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Amy blinked back the tears which were developing in the back of her eyes. This was not the time to get emotional- if she started to get bleary eyed within the first two weeks of this whole in hiding thing, what hope was there for the next two and a half months?

Amy Pond always stayed strong. No matter how dull or dark or without hope the situation was, Amy never faltered or drew back. With the Doctor/Johnny in such a vulnerable state, she couldn't rely on him; not anymore. She had to rely on herself, and she had to rely on herself on his behalf too. That was the way it worked- the Doctor always did everything he could for her, and now she had to repay him. Look after him.

The Doctor trusted Amy to do this for him; the way River had trusted Rory. And when someone asks you to do something like this, so unbelievably off the scale and so, so complicated, you have a duty to fulfil that trust. And there was no way Amy was going to let the Doctor come out of this tough situation with the feeling that he'd been betrayed. The feeling he'd been lied to.

Amy stared down the street that Johnny had trudged off down just minutes earlier. The streetlamps cast beams of light down the way, but she still couldn't make out all that much. The drizzle was coming down in thick sheets that were soaking her through, but she didn't care about that at all. All she was thinking about was Johnny. Amy knew she didn't need to worry about him; Johnny knew London like the back of his hand, it was just… He was alone. In the dark and the cold and the rain at what, ten thirty at night? She knew he'd come home safe and sound at some point, but she couldn't help but think like an over-protective older sister. How ironic.

But there was another aspect to the situation which made the situation all the more terrifying. Johnny was angry. At her. For something she'd said. Johnny never, ever got angry at anything. He was just too nice and considerate- but, no, for the first time in the two weeks Amy had 'known' Johnny, he was fuming; at the one person he thought he could trust the most.

And that hurt Amy. A lot.

Amy turned her back on the street and pulled her coat tighter around herself, to try and keep at least a little bit dry. Her hair was wet through and sat in sopping tousles around her shoulders, her mascara caking her cheeks. She probably looked a right mess.

She'd leave Johnny be. She'd give him time to calm down, to sort out his thoughts a bit. She had no idea how an angry Johnny reacted, but she hoped as he was so kind-natured and loved Amy very much, it wouldn't be too bad. A few teary apologies on her behalf and a make-up hug ten minutes later, with any luck.

That was what it was like with Rory in the early days. In the time before they were together. Amy could be so cruel sometimes to someone as faithful as Rory, but it was only later that she realised just how cruel she'd actually been. And she really did hate herself for it- the fact, that back then, she could walk all over him with a few uttered regrets and he would fall right back round her little finger once more. It was different now of course, she wouldn't be able to live without Rory by her side- but back then, it was different.

Amy sighed, the air leaving her lungs in a small cloud of mist in the cold. She couldn't wait around here all night. She might as well take Johnny's advice. Go home. Plus, there were an awful lot of men who hung around these parts at this time of night, looking to pick up young girls such as herself. Men who Amy really didn't want to come into contact with.

But she wasn't going to go home quite yet. Well, not the flat, not the place she'd be living in with Johnny for the next two and a half months- a horrible, dingy excuse of a place that Amy despised. No, she was going to go somewhere else. Her proper home.

As she began to walk away, she reached into the collar of her jacket and pulled the chain that hung around her neck. She never took it off, not ever, because what was suspended at the end of that chain was so, so special.

The key to the whole universe. The key to the TARDIS.

There's a whole world in here, just like you said!

She shook away the memories. She couldn't think about them, because that just reminded her how much she was missing, well, everything. Time, space, galaxies, the future, history, her Doctor's grin, her daughter's spoilers, her husband's kisses. All the new people, the new civilisations, and, of course, the new villains- she misses them all, so much, even if it was just for three months.

Two weeks ago, she watched an interplanetary meteor cascade; hundreds upon millions of bright, glowing rock just flying through the atmosphere. The most incredible light show in the history of the universe, which only happens once every million years. Now, she was just standing in the rain. Thick, London, twenty-first century showers.

The TARDIS was the closest thing she got to those adventures. Even if it was dormant, for the time being, the TARDIS was the most incredible thing Amy Pond had ever seen.

It took her a good few minutes to walk to the place the Doctor had parked her, tucked away in a tiny alley just a thirty second walk from the Estate. Nobody ever walked down that alley anymore and even if they did, she was protected by a mild perception filter so that nobody noticed her.

But Amy noticed her. How could she not? That little blue box was etched into even her earliest memories, when the Doctor crash landed in her garden when she was seven years old. The TARDIS was one of those things Amy Pond could never forget. The names of planets, friends and foes often slipped her mind; but the TARDIS was the one thing that remained an absolute constant. The Doctor changed, but the TARDIS stayed the same.

Old, new, borrowed and the bluest blue in the universe…

She stole a quick look behind her before slipping the key into the lock. Normally, the TARDIS key lulled with a sort of warmth, comforting warmth, but now… It felt dead. Amy knew it was just 'sleeping', but it felt dead to her.

When the Doctor wasn't around, the TARDIS just went into shut down. It couldn't bear to live without the Doctor. Her Doctor.

She pushed open the doors with both hands and smiled at the sight that met her eyes. The TARDIS; just like it was when they left it two weeks ago, except without that little spark of life…


She closed her eyes, willing for the reminiscence to dissipate. It was too horrible to even think about- the last time she was here.

She pulled herself up onto the glass platform at the centre of the control room and started to wander round the controls, skimming her fingers across the panels.

"They're going to keep chasing us. Round and round the universe and they aren't ever going to stop. They're going to take us and…"

"Why do you always have to go and get us in so much trouble?" Amy muttered to herself as she spotted a familiar tweed jacket flung over the side of the surrounding railings. She reached out and massaged the scratchy fabric between her fingers. Despite hating that jacket with somewhat of a passion, Amy wished he was wearing it now. She wished that he was just going to come straight through that door, sonic screwdriver in hands, ready to go to space Florida. "You can't just be normal, can you?"

Stuff that. She'd never want the Doctor to be normal, ever. Normal was boring.

She could see River's shoes lying haphazardly on the floor underneath the glass dais. Her high-heeled, burgundy pair which she swore hurt her feet like hell, but she wore them all the time anyway. Amy was incredibly jealous of those shoes- not like her daughter would tell her where she got them from anyway. All those crappy spoilers.

Another of her pet hates. Spoilers. But now, right now, that was one of the only words she wanted to hear- ushered from River Song's lips. All she wanted to know was that she was safe, her daughter.

Of course she was safe. She was with Rory.

Amy circled the control room once more, before throwing herself onto the rustic-looking pilots seat which sprouted from the corner. She let her head fall into her hands and her eyes close. "How much longer does this have to last?"

She could still hear the last conversation she had on the TARDIS, while River and the Doctor were still, well, River and the Doctor. The words that were swapped during the last moments they spent together on the time machine.

The worst day of her life.

The sheer fear imprinted on River's face, the Doctor's erratic behaviour, her and Rory's confusion. The things that were left unsaid that day still hung thickly in the atmosphere, like a never ending smog storm- so thick it was almost suffocating. The faces which were so worryingly terrified were still clear as day in the back of the brain.

She tried to forget about it. She really did. For Johnny's sake, as much as hers. Those first few days she was with Johnny, alone, all she could see was him screaming…

A bright blue laser beam shot through the open TARDIS doors and caught the platform, charring a small portion a smoky black. The Doctor and River shoved both Amy and Rory through the double doors and slammed them both tight shut, so no more fatal blasts could make their way into the TARDIS exterior.

River was panting, a fear so deep and prominent present in her eyes- Amy had never seen her daughter so scared before; and that scared her too.

But it was the Doctor's fear that scared her all the more.

He was never scared. He laughed in the face of terror, jeered at the back of trepidation.

But there he was, more frightened that she'd ever seen him.

"Did they see you?" the Doctor yelled at both Amy and Rory, taking turns to look them both in the eyes.

Rory shot Amy a confused glance. "…What? Who?"

The Doctor looked angry for a moment, then grabbed onto Rory's shoulders with such force Amy thought he was going to crush his shoulder blades. "Rory Williams, you need to answer my question, as your life will depend on it. Did they see you?"

Rory was blinking more than necessary, shocked by the Doctor's scarily rapid behaviour. "I… Don't know. I don't think so…"

River then reached out for Amy's arm, and squeezed it softly. "Please, mother, did they see you?"

Amy shook her head firmly. "No. Not me and Rory. You and the Doctor, but not us two."

The Doctor looked reassured by Amy's reply, and, to Rory's relief, let go of his arm. "Fine. Good. Well, not good exactly, but a lot better than I originally anticipated."

The Doctor and River exchanged eye contact, before pouncing onto the TARDIS controls and turning and pulling everything in sight in desperation.

They looked like they didn't know what they were doing. And that made Amy's dread just grow more.

Rory pointed towards the door. "Who were they? Why are they after us?"

"They're after Time Lords." River responded, not entirely answering Rory's question.

Amy decided to elaborate. "But that's okay, isn't it? We're in the TARDIS. They can't get us in here."

The Doctor gave Amy a serious look. "The TARDIS doesn't protect us from everything. Not from this, anyway."

"But who are they?" Rory repeated, demanded.

"The Family of Blood." River muttered darkly, "Just a few of the most deadly beings in the universe."

"Much more than just deadly," the Doctor expanded, "Much, much more than just deadly. If they got hold of me and River…"

"But we can escape, can't we? We're in a ship that travels in time! Surely they can't travel in time too?" Amy tried to desperately make the situation a little brighter.

"That's what we we're trying to do, Pond, if…" the Doctor suddenly looked like all hope had gone. He looked up at River.

"They've latched onto us…" River gasped, the Doctor nodded gravely, "Oh God."

"Wait, what?" Rory ran up to the Doctor's side, "They've latched onto us?"

The Doctor paused for a moment, and Amy swore that tears were blurring up his vision. He ran a hand through his hair. "They're going to keep chasing us. Round and round the universe and they aren't ever going to stop. They're going to take us and…"

"And what?" Amy asked quietly.

The Doctor shook his head. "I've met the Family before, Amy. I thought I'd stopped them after last time. But there must be branches of the Family across the universe, ones that I didn't know about, and they want a piece of the Time Lord pie…"

"Well, you can't let them, can you?" Rory said, "You're the Doctor and River Song. You get faced with death and destruction every single day, and you always stop it. You can stop it, can't you? …Can't you?"

River pressed her fingers to her temples. "You have no idea what these creatures are like, dad. You have no idea what they can do."

"What did you do last time, then?" Amy piped up, and the Doctor turned to look at her. "You said you stopped them last time. Can't you do that again?"

The Doctor covered his face with his hands. "What I did last time I did without knowing how it would end. And it ended horribly and it hurt so many people… I don't know whether I could do that again…"

There was a long silence, where nobody knew what to say.

"We have to do it." River said, shattering the quiet. "There's no other option. They chase us and leave disaster in their wake- we can't risk it."

"You've never used it before, River," the Doctor snapped back at her, "You don't know how much it hurts!"

"I don't bloody care how much it hurts!" River spat, "We can't do anything else! We just have to wait it out on Earth for a while. Three months, then they die."

"You say that like it's easy, River," the Doctor responded, deadpan, "Like it's something without consequences. But it isn't easy. It's harder and more painful than anything else you've ever experienced. It feels like dying, River. Like you're going to die in a pit of, well, death. And it kills people! It messes with their feelings and brings false hope and then it gets taken away! And most of all, it's so, so dangerous."

River smiled, despite the situation. "Sounds like my kind of thing."

Rory narrowed his eyes and pointed at the Doctor. "Wait, you're going to make her go through that? Just to escape this Family? You're going to make her feel like she's dying?!"

River could tell he was becoming all protective and fatherly, like he should be. She had to speak calmly. "The only way we can get away from the Family is by using this thing, this device, called the Chameleon Arch. It rewrites your biology and transforms you into something else."

Rory looked sceptical. "Rewriting biology? That's going to hurt! I can't let you do that!"

Amy shushed him.

River continued. "If I set the default to human, my biology is rewritten from Time Lord to human, and the Family can't detect me. The Doctor and I would have to lead completely human lives for three months or so, when the Family's life span is up. Then we can change back when they're dead."

"Does everything change?" Amy quipped, "Do your memories change?"

"The Arch changes everything but my exterior physiology," the Doctor added, "So yes. We change completely."

Amy's eyes shot open and she began to gasp, like she'd woken up from a bad dream. Except that wasn't a dream. It was all frighteningly real.

She needed to get out of here.

River was gripping onto the device and screaming. Just screaming.


She jumped off the pilot's seat and ran for the doors, opening them and slamming them shut from behind her. As soon as she was outside, the cool air and the thick drizzle (yes, it was still raining) seemed to cloud up her thoughts.

She locked up the TARDIS and ran out of the alley. She ran to the main entrance of the Estate and then she ran up the stairs, and then she unlocked the flat and ran into there too.

The flat was dark, as per, but there was no other signs of life from within the dingy place. Johnny wasn't home yet.

She tried the light switch on the wall next to the front door, but there was still nothing.

"Thank you, TARDIS," she muttered in pent up frustration, "Thank you for getting us the shittiest hell hole of a house."

She threw her bag onto the manky sofa then pursued to go down to where the boiler was. The thing that turned on the electricity and the hot water was in there, along with the spare power cards they used for these 'luxuries' to work.

The power card they were previously using was dead, of course, but there should've been another one on top of the boiler.

But there wasn't.

They were all out.

This really wasn't the best day for Amy Pond.

"Stupid! Bloody! Thing!" she kicked the boiler and then immediately regretted it after.

She needed a shower. She needed a cup of tea. She needed Rory Williams. And she couldn't get any of them, apart from the latter, without a power card.

It was days like today that Amy longed for their flat in Leadworth. And money. The Leadworth flat wasn't perfect, but it was fine. Fine compared to this shithole.

She hobbled reluctantly out the door and down the stairs, and knocked on the closest door. She was going to have to borrow a power card from somewhere.

A blonde girl, about eighteen years old, opened it- and her eyes suddenly filled with concern. "Oh. Hello."

"Hi," Amy smiled awkwardly. She just remembered that she did, in fact, look a mess. "I was just wondering if I could borrow a power card."

The girl smiled. She looked very kind, and someone Amy Pond could be friends with. And Amy Pond needed friends at this pivotal moment in time. "Yeah, of course."

The girl turned her head. "MUM!"

A woman's voice replied in the background. "Who is it, love?"

"It's…" the girl looked at Amy apologetically.

"Amy." Amy replied.

"Amy. From upstairs. She's wondering if she can borrow a power card."

"Ask her in for a cuppa, then, love!"

The girl smiled. "You fancy coming in for a bit? People who need power cards at eleven o'clock at night need a cup of tea."

Amy nodded, slightly relieved. "Please."

The more people she met to keep her sane, the better.

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