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Chapter 20

Arthur carried Merlin right out of the castle and into the woods; he wanted to be as far from Camelot and he could be.

"Merlin" Arthur looked up and watched as Morgana ran towards them

"I'm find just a broken Arm that's all" Merlin smiled

"is?" Morgana couldn't bring herself to say his name

"Yes Morgana the kingdom is free" Arthur whispered lowering Merlin onto the ground

Morgana smiled as her eyes watered.

"We're all finally free" She pulled Arthur into her arms and sobbed into his neck

"We need to inform the people of Camelot of the good news and get rid of anyone loyal to Uther" Leon informed them

"The people loyal to Uther have already be taken care off when the cup of life emptied" Merlin said sadly

"Will you be taking your rightful place on the throne Arthur?" Morgana asked pulling away

Arthur looked at the Castle and shuddered

"No" He replied

"But Arthur Camelot needs you" Morgana whispered

"It's too painful Morgana I can't walk the halls of the castle or sit in the throne room, anywhere I go He will there" Arthur said looking away

Merlin got up with the help of Gwaine and walked over to Arthur taking the other man into his arms

"Then you will rule with me in Ealdor" Merlin smiled

"Camelot still needs a ruler" Morgana replied

"Why don't you become Queen Morgana?" Merlin smiled

"What… I …" Morgana blinked

"Only if Arthur becomes high king" Morgana said stubbornly

They all chuckled at the determined look in her eyes

"You can rule Ealdor with Merlin and I could rule Camelot but it would be a joint rule, I would handle everything but if something big comes along like war or anything that would put Camelot endanger then we would both need to talk about what to do" Morgana informed them

"We could use Magic so that you both could talk without the use of Massagers" Merlin said thinking about the right spell to use

"Plus it would also mean that you wouldn't have to set foot in Camelot" Merlin continued stocking Arthur arm

Arthur looks over at the Castle that for so many years had been his prison before looking back at Merlin

"Can we go home please?" Arthur whispered placing his forehead to Merlin's

"Of course baby" Merlin replied kissing his prince

"Arthur" Morgana asked taking hold of his arm

"I'll do it, Make sure you visit sis, I'll miss you" Arthur informed her pulling her into his arms and hugging her

"I'll miss you brother" Morgana whispered

A few weeks later in Ealdor

"Do you Arthur take this man in health and sicken till death parts you?"

"I do" Arthur smiled

"And do you Emrys take this man in health and sicken till death parts you?"

"I do" Merlin smiled and mouthed 'I love you'

Arthur smiled and mouthed 'I love you too'

(Sex scene written by allthingsmaigcal, Thank you )

Arthur carried his King into their chambers and carefully placed him on his feet and removed his jacket, top, trousers, boots and underwear before doing the same with Merlin. Arthur led them both over to the bed and after Merlin lay down Arthur climbed on the bed and moved forwards, positioning himself above his King. He leaned down and gave Merlin a chaste kiss before moving his lips south, licking and nipping the brunet's neck. He stuck his tongue out and trailed it down Merlin's chest. His tongue stopped at Merlin's right nipple and circled it with his tongue and nipped it before continuing south.

Giving his husband a quick smile, Arthur moved down and took Merlin in his mouth. "Oh fuck Arthur." Merlin ran his hand through the blond's hair and made a fist, trapping the hair as Arthur bobbed his head up and down. Arthur used one hand to fondle Merlin's balls whilst he used his other hand to pin the King down to stop him from thrusting upwards. "Oh Arthur I'm close." Arthur gently tugged on Merlin's balls and Merlin lost it there and then, spilling all into Arthur's mouth, who swallowed all he could.

Arthur pulled away and moved up and kissed Merlin, the blond inserted his tongue and Merlin tasted himself on his husband. "I want you in me Arthur." Merlin moaned. Arthur watched as Merlin's eyes turned gold. "Now Arthur."

Arthur wrapped Merlin's legs around him and gently entered his King but moaned when Merlin tightened his grip with his legs which caused Arthur to be full sheathed inside of the brunet. "Move Arthur. Please." The blond started to thrust in and out of Merlin. "Oh Merlin."

"Harder Arthur."

Arthur sped up and took hold of Merlin's cock, pumping it time with his thrusts. After a few pumps of his cock, Merlin came, screaming Arthur's name, spilling all on to both of their stomachs. Merlin clenched around Arthur, who came, crying Merlin's name and emptying himself inside of the man he loved before collapsing down on top of him.

"I love you Arthur. So much."

Arthur moved his head back and looked Merlin in the eye. "I love you. My King. My husband. My master."


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