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The phone rang in the Ruiz's residence.

Lisa tried to get up for it, but was interrupted by another pain twinge, not to mention the extra bulk from her belly. The baby was expected any day now, and they were well prepared with prenatal care and classes. With help from the rest of the Company, they even have a bedroom all set for it. Then, the phone snapped back into her attention. Hector was upstairs, so she called for him to get it.

"Hector, can you get the phone?"

"Got it! It's Jess!"

He came down the stairs as he talked. "Hello? Oh, hey Jess! Yeah, I know, but she can hardly stand up when she's on the couch, so I had to get it... Huh? Sure you can! Yes, and that too. About 10 minutes? We can do that. Okay See you." He reported to Lisa. "Jess says she has exciting news, and had to come here and tell it in person. Also, Danny and Annie are coming. Can you prepare something? Or..."

"Don't worry, I think I can get up this time. I need something to eat anyway" She was extra careful, and she was able to get to her feet, almost falling over for a scary second. The baby was taken by surprise at this, and kicked back. Lisa winced a little at this, and ran a hand over her belly to reassure it. Hector noticed this and asked, "Doing all right?"

"I think we're both fine. Though the little one has been becoming more and more restless... It's not going to be too long..."

Hector nodded, deep in thought. It's all coming too soon...

Lisa was able to make her way into the kitchen, where she prepared some cubed melon on toothpicks, with a side of peanut butter for her. She was just arranging the plate when the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" It was Hector getting it. She set the platter on the coffee table as he opened the door. "Hey sis! Keith! Danny! Annie!"

"Hey big bro! How is Lisa and your little one doing?"

He smiled a little at this comment. "Both are just fine. Now come in and tell us what the news is."

They all walked in and sat down on the various couches and armchairs in the living room. Lisa, of course, was already sitting down, taking melon cubes and dipping them in peanut butter. She was hardly interrupted even when Hector sat next to her and took one of her hands. Everyone else helped themselves to the melon after they sat down.

"Okay, I have two things. Well, the first one we should show you. Annie, show them."

Lisa looks up at this. "Look!" Annie then lifted her left hand- to show a gold band crowned with three diamonds on her ring finger. Dannie then clutched at her other hand tighter and they both smiled as Hector and Lisa began to cheer and clap for them. Lisa seemed to even dote a little.

"Wow, Danny. I knew you could do it! I bet you are happy now that you did."

"Well, yes. Yes I am. He and Annie looked at each other for a little and did something that they would have never a few months ago. They kissed. In front of the rest of them. Though she wasn't disgusted in any way, Lisa felt her stomach tighten at this.

"So, that was the first thing, what is the second?"

"Well..." Jessica started. "Let me think of a way to put it..."

"I got it." Keith said. He whispered whatever it was into her ear. Again, Lisa's stomach tightened.

"Okay..." Jessica grinned. "Well, since you two have a little one on the way..." Her smile got even bigger. "Do you think they would like a cousin to go along?"

It took a few seconds to comprehend it, but then Hector blurted out in a surprised voice. "You're pregnant?"

Jessica even squealed a little bit at the sound of her brother saying it. The cheering came from both the Hisa and the DAnnie groups this time. "It wasn't as quick as you guys noticed though. I'm about a month and a half along currently." She realized that that was everything she wanted to say, so she turned the subject to other matters. "Well, since we're all here, anything happen lately?"

Of course, Hector had to cut in. "My team is going to Memphis in a few months. Getting up to the championships!"

"That's great! Annie, anything with you?"

"Oh, not much. Except maybe just getting a clothing designing job, no big deal." She couldn't hide her smile, however. Jessica continued to show optimism for her. "I'm not exactly sure what Danny is looking at though..."

I never did think of what Danny would do. Lisa thought, her stomach tightening again. I would think something to do with reading like library-

The thought was never finished. Oh no... it wasn't her stomach tightening... She realized that by a sudden gush of water down below. She dared a glance down, to see it running to the floor and let out a shriek.

"Lisa, what is it- Oh my God!" Hector saw it as well. "Hospital! Now!" He yelled at The others.

Keith didn't waste time. He dashed for the door and out to his car (since he was the one who's keys were closest.) The rest of them followed suit, with Hector helping Lisa to stand up and walk to the car, who at this point was clutching her self in pain. He decided this was too slow, and tried carefully carrying her down the stairs and into the Honda Civic. Keith had already turned on the ignition, and as soon as everyone was in and the doors closed, he slammed the gas pedal.

It was utmost luck with how close the hospital was. As he neared it, Keith shouted over Lisa's screams. "Danny! When I get in front of the entrance, run inside and alert the nurses!" In a few seconds, the car was stopped at the entrance and Danny bolted. "We got a woman in labor out here! Get the nurses!"

Almost instantly, they doctors and nurses were rushing out to the waiting vehicle with a wheelchair. Lisa was helped into the wheelchair and taken to the maternity ward, with Hector following right behind. They were able to get her on a gurney and hooked up to a monitor.

A doctor came in, around their mid twenties, female with brunette hair pulled back in a pony tail. "Mrs. Ruiz! How are you doing currently?"

"In pain! Otherwise alright!"

The doctor seemed to even smile a bit at this. "Don't worry, we'll give you something for that. In the meantime, try to relax."

Easier said than done.

Another doctor came in with a shot for her pain, then she was left to wait until it was time, the whole time Hector holding her hand and trying to comfort her. It was only two hours, but it felt like an eternity. Her situation got to the point where she had to be rushed into delivery, with Hector by her side the whole time. The pain was worse than ever and was shown through her agonized screams. Hector didn't focus on anything, not even his wife's cries of pains, but holding her hand tight until it seemed like it would break and whispering words of comfort.

"Almost there! Just one more push!" The doctors finally called out. Lisa even managed to take a deep breath and used the last of her energy to finally end the hellish pain- and start a baby's cry.

"Look's like we have a boy! I believe the father would like the honors?" The doctor asked as he handed Hector the clamps. On cue, he took them and cut the umbilical cord. The little one was then taken to be cleaned up and weighed. An exhausted Lisa was lying on the bed, while Hector, who was quite drained from the excitement, sat down in a nearby chair. In a few minutes, they handed the light blue bundle to Lisa. "Seven pounds, six ounces, twenty-one inches, and no complications." The brunette doctor said cheerfully. That was when they could see their son for the first time.

"He looks a little more like you." Lisa said to Hector. Her voice was weak, but there was obvious joy in it. She was right after all. He had his father's eyes and hair, though with hints of blondish streaks. The rest of him had Lisa.

"I guess he kind of does... Should we let the others see him now?"

"Oh, yeah! We should! But... what about a name?"

They didn't have time to think of one before the doctors allowed the rest of them in. Jessica swooned the most over him.

"He looks so much like Hector, it reminds me of the old days! Before all of us had our powers, and before he had to take over the diner for a bit, I wonder how much longer Leo can take care of it..."

"Leo..." Lisa said thoughtfully. "Leo Joshua Ruiz. How does that sound?"

All of them seemed to like this, especially since the name had so much meaning. "It's perfect." Hector said with pride in his voice. He looked at his son once more. "Leo."

It was another few hours before he could be taken home. They had a welcome home party at the Ruiz's to celebrate his arrival, with more of Jessica swooning. As soon as everyone left, the two new parents laid Leo on their bed for now before putting him in the crib.

Hector was still brimming with as much pride as he did in the hospital, but he was showing it in a different way by making soft clucking noises to Leo while touching the perfect digits on his tiny hands. Reflexively, his hand closed when he put his pinky into his palm. "He's a strong one." He said softly. "I bet he's also smart, like you."

Lisa smiled again. "We did it. But, it's not all smooth sailing from here. We can handle it, right?"

Hector responded by a soft kiss, which she responded to. "I think he needs to be in his own bed now." He suggested. She nodded and picked up the newborn, carrying him to the crib. She kissed him on the forehead and gently set him down with his blanket, thinking about his future as she went to bed herself with Hector.

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