Keith walked hand in hand with Jessica out of the diner, down the sidewalk, and into the afternoon sun. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Danny pulling Annie around the corner. He felt a small smile form as he thought of what they could be doing.

Ever since Lisa graduated from college, which was about a year ago since he was a senior, the Pranksters seemed to have settled down and made up with the rest of the Company. Not only that, Hector has been happier than ever now that he could spend more time with Lisa, who was clumsy as ever! Their relationship seemed to be at such a deep level that... Well, who knows?

Keith was pulled out of his thoughts by Jessica's voice.

"Do you think we could stop by the smoothie shop? Maybe walk through the park afterward?"

Yep. Things just got better.

"Sure we could. I'll pay for it." Keith replied.

She showed a little mock amusement from that comment through her voice. "You know, I have some of my own money, you don't have to pay for everything."

He shrugged."Whatever suits you." He didn't want to argue and ruin the peace.

The man at the smoothie counter gave a small smile as he saw the young couple walk through the door. It was Mr. Kolowatz, who was Leo's friend and knew the company well. "Now, what would you two like today?"

"I think a large Triple Berry Blast suits me today." Jessica said casually.

Keith thought a moment. "A large Strawberry Kiwi here."

"Coming right up." It wasn't too long of a wait before their cool refreshment was handed to them. "Come back soon!" Kolowatz chimed as they walked out and toward the park. Keith loved the cold feel of the smoothie in his mouth, then decided to bring up how life was going without the Prankster's antics.

"So, I still wonder what happened with the Pranksters. Why did they just stop? It's been a year, but they might still have something..."

Jessica had a thoughtful look as she swallowed. "It could go either way. Maybe they've matured, or they might have something big later on."

"Yeah. Pranksters, mature! Can you imagine?"

"Well, maybe not. Most important, they haven't done anything for a long time. Just enjoy the peace as it lasts."

He simply replied with a nod.

"Of course, we should still be on our guard, no matter how nice they become. You never know when they're gonna- What's Hector doing?"

Keith looked up and saw where she was pointing with her smoothie-holding hand. Indeed, it was his good friend. But, he seemed to be holding something small in his hand. Hector noticed Keith and Jessica standing across the street, and he quickly slipped it into his pocket and walked away. As he did that, Keith could see it was.

It was a small, black, velvet box.

Jessica and Keith exchanged shocked looks before she asked, her voice an octave higher, "Did you see what that was?"

Keith was speechless, he just gave a tight nod.

"Does this mean..."

He finally found his voice. "Is that why he told us to all attend Karaoke Night at the diner?"

"But... isn't that tonight?"

Keith quickly checked his phone. "It's only noon. It starts at 6:30."

"But, still..."

"Let's just wait. We will see how that turns out when it happens. Let's just go home until then. And DON'T ask Hector about it."

Jessica swallowed, then tightly nodded. She was soon taken home by Keith, who quickly shared a kiss with her, and they both flopped onto their beds when they got there. The only thing they could think of was the sight of Hector, and wondering how later this day would go.