Name:Kimmi Age:14 Height:5'6"
Looks: In Picture I'm the one on the left,Jay is on the Right - .com/?q=Pokemon%20OC%20Trainers&order=9&offset=312#/d2sqjct

Pokemon:Charizard,Flareon,Rapidash,Arcanine,nineTails and Typhlosion.

Family:My brother,Jay,he specializes in Water pokemon,while i specialize in Fire.



Looks:In pic with me

Pokemon:Blastoise,Vaporeon,Swampert,Dewgong,Keldeo, and Empoleon.

Past:We grew up in Celestic Town in teh Sinnoh parents are very supportive of our pokemon journey,though our mother worries a lot about we made it a habit to call her everytime we came upon a new worry eases from her face when we call and she knows we're ok.I'm a daddy's girl while my brother is a momma's 're proud to admit it and we will mess up anyone who dare make fun of us.i was teh shy person when we were in school while jay was very loud and out when it came time for us to find our pokemon,it came as a big shock when i ended up with a Charmander and Jay got a then we've been traveling around collecting pokemon in our own managed to find a Keldeo even.I have a Moltres but i choose not to use him unless it's a huge i keep him at the pokemon center in my mom's Eevee had a litter of pups and she gave each of us one when we came by for a visit one summer and we trained them in our got a Vaporeon and i got a two pokemon are the two that never go in their pokeballs.

This is my first story i'm releasing to the public ^_^u

so please don't be too harsh,I'll have more chapters out soon

this is just the character sheet