Future's Price

Disclaimer: Fanfiction website. My, I'm feeling sarcastic today.

All righty, then. This is going to be a rewrite of 'The Price of the Future'. This story is not completely cannon-compliant. That is to say, it is AU and characters will have developed along different lines for different reasons—OOC. If any of this bothers you, read no further. The assumption is that the entirety of the Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto the day of the attack.

This story will not have romantic pairings. Read whatever you like into anything, I'm not going to start writing in romance deliberately.


"You didn't think I'd leave you to do this on your own, did you… Hokage?"

Weary crimson-flecked sapphire glanced up to meet desert jade. A flicker of a smile, the barest shadow of his younger self's grins, and Naruto turned back to his work. "Glad you could make it, Gaara."

Onyx as weary as sapphire cut a harsh glare at the surroundings, "Better hurry, Naruto. We're about to have company."

Not surprising, with the way things had been going. Naruto didn't so much as flinch as enemy chakra signatures neared. "This will require everything we have. Kurama included."

It was how it worked. The seal would take their chakra and lives to send their souls… not back, precisely, but to a place in time where everything so wrong hadn't happened yet.

There was nothing here left to save.

Grim nods were the reply. The other two knew the price.

Kunai flashed, blood raining down on lines drawn in earth.

Light flared, the seal taking, taking, taking—until it exploded in light and heat, erasing all trace of itself and those who had stood above it only heartbeats before.


Note: I'm going to start rewriting most, if not all, of my old stories. This is the first up.