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My king My husband My Master

Chapter 1

Uther smiled to himself, finally after years of searching he had finally found what he was looking for.

Uther's grip tightens on the witches arm as he dragged her toward the dungeons until he had use for her gifts.

Arthur pendragon woke alone in his fathers chambers, Arthur knew the rules by now and waiting for his master to free him from where he laid chained to the bed.

Arthur had lost count of the years since his own father had forces him to become his fathers slave.

Arthur knew only pain and suffering but that was all about to change.

Uther walked into his chambers and smiled when he saw his son was awake.

"Good Morning Arthur" Uther said

Arthur looked up from where he laid, he hated his life and on more than one occasion he had wished for death.

"Good Morning Master" Arthur replied knowing if he did not give Uther what he wanted he would be beaten Uther pulled out a small chain from his shirt, on the small chain was a key, the only key that would free Arthur from the bed.

He walked over to the bed and unlocked his sons wrists from were they were cuffed to the bed, before stepping back so his slave could get off the bed.

Arthur had lived this life so long he knew without been told what his master wanted of him.

Arthur slid off the bed and on to his knees head down and waiting for his master to speak.

"I have a surprise for you today son" Uther sounded way too happy

"What Master?" Arthur asked worry clear in his voice

Uther had it all planned out, the perfect way to get rid of his useless son

"Since you have been so good, I thought I would reward you with a hunting trip. Just the two of us"

The people of Camelot did not know the life their prince lived behind close doors, and Uther worked hard to keep it that way.

Arthur knew something was wrong; his father had never rewarded him before, but did not question it for a fear of angering Uther and facing his punishment.

"Thank you Master" was all Arthur could say

Uther made sure that they were far away from Camelot before he pulled his horse to a stop.

Arthur had no choice but to do the same as the rope around his wrist would not allow him to go any further.

"Master?" Arthur had a bad feeling when he looked up at Uthers smiling face

"Good bye Son" Was all he said as he hit Arthur's horse coursing the horse to starting running off.

The last thing Arthur saw as he fell of the horse was a dark haired man smiling down at him before everything when blank.

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