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Superheroes, Fury decides, are like children. And when you put them together, it's like high school. They fight, they push each other, they gossip about each other (a certain pair of assassins are more guilty of this than others), and then the next day they're BFFs, or whatever their calling it nowadays. So Fury has to monitor them, check up on them, manipulate them, anything to just make them follow orders (and not destroy the world they're supposed to be protecting in their free time). In their defense, Fury would watch them anyway. They're his team so he's responsible for their actions. He needs to know their faults and weaknesses so he can give them the right orders. So every time he makes a new observation, he writes it down in the appropriate file.

Anthony Stark a.k.a Ironman

Stark is highly intelligent. He holds the ability to quickly pick up and understand almost any field of science. Specializes in weapons and physics. After returning from Afghanistan, Stark suspended weapons due to betrayal from close friend. While the weapons department has been restarted, contracts are intensely monitored. Be cautious when approaching about a weapons contract. However, consulting is highly recommended. Present the issue as a challenge—Stark can never turn down a new challenge. Implying an inability to make what you're asking for will result in a positive outcome.

(Fury has had plenty of opportunities to practice how he phrases his requests. So many, in fact, that he has become an expert at getting what he needs from Stark. With any other agent or consultant, Fury wouldn't waste his time talking his way around their ego, but with Stark, it's the quickest way to get it done. Now, S.H.I.E.L.D is one of the few organizations that hold a weapon's contract with Stark Industries. They convince Stark to consult for them on any day at any hour, a privilege originally reserved only for Coronel Rhodes. Fury will complain until the sun comes up before and after a meeting with Stark, but he gets a little bit of pleasure out of their…debates, for lack of a better term. Not many people realize that Fury is highly intelligent, and talking with Stark makes him really think and use his skills. Plus, he enjoys seeing the little smirk Stark gets on his face at the end of their deals—the genius loves their verbal sparring just as much as Fury does, and while he hates being manipulated, he lets Fury get away with it most days.)

Stark is stubborn. He automatically rejects any form of authority, and will rebel as a first response. Manipulation can be used, depending on the order, but caution must be used. If Stark detects any manipulation, reactions are typically worse than if an order has been issued. If something seems too easy, it probably is—any agent who expects to be insulted by Stark and instead receives a smile should be cautious about e-mail, bank, and social networking accounts. If the order is important, it is best to find Ms. Potts or a fellow team member to get Stark to cooperate.

(Fury walked into chaos. Monitors were displaying just about everything except what they should be, between Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, other personal accounts, and an assortment of different computer games. From the seething looks Agent Hill is shooting Fury, there's only one explanation for this. Alright, who did it? he asks the room of panicked employees. The majority of them look up at him blankly, but a select few, who are currently displaying their private accounts across the various screens, have a guilty look in their eyes. Agent Hill speaks up for them, sounding more like a mother than their boss. Some of these geniuses decided to issue a bet to see who could hack into Stark's home network first. For a second, Fury is intrigued, though very doubtful. And did any of them succeed? Agent Hill shoots one of her glares at the apparent ring leader. They got past the first level of security before Jarvis was able to scoop them all up and lock them in a nice web of coding. Stark dealt with them when he had a few spare minutes. Which means Stark made them look like bigger fools than they already were. Fury sighs and makes a quick phone call. I know Director, Natasha already told me, Pepper Potts' voice comes over. She sounds like she does on a normal day, bustling around after Tony. I'm trying to get him to put everything back to normal. Give it another minute. There's a shout of but Pepper! in the background before the phone call cuts off. Thirty seconds later, the screens are back to normal and Agent Hill is carting out the guilty party.)

Stark suffers post traumatic stress disorder. Stark is able to hide the problem in public for the most part, though trips to see fireworks, spend a day at the beach, or any public activity during lightning storms are restricted for him, as they are likely to set off a panic attack or vivid flashbacks. Avoid using Middle Eastern languages around Stark's presence. If situation arises, contact Dr. Banner, Ms. Potts, or Captain Rogers immediately.

(Fury was watching the skies on night shift when Agent Hill's voice came onto his intercom. Sir, Mr. Stark is causing problems on the top deck. He's claiming that he needs to leave and refuses to stay on the ship, she says and he can hear the exasperation in her voice. She clearly thinks she's dealing with a three year-old. He asks if anyone is with her and when she responds that Agent Romanoff is with her, he transfers over to a private line with her. What's going on up there agent? he barks. There's a pause as Natasha moves herself to the side, leaving Stark arguing with Agent Hill. Jarvis alerted Stark to an upcoming storm. He wants to drop down and circle around the storm but Agent Hill refuses to listen to him or me, she says and he can hear the frustration in her voice. Both agents are about to snap and attack each other, and Stark is probably about ready to knock Agent Hill out and disappear. Agent Hill, he says, transferring back to her line. Let him go. He'll catch up with us later. Come down here. I have an assignment for you. She gives him a snappy reply of yessir, but he can tell she's pissed at him again. When she appears, he smacks Stark's file into her hands. Thought I told you to read up on all of the Avengers, he tells her and sends her away to find her mistake.)

Stark is paranoid. He does not trust S.H.I.E.L.D, nor many of S.H.I.E.L.D's agents. Using his technical skills, he has, and will continue to, hack S.H.I.E.L.D databases and frequencies to satisfy his own curiosity and to soothe his fears. Certain levels of hacking are to be tolerated, though entry into the deeper, restricted levels will raise an alert system. Weapons shipments from Stark Industries are to be closely monitored, as one mistake will most likely end the contract. Anything that comes across as slightly threatening to Stark or to those in Stark's household will be dealt with in a severe fashion, so caution should be used when trying to make demands. Threats from outside sources should be taken care of before Stark has the chance to take care of them himself.

(Coulson just barely manages to catch the threat issued by a Mexican domestic army group before it gets near Stark's main forms of education. The threat boils down to give us weapons or watch your girlfriend die in front of you. Coulson pulls Barton into the case discreetly and they manage to track down one of the aides to the general who just so happens to know a lot about the plan against Tony Stark—a sniper, planted across the street of a gala that Stark and Pepper are both scheduled to attend together. The pair shows up an hour early and are waiting when a man with a sniper rifle walks in the room. Of course, he doesn't get far, what with the arrow in his leg. Fury makes them stay the whole time, just to make sure they hadn't sent a back-up. No back-up shows up, but neither do Stark or Pepper. Fury sends Barton home to see if they happen to still be there, and the agent finds the two on the couch, watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn. Both of are in their pajamas. Did you enjoy the gala? the smart ass asks when Barton dropped his quiver at the door. They're both here Director, Barton grumbles, then, for good measure, steals their popcorn bowl and plops down on the chair next to the couch.)