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Love Chain

((Chapter 1: The Birthday))

            "Ouch!" Goku yelped. "Stupid thumb-tack...." He mumbled to himself - sticking his sour finger in his mouth.

                "Goku! Are you almost done putting up the streamers?!" ChiChi called from the room across from the one Goku was in.

                "Just about! Hold on!" He called back. Goku finished putting up a long blue streamer and floated down to th floor. He gathered all the party decorations and headed for where ChiChi was. "Here hun," He said placing the stuff on the floor. "The Living Room if finished."

                ChiChi looked down from her stepping stool and smiled at Goku. "Thanks hunny." She looked down at her watch, "Oh no! I have to start making the cake!" ChiChi jumped down from the stepping stool and looked at Goku. "Goku? Can you finish up in here for me? I only have an hour until Gohan comes home, and that's when we're having the party!"

                "Yep. Sure, ChiChi." Goku answered.

                "Thank you so much Goku!" And with that, ChiChi ran out of the room and into the kitchen.

                Goku kneeled down and looked into a box of decorations. "Hm..Okay, I guess I should start with these?" He said to himself - taking out a bag of deflated balloons. Goku took a orange balloon out of the bag and started to blow it up. After he finished blowing up several balloons, Goku took a few strings and hung them up all around the room. "There! That looks good! Gohan will love it!" Goku said happily.


                "Now, let's see here...¼ cup flower, ½ sugar..." ChiChi mumbled, skimming quickly through her cookbook.

                "Hey ChiChi! It's all done! The balloons are hung up and everything!" Goku called as he ran into the room.

                "That's great, Goku. Gohan will be here in half an hour, so you have some time to spare." ChiChi said - holding the CookBook in one hand and pouring things into a bowl with the other.

                Time to spare? Goku thought to himself, What am I supposed to do in half an hour? Goku walked out of the kitchen in deep thought. He looked around the house for something to do. He looked at the television, No, there was nothing on, and pluse - it's not like he watched it anyway. He looked out a window, No, he couldn't do that, Gohan was going to be home soon, and ChiChi pacifically told him to stay in the house. Goku sat down on the couch and sighed, placing his head in his hands. "Hmm..." Goku then turned his head to a table next to the couch. He smiled. There was the phone, just sitting there - untouched. Hey! I can call Krillin! That's always fun! And it's not like I'm leaving the house, so I won't miss Gohan's party!

                With that, Goku reached over and grabbed the phone. "Now...How does ChiChi work this thing? Where's the Krillin button??"


                "Mr. Piccolo?" Gohan asked, blocking a punch.

                "No talk Gohan, Fight!" Piccolo yelled - forming a kia blast.

                "No! Piccolo! It's the-" Gohan was too late.


                Piccolo sweatdropped as Gohan fell to the ground. "You should've been paying more attention, Gohan. That was a pathetic blast..."

                Gohan sat up and rubbed his head. "All I wanted to say was that Kami's phone was ringing...Geeze..." He mumbled.

                "What? The phone?" Piccolo looked around. "When did Kami get a phone?"

                "He doesn't have one? Hm..Then that must be mine?" Gohan asked walking over to his cape. He lifted the cape and picked up a cell phone. "Yep, this is me alright. Hold on, Piccolo, will you?" Gohan asked.

                "Fine, but don't take long.." He said floating up and going into another mediation.

                "Mushi Mushi, Gohan here. Wassup?" Gohan asked.

                ".......Your not Krillin...?"

                "No..Should I be?" Gohan blinked.

                "I want Krillin...Get him on the phone, I tried 20 times already!"

                Gohan stammered. "But, Krillin isn't here.." He said looking around.


                "Hello? You still there?" Gohan asked, a small sweatdrop running down the side of his face.


                Gohan's eyes widened. "Hey!"

                Piccolo, after hearing Gohan's upset tone of voice, opened his eyes. "What is it?" He asked.

                "Gohan put down the Cell Phone and stomped over to Piccolo. "Some guy want's Krillin...He hung up without saying anything..."

                "Hmm..." Piccolo looked at a large clock hanging on the wall. Landing back down he said, "Gather your stuff Gohan, I have to have you home in five minutes."

                "Gohan also looked at the clock. "Okay!" He ran over and grabbed his cape and put it on. He put the cell phone neatly in his pocket and ran back over to Piccolo. "Let's go!"


                "BUT I WANT KRIILLIN!!!!!!" Goku screamed into the phone. "I DON'T CARE IF YOUR NAME IF FRANK! I WANT KRILLIN!!!!" Goku slammed the receiver down. "Where is -" Goku shot his head up as he heard the front door open. "Ack! Gohan is home!" With that, Goku ran out of the room and jumped next to ChiChi.

                Gohan blinked. "Hey, dad!"

                Goku smiled, "Hiya."

                "....Well, I guess I'll go now...." Piccolo said turning his back to them. "I'll see you tomorrow, Gohan."

                "Yeah! I'll tell you all about the party!" Gohan chirped.

                ChiChi smiled and hugged Gohan. "Are you ready for your party, sweatheart?"

                Gohan nodded - a big grin running from one cheek to the other.

                "Alright," ChiChi laughed. "Go in the Living room with your father, and I'll get the stuff."

                "C'mon, Kiddo!" Goku said, lifting Gohan up to his shoulder.

                Goku carried Gohan into the Living room, and Goku sat Gohan down on the couch.

                Gohan looked up at his dad and grinned. "So...Whatcha get me?"

                Goku blinked, "Hm..?"

                "You know, what did you buy me??" He asked again.

                A small sweatdrop rolled down Goku's face. "What did I get you?..Gohan, you know your supposed to wait until you open the present! If I tell you, it won't be a surprise!"

                Gohan hung his head, He's smarter this year...just my luck... He thought to himself.

                "Alright, Gohan!" ChiChi said, placing a large cake with nine candles on the table in front of him.

                "ooOOoo! This looks great mom!" Gohan exclaimed.

                ChiChi giggled and hugged Goku. "Blow out the candles and make your wish now, silly."

                Gohan smiled and did so. All the candles were blown out at the same time. "Hey! I did it! Now my wish will have to come true..."

                Goku sweatdropped again. What's his wish.....?

                ChiChi took out the candles and placed them on a napkin. She then cuz two large pieces of cake and put them on plates. She handed one to Gohan, and the other to Goku. "You two eat that up, while I go get the presents." ChiChi said walking out of the room.

                Gohan and Goku finished their pieces in a few seconds. Gohan wiped his mouth and looked at Goku. "Hey, Daddy?" He asked.

                Goku looked at him, "Yeah?"

                "You haven't seen Vegeta in a while...I was just wondering why?" Gohan asked.

                Goku blinked. "Your right, Gohan. Now that I think about it...I haven't seen Vegeta in a long time! I think I'll go see him after the party..." Goku answered.

                "Okay!" Gohan put his plate down and waited for ChiChi, who came in just about a minute after.

                "Okay Gohan! Start opening!" She said happily.

                "OOOhhh goodie!!!" Gohan said grabbing one of the boxes.


                Vegeta laid down in his bed and looked at his clock. It was 10:27 P.M., and he hadn't seen Goku for a few weeks now. Maybe Kakorot's wife is keeping him away... He thought.

                Just then, Trunks came into the room and looked at his dad oddly. "Hey, Dad? What are you doing? Its only a little past Ten, you never go to bed this early...Something bothering you?"

                Vegeta glanced over to his Future son, "I never said I was going to bed, boy..."

                Trunks walked over and sat on a chair near the bed. "Yeah, well it's seemed like somethings been bothering you for a while now. I just wanted to know if you were okay.." The teenaged boy said.

                "Well, I'm fine. So there's nothing for you to worry about..." Vegeta said.

                Trunks stood up and sighed. When he reached the door he turned to Vegeta again and said, "You really are a bad liar, Father..." And with that said, Trunks left the room.

                Vegeta laid still for a few moments thinking about what Trunks had just said. He sat up and sighed. "It's not my fault, boy.."


                Author'sNote: You know what.......I'm not writting Yaio!! Imma good boy!!! . Daddy will never read this!!! O.O Omg...what if Gohan ever foud this!!!!! Ack!!! . Imma good boooyyy!!!! -=Runs away=-

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