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Tony didn't reply to his boss's question, he just lay there on the floor looking up at him, wondering what happened. He saw Ziva's face was full of worry and he saw McGee was so pale that it looked like all the blood had drained from his face. Tony wiped his right hand over his face and then he scratched the back of his head as he sat up slowly with the help of Gibbs, who held his arms.

"Answer my question DiNozzo," Gibbs told him.

"I can't remember what you told me, but I'm guessing I fainted," Tony sighed.

"DiNozzo's don't faint," Gibbs stated.

"I know boss,"

"Good. Now why do you think you passed out?" Gibbs asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Probably because I haven't slept much, ate much, drank much and because the weather is hot too," Tony replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"And why haven't you been eating, drinking or sleeping, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"Well... I've been staying up two nights in a row watching a movie marathon, then I haven't really been thirsty, and I figured with the money I save on not ordering take-aways, I could go see a new movie in the cinema, everyday after work," Tony said.

Gibbs didn't reply this time as the words sunk in and he did understand his agent as he was movie obssessed but he had scared the hell out of him, which would not go unpunished. Gibbs brought up his right hand to the back of Tony's head and he brought it forward quickly in a head slap, which made Tony flinch. As Gibbs's palm connected with the back of Tony's head, a loud slap was heard through the bullpen and Tony hissed slightly.

"Now that's done, what have you eaten today?" Gibbs asked.

"Some toast, an energy bar, an apple, and that's it I think," Tony said.

"That is all you had? I had more than that this morning," Ziva stated.

"Yeah, I can tell," Tony laughed.

"DiNozzo, don't make me slap you again," Gibbs warned.

"Sorry boss," Tony murmured.

Gibbs nodded and got up from where he was kneeling and he brushed his pants down as he stood up straight, then he held out his right hand for Tony. Tony took his boss's hand and Gibbs pulled his senior field agent to his feet as he tried to get up. Gibbs tapped Tony on the cheek and then walked back over to his desk, leaving Tony standing there for a moment. Gibbs went around to his top drawer in his desk, he opened it and took out a red apple which he held up and then threw at Tony. Tony caught the apple in his hands and he looked at his boss confused as Ziva and McGee went back to their desks.

"Eat it," Gibbs told him.

"On it boss," Tony smiled.

Tony nodded and walked over to his seat at his desk, then he sat down in it and took a bite of the apple as he watched Gibbs shut his own desk drawer then sit down in his own seat. Tony was watching the agents at the desks behind Gibbs and Ziva and he couldn't help but laugh as one of them almost tripped, sending paper they were carrying everywhere. Tony shouldn't have laughed though as the piece of apple got stuck in his throat and he began coughing, Gibbs instanly looked up at his agent worriedly as Tony coughed violently trying to bring the piece of food up.

"Tony, are you okay?" Ziva asked.

Tony didn't reply as he couldn't if he wanted too, then he swallowed hoping to dislodge the piece of apple, but that only made it worse. As Tony tried to cough again, he realised he couldn't as he couldn't breathe and he grabbed his throat with his hands. His eyes were wide and he was starting to panic as he realised he was choking.

At that moment though Gibbs had realised and he ran over from his desk and then rushed over to where Tony was at his own desk. Tony was getting dizzy, he saw his boss running over to him and Gibbs pulled him up to his feet by his shirt from the chair he was sitting in. Gibbs knew Tony was choking and he had been taught by his training what to do in that situation. Gibbs stood behind Tony, put one fist under his rib cage and put the other hand on top of it. He quickly thrusted inwards and upwards, using the Heimlich manoeuvre, hoping to dislodge the food from Tony's windpipe.

McGee and Ziva were already beside Tony's desk again for the second time that morning as they waited, praying Tony would cough up the piece of food. The food was still stuck in Tony's throat and it showed no sign of being dislodged. Tony was starting to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. His face was red, his vision was turning grey and a ringing noise in his ears blocked out the sounds of panicked voices around him.

Tony's hands at his throat became weak and they were slowly dropping to his sides as he was giving in to the blackness that tried to take him away from the world. He was just about to lose consciousness when with one more thrust, the piece of apple flew out of Tony's mouth and Gibbs's caught him just before he hit the floor. Tony coughed and gasped as his boss turned him on his side, and Gibbs sighed as he patted his agent's shoulder.

"I said eat it, not choke on it DiNozzo,"

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