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All across the hidden Emishi village there was joy and celebration. For the queen of the Emishi had given birth to an heir. The king of the Emishi walked into the delivery hut his wife was in.

The village healer and medium, Hii-sama, was at his wife's side. The old village woman healer just finished washing the baby and wrapped it in a warm blanket. Hii-sama handed the king his newborn baby.

"Congratulations, your highness. You have a healthy son." told Hii-sama.

The king took his new born son in his arms and knelt by his wife's side. The queen looked at her husband and first born son. The child had the same brown hair as both his parents and his father's black eyes.

A smile crossed the queen's face. Her husband gave the young baby to his mother. The baby began to steer and cry.

"Hush now little one. Don't cry my sweet little prince. What should we call him?" asked the queen.

The king thought of a name to call his son.

"We shall call our son, Ashitaka. After the king that ruled when our people were forced into hiding." declared the king.

"Ashitaka, that is the perfect name for our son. Ashitaka, my son, the last prince of the Emishi." said the queen.

Hii-sama approached her king.

"I'm sorry your highness, but you must leave the birthing hut. Your wife has to dress and I still have to attend to her." explained Hii-sama.

The king understood and left the hut. Hii-sama took the baby prince from the queen. She began to help the queen dress.

The queen wore a pink and red kimono. Her waist length brown hair was put in a topknot. She looked over herself then back to Hii-sama.

"Thank you for helping me, Hii-sama. I would not have survived if you didn't help me." thanked the queen.

Hii-sama stood, the baby prince in her arms. She gave the baby back to his mother.

"It was my pleasure to help you my queen. After all I am a healer and the medium of this village. It is my duty to help." proclaimed Hii-sama.

The two women exited the hut. Everyone in the village cheered as they saw their queen holding the future king. Out of the crowd stepped the king. The queen smiled at her husband.

The Emishi king hand changed his clothes. He now wore gray pants, a white shirt with black sleeves, and deer hide shoes. His brown hair was in the traditional bun of Emishi royalty.

Everyone in the village began to celebrate. Men got drunk on alcohol, woman kept their children and drunken husband under control, and elders told stories of days gone by.

Hii-sama quickly approached her king and queen. The queen looked at the village wise woman.

"What is it Hii-sama? What has happened?" asked the queen.

Hii-sama spoke once she caught her breath.

"I looked into the future with the stones and found a horrible sight. I looked into the future of the prince. I saw the mark of a demon. Something horrible will happen in your child's future. I must speak with you immediately." panted Hii-sama.

The royal family followed after the village medium to her hut. They climbed up the latter leading to the raised hut that Hii-sama lived in. On the ground of the hut were a white cloth and the coloured stones Hii-sama used to product the future.

The king and queen sat on the ground. Hii-sama looked at the stones and cast the stones again. A frown crossed the old mediums face. She looked back to her rulers and shook her head.

"I am sorry your highnesses, but I looked into the future again and it was the same. An offal fate is in store for your son. Nothing can be done to change it. All we can do is prepare him for what lies ahead." exclaimed Hii-sama.

The queen began to cry and held her son tighter. The king looked at his wife then back to the medium.

"Is there nothing we can do to help my son? He was just born and his future has already been decided. Isn't there anything you can you, Hii-sama. Anything at all." begged the king.

Hii-sama tossed the stones and looked into the future again. A small smile crossed the old woman's lips.

"I can bless the child so he will have a strong will and pure heart. These are things he will need if he is to survive the trials ahead." explained Hii-sama.

The queen stopped crying long enough to speak.

"Do anything as long as my son can still live." cried the queen.

Hii-sama placed a hand on the young prince's forehead. Ashitaka slightly steered under her touch.

"May happiness and joy surround this child, let it make his heart become pure and may his kind heart be shielded by a will as strong as the mountains." chanted Hii-sama.

The sacred blessing was placed upon the child. Hopefully it would be enough to protect him from the dangers in his future.

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