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Sam aimed quickly and threw Ruby's knife at the demon before he could get even closer to his brother.

Dean got back to his feet and pulled the weapon out of the fallen man's back, sending a disdainful look at the dead body.

"I hate that we're actually helping Crowley with this," the older Winchester complained as they went back to the Impala to return to their motel rooms.

Yes, they generally got separate rooms these days. Even if Gabriel wasn't with them on the hunt, he'd show up to get his dose of vitamin Sammybear, as he liked to dub it, daily. After he had gotten over the first shock of having just heard that, amusement had set in and Dean had teased his brother with his new nickname mercilessly.

"You know what they say. Better the devil you know…" Sam replied with a shrug, even though he didn't quite like the situation, either.

Okay, they weren't actually working for or with Crowley, but the new king of hell was dropping them hints for new hunts ever so often and they couldn't quite decline helping the innocent people involved just because they didn't like Crowley. Bobby, Ellen and Jo were in a similar situation, too.

Closing the doors of the Impala behind them, both brothers decided to just drop the subject. They had discussed it often enough to know that it always came back to the fact that there was no reason not to kill demons that were killing people just because the new king of hell apparently wanted them dead, too.

"So, are the kiddies coming over for lunch again anytime soon, mommy?" Dean asked with a grin as he got the car into gear.

It was nearly astonishing how well the older Winchester was getting along with the three pagan gods who had decided that regular visits were something they should have taken up ages ago. Sam figured it helped that they had Gabriel's sense of humor, but didn't sleep with Sam and had no history with them prior to deciding to help them.

He ignored the part where Dean loved to call him mommy. There was no use arguing about that and the more Sam tried the more Dean enjoyed using the word, anyway.

"You just love those lunches so much, because the four of them give you the perfect excuse to eat whatever the hell you want and still looking moderate in comparison," the younger Winchester snorted.

Hel, Fenrir and Jörmungandr shared their father's fondness for all things sweet and unhealthy, as well. Every so called family lunch they went on ended with the restaurant being out of pie or cake or both. Maybe Sam was exaggerating, but only a little.

"It's not our fault that you're a health nut," Dean shot back.

Also, someone had to compensate for Castiel not eating usually and Sam just ordering salads. The angel would order a cheeseburger every now and then, but he didn't indulge his appetite all too often. Dean had not succeeded with completely compromising him despite his best efforts, yet. He was getting somewhere with introducing him to the most important things in pop culture, however.

"When Gabriel shows up tonight," the older Winchester started seriously, looking over to his younger brother, "For fuck's sake, remember that we had to get rooms that are next to each other! There isn't enough brain bleach in the world!"

Sam hated that he still got as embarrassed as he did about things like that, but at least he had gotten used to giving comebacks that would make Dean shut up.

"Like you're going to hear anything once you and Cas start watching movies," he shrugged lightly and grinned when his brother rambled on about how ridiculous it was to compare the two things and how he totally didn't know what Sam was even getting at.

Okay, so maybe Gabriel had a bad influence on the younger Winchester. He loved it, though.

They reached the parking lot of their motel before Dean was quite finished with his rant, but he stopped talking when he saw that the archangel was already waiting for them.

"Missed you!" Gabriel exclaimed and basically jumped on Sam to claim his lips in a heated kiss.

One could have thought that they had been apart for weeks instead of hours.

"What are you? Teenagers?" the older Winchester grumbled, but admitted defeat and just grabbed his things and went toward his own room, "See you at breakfast."

He couldn't forget and forgive all the things Gabriel had put them through over the years, but he could see that the archangel was really good for his brother, so he would just stick to complaining and making snide remarks while secretly approving. That worked well enough for all of them.

"I've been thinking," Gabriel suddenly announced, standing next to Sam, but not moving toward their room, yet, "What would you think about making the family bigger?"

It was the younger Winchester's turn to fight for words. "What?" he asked ineloquently in the end.

"Just a dog," the archangel explained with a definite smirk in his voice.

Preparing Sam for the worst and then making a relatively reasonable demand. Gabriel had learned that that was the way to get his partner to agree to many things very quickly.

"I don't know, Gabe. A dog is a great responsibility," the younger Winchester replied thoughtfully. Sure, the archangel could keep the animal alive without troubles, but if they should get a dog together then Sam wanted them to really care for the animal, too.

"Okay, okay," Gabriel backpedalled and then pulled his trump card out of his sleeve, "Cats are so much more independent than dogs are. So, a kitten?"

The younger Winchester sighed and didn't answer. There was no way he was going to win this argument, as things were.

"I am the almighty archangel of the Lord that created your new body," Gabriel stated very seriously, throwing his arms around Sam's neck and wrapping his legs around the human's waist so he could be carried back to their room piggyback, "And I demand a kitten!"

All his life, Sam had wished to be normal. He had had to give up on that very quickly, because he had had to realize that he could never be like everybody else. He could never forget everything he had learned and seen and pretend that he didn't know things nobody else did.

He had thought he could still have a normal life, for another while. Surely, he didn't have to be completely normal himself just to have an ordinary life. He had had to bury that dream rather quickly as well, though.

To tell the truth, even if he had known that he could never be normal and have a normal life, he had still wished for these things.

Well, there was absolutely nothing normal about being in a homosexual relationship with a hyperactive, sugar-addict, nymphomaniac archangel of the Lord, but he loved it without any ifs and buts, anyway.