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The Resurrection

It was...cold. Death was cold. Even if one died by burning to death it seemed. And Slade was sure that was what had happened because his last memory was of that rotten Terra child staring down at him in shocked rage as he fell. Burning inferno and agony came next but he didn't want to think about that more than necessary. All he wanted now was to bask in the peacefulness of eternal slumber and its soothing cold. Cold was the only sensation left. Everything else was numbed. He could not tell how long he had been deceased. It could have been anywhere from a few minutes to many decades. Time meant nothing to the dead.

He had a vague feeling that he was missing out on something, but most if not all emotion and thought was smothered under the fog of the afterlife. But being the slightly obsessive man he was, one thing managed to slip through. A name: Robin.

It was important, that name, but he couldn't tell how. It wasn't his name, he didn't know if he could remember that, and if he remember this name over his own then it must have quite a bit of importance. The fog parted slightly giving him just enough brainpower to remember that the name belonged to another person. Someone a part of him desperately wanted to find. It annoyed him remembering anything from his life. He wanted to sleep.

Suddenly Slade felt something pull at him... a violent grip wrapping around his sternum and ripping him upwards away from his resting place and the memory of his Robin, into empty space and dropping him haphazardly onto hard rocky ground.

Instinct returned the reflex to learn anything and everything he could about his surroundings and formulate an escape route, a useful but sometimes bothersome little tick he picked up in the military.

It was warmer here, and dark. Pitch black in fact. But Slade suspected that it was because he could no longer see rather than lack of lighting.

"Look at me," a booming voice ordered seemingly from within Slade's own mind.

He could not obey the order even if he had wanted to, for one cannot look at anything when one did not have eyes. But even as these thoughts flitted through his mind, the source of the voice faded into his new line of vision.

Bigger than anything he had ever seen , a demon (for that was all this hellish being could possibly be) with the skin the color of freshly spilled blood sat in a massive granite throne crudely carved from the walls around them peering down at him with a double set of gleaming mahogany eyes.

Slade watched him with a sort of detached interest thinking that a sane man would have been terrified at this moment.

Slade was not.

He looked around. The cavern he and the demon were in was dimly lit with a light source he could not see. It was huge obviously made to accommodate this gigantic beast. The walls were black and smooth, encrypted with swirling symbols that glowed and fluctuated whenever the demon so much a twitched. A cage. For himself or this monster he was not sure.

The creature smiled a wide deadly smile, showing off a two crooked rows of yellowed dog like teeth.

"I have a gift for you Slade," it rumbled "one i think you will like quite a lot,"

Slade raised a metaphorical eyebrow. 'Oh?' he thought. No vocal cords either it seemed.

If the monster had heard the the skeptical thought it gave no outward sign and with a wave of one bus sized hand Slade's senses began to return, along with a weighted tingle he couldn't quite place.

Bone became healthy again regaining its white hew veins and capillaries regrew, spreading over the white expanse like bloody ivy. Muscle bubbled up in between followed by tendons and internal organs settling into their designated places behind more muscle. Alabaster skin crept over the surface like frost over stained glass.

"I will return your flesh and blood to you Slade," It continued its breath wafting over him smelling of brimstone and corpses "and more, for one night you may walk amongst the living once more, and you will find that as my power courses through your veins that there is little you cannot have if you truly crave it,"

And all went black.


When Slade woke again he was trapped. Encased in what could only be remnants of the fiery demise he had met. Dried ash and rock clung to him making it impossible to breath, but he found that the need for oxygen was not so great as the need to be free.

instinctively knowing which way was up he twisted around and began digging his way out smashing through hardened magma like it was nothing but chalk dust.

One arm broke through into open air and was used to haul the rest of the torso though. Once free Slade began picking all the dust and rubble from his armor. To an outsider looking in he would appear completely distracted when in reality he was already scoping out his surroundings much like he had in the demons prison. He was in the same cavern were he had died. No surprise there. It was empty and lightless but he found he had no trouble seeing at all. Interesting. What other surprises had the demon made with this new body? It would be fun finding out.

his thought process and memories were restored he began to wonder why the demon had not asked for anything in return for its little 'present'... there had to be some sort of catch. Or perhaps the gift had only been a baited hook. It would not surprise him. Slade was not a stupid man and he knew the art of manipulation well. He'd use it many times when dealing with Robin.


Well at least he knew how he was going to spend his last night out.


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