Chapter 5: The meeting

The next day at the bowling alley everyone was curious as to why Anthony called a meeting. He hardly ever called one and only did when someone did something he didn't like so he could make an example of them.

"Good afternoon, everyone. It has come to my attention that there are sneaky people in this town who have been keeping secrets. I don't like secrets and I don't like sneaky people so I need five people…" said Anthony

"Five people? Five people for what?" asked Agnes a little concerned

"To send to the cornfield." Said Anthony

"But we're your friends, Anthony. " said John

"I don't believe you, John. So, you'll be the first. I need four more." Said Anthony

"You can't do this… the children of the corn will kill them all like they tried to kill me. Like they probably killed everyone you've ever sent there." Said Marissa

The crowd got scared when they heard there were murderers in the cornfield. Several people tried to leave but before they could the doors of the bowling shut and locked on their own.

" I'm sick and tired of hearing your warning and complaining. So, you can be number 2." Said Anthony

" No! No, please! I don't want to die! Choose… that guy!" Marissa said pointing to the old man who refused to help her when she first came into town.

"All right. He's number 3." Said Anthony

"What? Wait a minute…" said Marissa

Then he picked the final two. One of them was a little girl. " You can't send a little girl to the cornfield! She's just a little girl… that's like sending Audrey to the cornfield." Said Marissa

"Audrey is a good little girl. She'd never keep any secrets from me." Said Anthony

"But if she did you would send her there wouldn't you?" asked Marissa. "Even if you didn't this is a very bad example that you're setting for your daughter letting your emotions control your actions."

"What kind of a question is that?" asked Anthony annoyed" and I do not let my emotions control my actions."

"A very good one. One I think we'd all like the answer to along with why are you doing this?" asked Agnes

" As I said I don't like sneaky people… sneaky people are bad and people in this town have been very bad. They don't love me… they don't even like me. That's become very clear. Except you and Audrey, mother. You two are the only ones." Said Anthony

"Love you! I cursed the day I ever gave birth to you… you're a monster! You're a bad man, you're a very bad man! And if anyone deserves to be in the cornfield it's you!" screamed Agnes

For once in his life it seemed that Anthony didn't know what to do. If anyone else had said that he'd wish them away instantly but this was his mother. She had always defended him in the past. But his anger towards her was slowly building and he was mad about what she just said. Agnes decided to take this opportunity to strike "Ok, Audrey, go make him disappear… do it! Do it now! While he's thinking about me!" screamed Agnes.

Audrey was nervous and conflicted. Who did she love more her grandmother or her father. Then she realized she loved her father more than anyone. "I can't… I can't hurt, daddy!" yelled Audrey. "But I can hurt you!" she said and made Agnes disappear.

Everyone was shocked. They couldn't believe they had another demon child on their hands. They were all very scared about what this meant for the future of Peaksville. Many wondered if there would even be a Peaksville anymore. Audrey sensed this and could hear the angry thoughts that some people were thinking. So, before anyone could even blink she wished everyone away except herself, Anthony, and for some reason Marissa.

"Audrey, what did you do?" asked Anthony concerned

"I sent them all away. They were thinking horrible things about us. But we don't need them, daddy. We don't need anyone." Said Audrey glaring at Marissa

" I told you. She's imitating you because she thinks wishing things away is ok." Said Marissa

"Shut up." Said Anthony not wanting to think about the mistakes he had been making.

It was several weeks later. Marissa realized that she was never going to leave Peaksville and she had become very fond of Anthony and Audrey and they had become quite fond of her as well. So, Marissa and Anthony tied the knot. At first being the only people on earth wasn't so bad but it started to get very lonely. They were missing people and Marissa was missing her family. She wished she could tell them about her husband and her new stepdaughter. Her dad would flip out because Anthony Freemont was his favorite Twilight Zone character. One day, they were sitting around the piano.

"What's the matter, daddy?" asked Audrey

"Just lonely. I love having you and Marissa it's just…" said Anthony trailing off

"We understand, Anthony. I miss them too." Said Marissa trying to comfort him.

"I know what will cheer you up." Said Audrey who does the freaky eyes.

They suddenly hear noise outside. "That sounds like an airplane… " said Marissa getting up and going outside. There is an airplane that goes by but it sounds lost and Marissa has a feeling she knows why. "God speed, flight 33… hope you get home."

"What's going on?" asked Anthony

"I brought it back." Said Audrey

"You brought what back?" asked Anthony

"Everything… the countries, the cities, the cars, the buildings, the people everything." Said Audrey.

"Hey, I got an idea. Let's go to New York. We can try and find my family." Said Marissa

"I don't know. I've never been anywhere else." Said Anthony

"It'll be fun." Said Marissa

"Ok." Said Anthony

"And they better be nice to us or we'll wish them away." Said Audrey

"While we're there we can go to the theatre. Potted Potter just came to Broadway. It's very funny. You'll love it." Said Marissa

Marissa, Anthony, and Audrey walked off together.

"CUT" a voice yells. They are on a TV set. "That's a wrap people." Said a director as he walked up to the actors. "Good job today, guys. O, Bill… Ellen. We have to reshoot the beginning. The writers did a re-write to give to make the shock of a dimensional jump more clear." Said the director.

"What? But my performance was flawless and there was nothing wrong with that scene! " yelled Ellen

"Sorry, Ellen." Said the director

"O, you will be." Said Ellen pointing at the man and doing the crazy eyes. The guy disappears.

" You really have to learn to control your temper." said Bill " I wasn't happy about reshooting the beginning either but that's just part of the business."

"I know. I guess, I'm still not used to rejection and having to do stuff over so many times. You never have this problem in theatre." Said Ellen

"You'll go out of it. I just got a video on anger management techniques. You can come over to the house and borrow it. In fact, why don't you come over for dinner. We could use the company. Just don't wish us away to any cornfields." Said Bill

"Deal." Said Ellen

"Come on, Lilly, time to go." Said Bill

"Ok." Said Lilly coming up to taking her father's hand.

The three of them exit the studio together.

Bill, Lilly, and Ellen known to most as Anthony, Audrey, and Marissa… TV stars? A newly formed demon family?... it doesn't really matter all that does is that they are residents of this landmark place we call the Twilight Zone.