be kidding me… This cannot be true. This is too much of a coincidence. It must be a normal journey book. I turn the book around and look at the cover.

Death Note.


''Ha, didn't expect that, now did you?'' An unknown voice says. I turn around and face another Death God. Same size as Dai, but his looks are a bit boring. His skin is grey-ish and his hair is black. He has blue eyes and a black… Suit? He is wearing dark-blue lipstick. Why do all the Death Gods wear lipstick? I nod at the Death God. ''Nice to meet you…?'' I say to him. Then I turn to Dai, who was grinning. ''So this was the thing you didn't want to tell me! You knew this since the beginning!'' Dai nods. Then I hear the flushing sound of the toilet. Light is coming. Kira is coming. Light opens the door and freezes when he sees me with his Death Note. His mouth falls open. ''Maeko-chan… I can explain… But how… Please, keep this a secret.'' Lights voice is rambling like hell. I chuckle, and walk in the direction of my bag.
''I won't, Kira.'' I open my bag. ''You know, we'd better work together. I don't like it when other people are interrupting my work, especially when I know who they are.'' I say. Light looks at me with a confused look. I chuckle. He looks so cute again.
''What do you mean with 'my work' ?'' he asks slowly. I smirk and take my math book out of my bag. I throw it at him, and he catches it. ''Open it.'' I demand. Light first looks at me even more confused and then opens the book. When he sees the Death Note, his eyes widen. He stays silent for a couple seconds.
''Wait… Are you…?'' Light stumbles, trying to make a full sentence. I laugh.
''Yep. You know, I was shocked too, finding out your secret… Never thought you would be Kira. Though you have the brains. Now I understand why you joined the club. ''
Light grins. ''Never expected of you that you would be Kira the Second, Maeko-chan. Oh, and my Death God's name is Ryuk. ''. I nod at Ryuk. Then I point at Dai. ''That's Dai.''. Light nods at Dai, and Dai nods back. Light turns to me again and takes a step closer to me. He grins evilly. ''About your proposal… I accept. Let's work as a team.'' He reaches out his hand. I smile and shake his hand.
''Pleasure to work with you, Light-kun. Let's make this world a better place. Together.''.