Anna knocked lightly on Castiel's door to hear a small sound and walked in to see him still lying on Dean's stomach playing with his hand.

"It's been 32 hours, Castiel, drink" she said throwing the blood bag on the bed. Castiel eyed her carefully and shook his head.

"I don't want to"

"You have to! He's alive isn't he?"

"I don't know"

Anna let out a deep sigh gesturing over to Dean.

"It's been 32 hours now and if he was…he would be decomposing" Anna said with a small smile. "He's pale, he's not decomposing, and he's resting well"

"You think?" Castiel whispered looking up at Dean. "You're right"

"I know! So drink up or Dean will be waking up next to a starved vampire" she said with a wink. Castiel smiled softly at her ripping it open with his teeth sucking it away till it was empty.

"How are you feeling now?"

"I'm fine, we're all fine now" she said leaning against the door. "I just can't believe it, I can't believe he was here all this time and we never do, not for one second, and he killed them all. He killed my Max"

"I'm so sorry, Anna"

Anna nodded looking down at the floorboards and shrugged.

"I may see him again one day" she said with a hopeful smile. Castiel nodded looking over to Dean lying still on the pillow.

"Wake up soon" he murmured stroking a hand into his hair and rest down to lie on his chest hearing no beat in his heart. His brow puckered in guilt and he knew it wouldn't be an easy run when he woke up again.

Gabriel walked towards the pub running a hand into his hair regaining his composure and walked in seeing Sam look up at the door only for his face to drop.

"Gabriel, have you seen Dean?"

"Yeah he's up at the house but he isn't feeling well" Gabriel said standing in front of the bar. "His phone has died and he told me to tell you he'll be up and walking in no time"

"Oh" Sam breathed with a nod. "Good, tell him I'm gonna kick his ass"

"Noted" Gabriel said with a small smile. "Can I do something I have wanted to do for so long you wouldn't believe me?"

"Um, yes" Sam said with a bob of his head and gasped startled when Gabriel gripped his hand pulling him towards him over the bar kissing him hard. Sam squeaked pulling away and staring at him open-mouthed.

"What was that?"

"Kiss, Samuel" he said with a cocky grin. "I thought you liked me"

"I…I do I just didn't know you felt the same way" Sam whispered looking into his eyes.

"Hell yeah, I just…I couldn't do anything about it until I sorted a problem out and that's over now and I know you're scared and coming into that sexuality of yours but I'm willing to give this a shot"

Sam swallowed hard moving into him when he kissed him softly drawing away.

"What do you say?"

"Okay" Sam muttered breathless with a smile.

Jo was leaning against the bar staring at Gabriel and Sam in astonishment.

"I swear we've all been hit with the love bug with this family…" she said and looked up when the door went and Michael entered looking flustered.

"Michael" she said in greeting and watched as he circled the bar gripping her waist and pulling her into a kiss. Jo drew away blinking up at him amazed.

"Definitely a love bug" she said breathing out. "What was that for?"

"Impulse, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, a little bummed out because you've been ignoring me but…"

"I haven't been ignoring you, I've been busy with my family" Michael said in reassurance.

Jo narrowed her eyes when he bent down kissing her again and pulling away.

"Will you forgive me for my rudeness if I take you back to that fancy restaurant you like so much and wined and dined you?"

"I'll think about it" she whispered with a smile bringing into a longer kiss.

Castiel stroked a hand over his stomach looking at the stained blood and closed his eyes hating himself more than ever. He swore every day to protect him from the murdered and here he was waiting for him to come around like the creature he was. It should make him feel pleased that he had him now for life but the guilt overrode everything.

"I'm so sorry, Dean, I should have protected you more…I should have known my father was back and out for revenge. I've cursed you forever more and I can never take it back" Castiel spoke gently stroking a hand down his face. "I hope you can forgive me"


It had been 76 hours since the incident with Dean and there was still no sign of waking up. Castiel was growing tiresome and stared up at the ceiling missing the sound of his voice and felt the raw edges of his sorrow. Dean remained motionless like a statue edging towards fours day in his coma and no sign of waking up. No one was in the house to keep him company with Gabriel stuck by Sam's side keeping him occupied and Michael with Jo. Anna was away in town drinking and shopping her troubles away.

Castiel hummed feeling his hunger peak inside him and went to stand up when he heard Dean groan underneath him. Dean's eyes opened seeing nothing but blurry images till Castiel swam into focus looking relieved and delighted he was no awake. His throat burned and his body ached all over like he had been beaten repeatedly.

"Cas" he whispered arching his back in pain. "I hurt all over"

"It'll fade I promise but apart from that how are you feeling?" Castiel said looking over him when he sat up looking around the spacious bedroom.

"Weird…I'm so hungry" he whined looking over to him. "You turned me"


"I'm a…vampire"



"It'll be okay, Dean"

"Cas, I can't feed off humans…I can't bite into a human" Dean said shaking his head.

"You don't have to, Dean, I'm your creator which means my blood is in your veins and that means I can feed you" Castiel said holding out his wrist with a small smile.

"Seriously?" Dean said eagerly moving towards him.

"Yes" he murmured kneeling up when Dean crawled closer eyeing his neck.

"Can I?" Dean said gesturing to the side of his neck. Castiel smirked softly nodding and holding still when Dean moved forward shoving him down into the bed straddling his waist and gasping in pain when his own set of teeth extended into long fangs and he bit into the hardness of Castiel's neck. It was like a knife sinking into butter without effort and he moaned when the lukewarm blood flooded into his mouth sating him. Dean bit harder on impulse eager for more. Castiel closed his eyes feeling waves of pleasure pulsate inside of him as he stroked a reassuring hand into Dean's hair whilst he fed from him nibbling and biting harder.

Dean drew away sucking in air and licking his lips. Castiel looked up at Dean who was breathing hard lips stained with his blood and his eyes blown with lust and hunger.

"Dean, you've never looked so beautiful" he whispered sitting up and kissing him eagerly. Dean groaned as they kissed without needing air anymore and he parted minutes later staring at him.

"Wow" he murmured touching his lips. Castiel gave a small smile lying back down watching him revel in the wonder of his new found life.

"This is awesome" Dean hissed bending lower to kiss him. "I can run really quickly can't I?"

"In time yes but you are very new and still changing…you need human blood now, Dean, so I am going to go get you a blood bag"

"Why can't I just drink from you?" Dean said sitting on the bed with a furrowed brow.

"You can, my love, but you need human blood to complete your transformation" Castiel said moving out of the bedroom and down into the kitchen. He felt a rush of air and turned to see Dean behind him laughing in astonishment.

"It's like flying"

"Stay still, superman" Castiel ordered with a roll of his eyes handing him a blood bag. Dean eyed it in distaste and rolled his eyes when he gestured at him to open it. He gingerly placed the pipe into his mouth sucking hard and gasping when the blood hit his throat.

"Fuck" he whispered looking at Castiel who nodded.

"It's good isn't it?"

"Yeah….oh wow" he murmured drinking it down and handing the empty blood bag back. "I feel really full now"

"Good" Castiel murmured when he moved towards him and caught him in a kiss. Dean moaned low in the back of his throat when Castiel drew his tongue across his bottom lip taking in the last droplets of the blood.

"That was sexy" Dean murmured. "I'm never going to die am I?"

"No, not this time"

"I'm going to live forever"


"Sam" Dean breathed looking towards the door. "Can I be around him?"

"Of course you can"

"Can I tell him?"

Castiel stared into his eyes and simply shrugged.

"Would he understand and believe? Gabriel has made his move…finally, and I think in time he would tell him himself but if you want to tell him first Dean I will not stop you" Castiel said cupping the side of his face.

Dean contemplated and sighed deeply shutting his eyes.

"Maybe not today then, I have forever I guess" Dean said with a chuckle wrapping his arms around him and smiling when Castiel nuzzled his neck. Castiel pressed his cheek to his throat and pulled away looking into the stormy green eyes and sighed deeply.

"I am so sorry, Dean"

"Stop apologising"

"I can't and I never will because look what I did" he said shutting his eyes.

"Cas, I'm alive and yeah I'm alive in the wrong way but I don't care. He's dead and he's gone now and I'm not going anywhere" he said touching his cheek. "The worlds ours now and I want to live! I want to see the world, I want to see my brother and my friends grow old and live their lives, I want to stay with the one who came crashing into my life and you've changed it for the better"

"I'll ask you how you're feeling in a hundred years' time when everyone is dead and gone"

"Okay" Dean said with a shrug. "Bring it on"

"Dean" Castiel whined with a puff of laughter when he brought them closer bringing their foreheads together and linked their hands together.

"You did this, you came into my life 77 years ago and you never left, Cas, I kept coming back and maybe this is the reason" Dean said looking into his eyes. "You've brought me out of death over and over again for this"


"Do you think you can stick with me forever?" Dean whispered with a smirk when Castiel narrowed his eyes capturing his lips.

"Yes" Castiel whispered against his lips.

"Good old dark love for us both then?" Dean murmured. "Stuck together for eternity…the rows are going to be awesome"

"I love you" Castiel whispered up to him.

"You always have"

"I always will"

"Good" Dean said with a grin pulling him into a fierce kiss and dragging him into the living room. "Oh, and I love you too"

Castiel shook his head amused resting his forehead against his shutting his eyes and feeling seventy years of longing, pain, anguish, and relief swarm over him till it came to a close and he opened his eyes to see him standing in front of him alive and unchangeable.

There wasn't such thing as happy endings but this was close as they were going to get as they faced an unknowing future for all of them but at last they were finally together and fate brought them together in the only way it could.

The End.

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