It's Still a Good Life… So they say.

ISummary: Marissa mysteriously ends up in Peaksville, OH. She's not sure how she got there but she will wish she never did.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the only town on Earth.

Marissa suddenly woke up under a maple 's odd… she thought to herself she had fallen asleep at home in a bed. She got up and walked towards a sign in the distance. "Welcome to Peaksville?" she asked to no one in particular. She wasn't sure why but that name sounded awfully familiar. Where had she heard it before? But she decided to enter town because she believed that someone would be willing to help her. As she walked she spotted a country store. "Excuse me? I'm sorry to bother you but I seem to be lost." said Marissa as she walked up to the cashier.

"Lost? How could you be lost no one can get lost in Peaksville?" asked the man.

"I've never been to Peaksville before." said the girl.

The man looked at her oddly. "Listen, I don't have time for games, young lady. I'm a very busy man." he said

" Why is it so hard to believe that I'm not from around here?" asked Marissa

"Because there is nowhere else. There hasn't been anywhere else in a very long time." said the man.

"What are you talking about? There are countries and cities… I'm from New York myself." said Marissa

"New York? I haven't heard anyone talk of New York in a long time… but I suggest you stop joking around. You're starting to upset me and no one is allowed to be upset here. Never know when he's around." said the man.

Just then a man in his mid-late 40's walked into the store. The old man indicated his presence to Marissa "Good morning, Mr. Freemont."

"Freemont? Why does that name sound so familiar?" said Marissa as she turned around to look at Anthony.

"Well, most people here know me." he said. "Good morning, Mr. Johnson." said Anthony going over and handing the man a list.

"I'll get this right away. As for you, young lady I suggest you go home. I can't help you." said the old man as he got the things on the list "Here, you are Anthony." said the man handing him the bag.

"Anthony? Anthony Freemont…" Everything started to click together in Marissa's mind… Peaksville… Mr. Johnson saying they had to think happy thoughts… Anthony Freemont… Suddenly words "You're a bad man… you're a very bad man… and you keep thinking bad thoughts about me" popped into her head and she saw a little boy pointing and doing scary eyes at a man. And got scared as she looked at the man in front of her… it was him… it had to be that hair… those eyes…

" I'm sorry for bothering you, Mr. Johnson. " she said towards the man behind her. "I'll just go home." Marissa said as she left the store. Then she decided to run. She had no idea where she was going because she knew there was nowhere to go to.

Back in the store Anthony looked at Mr. Johnson "Who was that?" Anthony asked Mr. Johnson.

"I don't know. She said she was lost and looking for help." said Mr. Johnson "Also said she wasn't from around here."

"Not from around here?" Anthony asked a little shocked.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Just some girl playing a prank I'm sure." said Mr. Johnson

Anthony took the bags and left the store. He couldn't stop thinking about that young woman. He had never seen her before… why? He had to find out but there was no way to catch up to her unless he slowed her down.

Suddenly a cage appeared around Marissa. She would find this unusual if she wasn't in the Twilight Zone at the moment. " Just what I need. A cage." said Marissa a little annoyed.

"Well, maybe it's not what you need but it's what I need." said Anthony as he walked around the cage to face his captive. "Who are you? Why have I never seen you around before?"

"And if I refuse to tell you? Are you going to send me to the cornfield?" asked Marissa

"If I did that I would never know ,would I?" asked Anthony

"Good point." said Marissa. "Ok, the reason you don't know me is because I'm from another dimension where the world is intact and you're a character from a TV show. One of my favorite characters actually… I think I was thrown into the sequel if Peaksville is the only thing around. Which means I'm from the future and I know exactly what's gonna happen in the next few days. And you can't let your temper get the best of you." said Marissa "Now, that I told you will you let me out?"

The cage vanished " I'm assuming you need a place to stay" said Anthony.

"That would be very nice thank you." said Marissa

They start walking in the direction of the Freemont house. As soon as they enter she sees Agnes sitting in an arm chair . "Mother, we have a guest." Anthony said.

"Hello, Mrs. Freemont, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Marissa Carmine. I'm new in town." said Marissa.

"New?" asked Agnes confused

"I'll explain later." Marissa said.

"I'll show you to your room" said Anthony. He took her up the stairs and to a very nice guest room. Marissa couldn't help notice that Anthony had become quite a nice man since he grew up. "Thank you for letting me stay here." said Marissa

"Your Welcome." said Anthony leaving her alone.

Marissa decided to explore the house and passed by Audrey's room. She was sitting alone looking out the window. It was as if she was waiting for something. She turned around when Marissa entered. "O, I'm sorry. I'm Marissa Carmine your new house guest." she said

A huge smile spread across Audrey's face. "It worked!"

"What worked?" asked Marissa "Wait, did you bring me here?"

" Yes." said Audrey as her smile grew wider.