Trigon's Gift chapter 8

Dealing With It

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The word fell Robin's lips as a shocked whisper. It felt like the floor had dropped out from under him. The relentless sensation of falling clung to the underside of his rib cage, making him fell breathless and light headed.

"You're pregnant," emphasized slowly, "About seven weeks along, almost eight."

Robin stared at her a moment, processing her words.

"You're insane," he told her "I'm a guy, guys don't get pregnant. It's imposable!"

Even as he spoke he knew the word weren't true, at least not for him. Not that he knew that it was there he could feel it. Deep inside him, protected by thick walls of flesh and bone, was life. It didn't move, it was too small. But it was healthy and alive, and he could feel it,

"I assure you it is quite possible," the elder told him, unfazed by his outburst, "I've never seen it myself, but I heard tell of it from my grandmother. Demons were more common it her time."

"Demons!?" Robin gasped; "I have a freaking demon inside me?" he glanced down at his belly, feeling nauseous.

"Somewhat," she replied evenly, "a half demon really. It is as much a part of you as it is the of demon who impregnated you"

Like that made it any better! Robin rubbed his temples; he still had a hell spawn leaching off his blood supply

Something accrued to him.

"How-What do you mean impre-," he cut himself off; realization hitting him like a brick to the face.


"I'm sure you know how," she gave him a look.

Robin wasn't listening.

"Sonovabitch!" he spat. Standing sharply, he paced about the room like a caged alley cat. Jing-Wei watched him patiently.

"You are only stressing yourself out you know," she commented, taking a sip of her tea.

Robin cast her a dark look, but sat down.

"Can't I like...abort it? Or something?" he was desperate for options and it showed on his face.

"No," her voice was icy, "the child has situated it's self quite deeply. I don't think either of you would make it through a miscarriage, let alone an abortion," the mere thought of such a thin seem to disgust her.

Robin groaned and sunk down into his cushion, covering his face with his hands.

"Stop being so dramatic," the woman snapped, "it's not the end of the world. You're young sure but your life isn't over. You're going to have to make changes though, stop heroing or whatever it is you do."

Robins head snapped up, a look of shock a disbelief on his face, "I can't do that! My city needs me!"

"So does the child you carry! Whether you like it or not," Jing-Weis eyes blazed.

Child? Ha! This was no child! This was the product of brain control and a horny demon Slade.

Robin when back to hiding behind his palms.

This was not happening.

He seemed to be thinking that a lot lately.

"So you're saying I have to go through with this...pregnancy or whatever, or I die?"

"There is a high possibility of neither of you making it if the babe is lost, yes," her tone was clipped.

Well fuck. He guessed that he couldn't just give it away after it was born ether. What if it got Slade's freaky demon powers? He couldn't pon that off on some poor civilian.

Another problem is that he had no idea how any of this worked. Well he knew as much as any teen did, but other than that he had no idea what to expect. And this wasn't you average pregnancy either.

"How dose...this," he ran his hands over his still flat stomach, "work?"

Jing-Wei watched him with narrowed eyes, "much like a female pregnancy. But your child is half demon and stronger than your average human so there is less chance of miscarriage, given that you don't get poisoned or hit in the gut. And you may need assistance or in the later days... depending on how strong the child gets"

"Its dad is really strong," Robin told her absentmindedly, distracted by the strange feel of the fetus inside him.

She nodded, "you're going to need a doctor with tight lips, and can deal with this sort of thing. And someone to stay with."

"I don't have either," Robin frowned, "there's no way I'm telling my friends about this."

Jing-Wei sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, "You're going to have to figure that out on your own. As for the doctor, I'd suggest someone who deals with Meta's the closest you'll get now a days."

Robin lets out a broken sound. What was he going to do? He'd likely be stuck with some Slade spawn until it was old enough to take care of its self. And he had to carry it around inside him for the next seven months, which was creepy in its own right.

He needed to lay low till then. He couldn't afford to miscarry.

"You need to stop thinking and rest," The old woman scolded.

Robin lifted his head to see her laying out a futon and several blankets on the floor.

She gave him a pointed look, drew the curtains, and left the room.

Robin did as he was told and laid down on the matt, pulling a knit blanket over himself.

He didn't get much sleep that night. Every once in a while he would turn over but otherwise he lay still, staring out into empty, trying to get a grip on his racing thoughts.


Robin slipped out at dawn and hitched a ride to the nearest city ( a three hour ride in the back of a pickup truck on a dirt road)tracked down a pay phone and called the Titans.

It only rang once and Reaven answered "Robin?"

"How'd you know it as me?" Robin asked, confused.

"I didn't," he could hear the smirk in her voice.

"Well then," he replied tiredly.

"Are you all right?" she sounded worried now. She was always looking out for him. Robin felt his eyes sting.

"Not really," he breathed. He didn't want to lie to her, it was pointless anyway 'cause she would know. "Look I'm not coming back to the tower, ever. I-"

He was interrupted by several loud distraught protests.

"Do you have me on speaker?" he demanded


He groaned and leaned his head against the cool, dirty glass of the booth.

"Please friend Robin! You must come home!" Starfire's voice became clear, high pitched and heartbroken.

"Dude you can't just leave and not come back!" BeastBoy implored.

"Yeah man!" Cyborg agreed, "Besides you left all your stuff here! And you're sick! We still haven't found out what's wrong with you,"

None of his things at the tower were important to him, not really. It could all easily be replaced. Besides it's not like he'd be using any of it any time soon.

"Cy, if there was something wrong with me we would have found it already" he said quietly, "look I'm not coming back and that's the end of it. I'm not mad at you guys or anything; I just…can't come back.

"But why?" Star sobbed.

Robin cringed; it wasn't like he wanted to leave them dammit! He didn't want to leave his friends! He didn't want to give up being a hero! He didn't want to!

But he didn't have a choice. He had to.

"I'm not going to explain myself," he told her, "I'll wright okay? All call as often as I can, I'll stay in touch!"

There was a pause.

Reaven finally spoke, "this is your choice? Just yours?"

Robin felt queasy, "yes."

Another pause.

Rea sighed her defeat, "then I suppose there's nothing we can do to change your mind."

"I'm sorry," Robin wanted to cry.

"Don't be, we'll be fine," Rea soothed, "take care of yourself,"

"No!" Starfire cried, "Robin you must come home!"

"It's my desertion Star," Robin murmured, "I'll miss you guys. Goodbye"

He hung up the phone.


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