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Love Chain

Chapter 12

Four Months Later....

                Goku cuddled with his mate on the couch. The two Saiyains had the house all to their selves since Bulma and her family all had to go on a business trip for a week. Goku closed his eyes and leaned back into Vegeta's strong chest. Vegeta looked down at him and smirked warmly, placing one of his gloved hands on the younger man's stomach, which had increased drastically in size.

                The two sat in silence for a while until Vegeta jumped suddenly, his face becoming slightly shocked.

                Goku looked up at him and gave him a questioning look, "What's wrong, Vegeta?"

                Vegeta sat up and stared at Goku, who also sat up and stared back, "Didn't you feel that? The child - moved.."

                Goku's lips curved into a small smile which turned into a big grin and finally broke out into laughter.

                Vegeta glared at him, folding his arms, "What's so funny?!"

                After taking a few deep breaths, trying to get his composure back, Goku whipped a few tears away from his eyes and answered, "Veg, it's been doing that for weeks now. I thought you knew."

                Vegeta narrowed his eyes, "No, I didn't Kakarot."

                Goku blinked, "Sorry. You don't have to get all moody."

                Vegeta's eyes widened, "I'm moody?! What about you? You're the one who has a mood swing every hour!"

                Goku frowned, "It's not my fault that you make me mad so much."

                Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Whatever," he glanced over at the clock. Lunchtime. He brought his attention back to Goku, "I'm going to go make us some food. What do you want?"

                Goku gave a light shrug and sat back, "Whatever,"

                Vegeta sighed and stood up, walking off into the kitchen to make him and his hormonal mate some lunch.

                After Vegeta left, Goku stood up and walked over to one of the windows, staring out at the city and people/cars passing by. He gave a heavy sigh, suddenly feeling out of breath, and brushed his hand through his wild ebony hair.

                In the kitchen, Vegeta's mind wondered while he spread some peanut butter on a slice of bread. The past few months had been very hectic for him and Goku. It was extremely hard to get ChiChi and Bulma to except their relationship, and also hard to get Gohan and Trunks to quit being freaked out by the entire thing. Vegeta was just happy to have his mate back where he belonged, with him. The Prince found it strange though when Piccolo and Krillin came to his doorstep one day asking for their Goku...but, decided to put that behind him.

                Vegeta dropped the knife suddenly when a loud crash of porcelain dropping and breaking came from the living room. Vegeta dashed into the room to find Goku arched over, one hand holding his stomach while the other held him up by gripping onto the mantel. "Youch..." the saiyain hissed through clenched teeth.

                Vegeta ran over to Goku and straightened him up, looking into his eyes, "What's wrong?"

                Before Goku could answer he was brought down by another jolt of pain, pulling Vegeta with him. Vegeta went down on one knee and asked again, "Kakarot, what is it?"

                After a minute of holding breath to suppress the pain, Goku looked up at Vegeta, a few beads of sweat traveling down his stressed face, "Vegeta..I think it's time for you know who to you know what.."

                Vegeta's eyes widened with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, "You mean you're in labor?!?"

                Goku winced and griped one of his hands on the carpet, "No Vegeta, I'm having a relapse of my heart virus, 'cept it's decided to attack my stomach this time!"

                Vegeta frowned and helped Goku over to the couch, "Alright, let me call the hospital." Goku gave him a quick nod and Vegeta dashed over to the nearest phone, picking up the receiver and punching in the numbers. After a few 'uh huh's' 'Yes'' and 'Now's', the Prince slammed down the phone and ran over to the couch, "They'll be here soon. How're you feeling?"

                After getting no response other then whimpers of pain, Vegeta decided it would be best if he made his mate comfortable. He rushed around the house, gathering the fluffiest pillows and most comfortable blankets, bringing them back to the livingroom and dropping them in front of the couch. H placed all of the pillows on one side of the couch and slowly lowered the heaving saiyain down onto them, covering him up with the blankets.

                After thinking he made him comfy enough, Vegeta sat at Goku's feet on the other side of the couch after the other man pulled his legs up.

                "Ow, Ow, Ow, Oooowww!!" Goku whined, pulling his head back.

                Vegeta placed one of his hands on Goku's knees, "It's going to be alright, Kakarot. Just hold on a little bit longer until the doctors get he-" Vegeta stopped, suddenly feeling some sort of liquid seep into his spandex. The Prince slowly and reluctantly lowered his stare to the couch, "What's tha-"

                Suddenly, Goku jolted up, grabbing Vegeta's armor and pulling him up to his face. Vegeta yelped quietly while Goku growled, "Vegeta, it's coming out. Here, now. Those people aren't gonna make it, so that means you have to get it out!"

                Vegeta's eyes almost bolted out of their sockets, "WHAT!? I CAN'T DELIVER A CHILD! ARE YOU MA-"

                Goku gave out a loud scream of pain, flooding out Vegeta's booming voice. After Vegeta saw his mate curl up and hold his stomach in pain, he sighed and gave in. "Fine.."

                Sweat now poured down the younger saiyan's face as he smiled warmly at Vegeta, pulling him close once more, but this time instead of yelling, brushed his lips against his in a deep kiss. "Thank you.."

                After Vegeta gathered all of the materials needed, he walked over to his mate and lifted up the blanket. With a cross face on his royal features as if he was about to destroy an evil force, Vegeta kneeled down and placed his gloved hands in front of Goku, "Alright Kakarot...Push!"


                Three horrifying hours later...

                Goku panted heavily, dropping onto the couch. Vegeta growled and looked up at him, "Kakarot! You can't give up! It's almost over!" he hissed.

                Goku whimpered and lifted his head slowly, "Ve...Vegeta? Where the hell are those...doctors?!" he gasped weakly.

                Vegeta stopped and looked at Goku, now asking himself the same question. Goku gave another yell, his face turning red in the process. "Forget about them, Kakarot! It's almost over! You're a super Saiyan, so give a Super Sayian push!"

                Goku stared at his mate, and for reasons he didn't even know himself, did what he was told. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and pushed. He could hear Vegeta saying stuff like, "Yes, keep it up!" and, "One more Kakarot, One more! Do it for me, c'mon!" and then finally, a new sound came to Goku's ears...the sound, of a child crying. Goku opened his eyes slowly, the sight of Vegeta carrying a bundle over to a table and cleaning what was inside.

                Vegeta smiled warmly down at the child staring up at him, eyes filled with curiosity. He turned around quickly, but his smiled faded when he saw the unmoving body on the couch. "Kakarot?" he whispered, slowly approaching the couch. He knelt down by Goku and whipped a cloth on his hot, sweaty forehead. Suddenly, he felt something grip on his other hand. He looked down to see Goku squeezing his gloved hand -- intertwining his fingers with his.

                "Vegeta.." he whispered, his voice raw from yelling so much.

                Vegeta glanced over at him, "Yes?"

                "God damnit...I love you..."

                Vegeta laughed quietly, Goku doing the same before enlocking lips once more.


                Eight years later....

                "Sora, Hurry up, you're lunch is getting cold!" Goku called from the kitchen. After getting no response he sighed, "What the heck is he doing?"

                Bulma laughed lightly as she took a sip of her coffee, "Calm down Goku, I think he's training with Vegeta."

                "Yeah Dad, You know how Vegeta likes to keep him there until the fights completely over." Gohan commented.

                Trunks smiled and warped an arm around his mate, "Yeah, Gohan's right. Why don't you go and get them yourself?"

                Goku smirked, "I think I will..."

                The group laughed as Goku walked out of the kitchen. Goku walked over to a door that led to the New Gravity Room and opened it slowly. "Vegeta? Sora?" Goku took a few steps, but stopped when he was suddenly pounced by a young Saiyain, "MOMMY!!!!"

                Goku landed with a thud and blinked, "Huh? What's wrong?"

                Sora scrunched up his face, " to far! I told him you were calling, and that I was hungry, but then he hit me and I couldn't feel my face and and.-"

                "Whoa, Calm down!" Goku glanced up at Vegeta who was leaning against one of the walls with his arms folded, "Hello.."

                Vegeta grunted, "Kakarot, I'm sure the boy can wait a few minutes."

                Goku grunted and walked up to his mate, passing the whining chibi. Goku pushed his body up against Vegeta's and purred. "Maybe he can..but..I can't."

                Vegeta smirked, "Fine, Fine.." He whispered, brushing his lips against Goku's. Goku moaned quietly, while Vegeta's hands began to explore --

                "YO! MOM! DAD! FOOD! SORA! REMMEEMMBER???" Sora suddenly burst out, folding his arms, not wanting to see the scene before him. "You can make me a brother or sister later, right now I'm hungry!" He whined.

                Goku and Vegeta stared at Sora, letting what the young boy said set in. Smiles soon crept on the two Saiyan's faces, smiles then bursting into loud laughter.

                Sora 's eyes widened, "What the..? What's so funny?!" he sighed, "Grown-ups...I'll never understand them.."

The End

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