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The Many Shades Of Cream

Chapter 1: A Story To Tell.

Stop! Who goes there?! I demand to know who you are! You're whom exactly?


Oh! It's you, oh please do come in. I'm sorry if I came off as rude, believe me! I am not that kind of person, it's just that, no one really visits me up here, mostly because they can't... I have truly missed not seeing anyone in this passed year, I get awfully lonely, and that is why I am so happy that you could come today!

But I disgress, I am here to tell you the story of a very special person, who is very special to me, and holds a special place in my heart...Did I over use the word special there? Sorry about that. You see, I am not use to telling storys, and I get nervous easily, espcially around other people. But please! Hold your sympathy! I must continue, I have trailed off subject far too much already, and I fear that you may become uninterested, and you may very well decide that you don't want to listen. Please stay and please listen! For, I have a story to tell.

It all starts in a far away place, who's name I'm sure you're very familiar with...

Mobius. A peaceful planet where the grass danced in the breeze and the animals chirped happily. The trees waved and welcomed people who passed by, and the flowers beamed in the light of the your eyes ever had the privilege to befall on such a remarkable place, I am very sure that you would say something along the lines of, 'It really is as beautiful as people describe,' You would say this because it is, in fact, a truly beautiful planet.

Even with the constant interruptions of the evil egg shaped genius, whom was not a very nice person, and from whom you should keep your distance, the inhabitants of the planet still managed to have fun and cease the day.

One of these inhabitants was a little girl who spent her days picking flowers and playing with her best friend, as every little girl would. Except, something was different about this girl. Now this little girl was no ordinary little girl. Oh no. There is more to than meets the eye. Sure, even though her appearance showed a young innocent child who had not a care in the world. This little girl, this adorable little girl who I had the pleasure of be-friending and meeting, has been through so much in her life, it was, and still is, unbelievable.

I think that it is safe to say that no one has an easy life, everyone should agree when I say this, for it is the truth. After losing her father at such a young age, her widowed mother raised her with manners and treated her like a princess, as every mother would. It was just her and her mother against the world, two girls fending for each other, and they kept up quite an impressive fight in a metaphorical sense, I might add.

That was until the young girl found a chao egg at the tender age of four years old.

It is not everyday you would come across a chao egg, normally, they would be found in something called a 'chao garden', because that is a place each chao is raised in. As to why this chao egg was not in it's rightful place in the chao graden, will for now, remain a mystery.

Anyway, it seems that I am straying away from the subject at hand...

One day, the little girl was out playing in her favourite place, it was a place where flowers grew by the thousands, and the little girl always played there. She was very responsible, and intelligent for her age, so her mother trusted her to play out by herself, just so long as she didn't stray away from the house too far.

The little girl was playing her favourite game, called 'pretend' I will not go into too much detail about this game, but it is a game that basically involves you pretending to be whatever you want to be, I used to play it with her all of the time. So, on this day, she was pretending to be a plane, this involved her running around, and flapping her arms wildly.

Suddenly, she tripped over. More concerned for as to what she tripped over, she stood and, went to investigate the 'mystery'.

And of course, there lay a chao egg.

Now, she waited days upon days for that chao egg to hatch. By then, she was already so attached to the egg, that she couldn't wait for it to hatch, so, she already began to treat it like her best friend. She wrapped it up in blankets and sang multiple lullabies to it at night just before she went to bed. She hugged it close to her at night as she slept and woke up the next day to sit and wait and repeat the process.

One day as she watched the egg it began to shake. Not knowing that this actually meant it was finally hatching. She yelled "Momma! Momma! Come lookie!" Her mother ran into the room and the mother watched in excitement, and the little girl watched in awe and confusion, as the young chao began to come out of it's shell.

The shell crumbled away and revealed a small chao. An absolutely, adorable chao. By the colour of the baby blue chao they could tell it was a male chao. The chao suddenly, began to flap it's small like angel wings and nestled itself on the small girl's head. Her mother laughed and exclaimed, "How very cheesy!"

To which the girl replied "That's his name momma, Cheese!" Her mother just laughed as the little girl took the chao off her head and embraced it.

A couple of months later the little girl took the chao out to her favourite place, flower field so they could pick some flowers. They found flowers of many colours, pink, green, blue, purple, yellow E.T.C. They had so much fun together, they played tag, hide and seek, tic tac toe, and all the other games you would find young innocent children playing. Cheese truly adored his best friend and she he. They were inseparable, even though they had only known each other for a couple of months and they were already, even then, the best of friends.

It was a perfect day, the sun was shining brightly, as if, approving of their friendship, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. It was the best day they had ever had as bestfrinds. Of course, the universe rarely lets you have perfect days, so naturally, the day didn't go exactly to plan. They were approached by a strange looking man, an egg shaped man, sound familiar to you? He didn't look familiar to them however, this was because the little girl's mother didn't want her daughter to know of this man, she wanted her daughter to be oblivious to what the world was really like, at least for a little while.

Now them not knowing of what this man was really like and what he was capable of, led to their kidnapping .

They didn't know what was happening to them, the little girl cried and cried for her mother and her chao tried his best to comfort her. The man had tricked them. For whatever reason they did not know, all they knew was that they were now, all of the sudden, in great danger, and their day had started off so well.

He locked them up in a cell that appeared to be in the belly of a giant robot. They were absolutely terrified when the robot rampaged through the city and wrecked havoc. The citizens of Station Square were trying their best to avoid the danger, by running around and screaming. Ironically though, it only made matters worse for them. For some reason, apparently, the robot fed on vulnerable and frightened people, again, metaphorically speaking. The two children were so scared, they didn't even attempt to move. The only thing that was running through their minds was Why was this man doing this to those innocent people, and, Why them? They remained in place not even able to keep there eyes off the sight in front of them.

A blue blur suddenly sped through the city and jumped at head of the robot, causing the robot to take a couple of steps back. The little girl dared to open her eyes just to see what was going on, was this person a bad man too? she wondered as she hugged her chao tighter to her chest, going back to closing her eyes, to scared to see the outcome this 'blue blur' was going to bring. Whoever it was, they were taunting the man and angering him very much.

The blue blur spin dashed at the robot multiple times and the robot fought back, firing multiple missiles that never once even touched the speedy blur. He was very fast, sorry, that isn't the right word to describe how fast the 'blue blur' was, he was grease lightning fast!

The robot began to smoke and shake as the evil man ejected himself from it. The little girl closed her eyes and hugged her chao tightly to her chest awaiting the destruction of the robot that was surely going to be the end of the two...

The glass of the cage suddenly smashed and the young child found herself within a pair of strong firm arms that clutched her gently but securely. The person that was holding her, was talking to her, but the poor child was too traumatized to even speak, she didn't even dare open her eyes to look at the face of her saviour. All she did was sob quietly, and clutch her chao, and her heo.

The rushing of the wind stopped and she felt herself be handed to another pair of arms. She could smell the aroma of feminine perfume, and she was being held delicately, it was like she was being held by her mother, but this person was not her mother, she could just tell.

There were a couple of hushed whispers between the two and a couple of small gasps could be heard. The small Mobian opened her eyes to see she was held by a pink hedgehog and her saviour was a blue hedgehog. Behind the blue hedgehog, she could see a red echidna already trying to fix some of the damage, by picking up a small, destroyed at that, car with ease, and chucking it onto a rubbish pile, before proceeding to move onto the next trashed car. A small orange fox could be seen sitting in a small blue plane. It looked as if he was trying to repair the small, damaged computer, no doubt, partly destroyed by that giant robot.

The pink hedgehog started whispering words of comfort to the sobbing child.

"Its alright, you're safe now. You're safe now, shhhh." The girl holding her, then proceeded to rock her, causing the little girl to soon become tired, and she eventually fell asleep.

The next time she woke she found herself in the familiar comfort of her bed with Cheese snuggled up next to her. Her hero's had brought her back home. Once she had realised this, she threw off her covers and ran out of her bedroom towards the living room where she saw her mother talking to the people that saved her.

When the blue hedgehog spotted her, he cleared his throat and motioned to where she stood causing everyone to look in that direction. Without the mutter of a word, her mother stood up and held out her arms for her child. Her child immediately understood this gesture and she ran into the awaiting arms of her mother.

The embrace laster for atleast a minute, and the little girl soon realised that they were not alone. She then turned to the other people in the room, still in her mothers arms and she said, with so much passion in her small high-pitched, sing-song like voice, "Thank you."

"Ah don't mention it kid." The blue hedgehog replied nonchalantly, smiling at the little girl.

In the next two years, she had many adventures with this group of people she soon began to call friends. They became like her family. Always protecting and watching out for her. She loved them dearly and they returned that feeling to her and her mischievous chao.

By the time she was six years old she had been: transferred to a different world, captured and kept in a top secret base named area 99, she tried to plan a party and wrecked a kitchen (accidentally of course), she missed her mother and made a flower crown for her human friend Chris, she went to a movie set and was taken by some ghosts, she was reunited with her mother, she celebrated new years she met and befriended a robot, she had a adventure with a couple of her friends in a sewage system, she had to fight and destroy her robot friend after he went on a rampage, she picked flowers multiple times, she returned to Mobius, she met a seedrian, she travelled in space, she found a chaos emerald, she ventured through the jungle hunting for a planet egg, she fought in battle in her own ship and she watched her friend give up her life to save the universe…

And do you know what this little girl's name is? Well her name is Cream The Rabbit and like everyone else in the universe she has a story to tell…

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