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Arthur had left his throne room in complete silence. Arthur and the kingdom found out of the queen's affair to sir Lancelot. They had been lovers for two years before Arthur walked in on them, they were together before Arthur even married Guinevere.

The kingdom, loyal to its king showed Gwen their hatred with their looks and actions and knew that their King would do the same. That was why Arthur had left the throne room in silence. He surprised everyone, even Gwen and Lancelot when he got his and Gwen's marriage annulled. Set for her and Lancelot to marry and wished them both a lifetime of happiness. Warning his people to treat Gwen as a lady of the court as he was to blame as much as her as it was a loveless marriage. For he to had someone else and stayed with Gwen as he thought she loved him and couldn't bear to break her heart, but walking in and seeing her and Lancelot like that made him the happiest man alive.

"But my Lord you need a wife." one of his advisors said once a meeting had started once the throne room emptied of the stunned and surprising people of Camelot.

Merlin stepped forward. "Actually, Arthur does not need a wife to rule and to live his life happy."

"But he does Merlin. We know what is best for Arthur more than you do as we have known him since he was born." the old man said.

"Hunson if you really know Arthur more than I then you wouldn't be telling him that taking a wife is for his own good. There is only one person who knows what is best for Arthur and that is Arthur himself."

Hunson scoffed and looked at his King, wanting him to agree with him instead of Merlin."

"I agree with Merlin. He is right and he does know me better than I even know myself as he never once left my side when he was my servant and never left my side when he became court sorcerer."

"But my Lord-"

"Enough. I am happy for Guinevere and Lancelot and I wish them a happy life and I am not heartbroken as some of you think I am as I never loved Guinevere in that way. Counsel is dismissed."

One by one the counsel left. "Except you Merlin. I want to talk about some private matters."

"Of course Arthur."

Merlin waited until the other members of the counsel left before shutting the doors. "Lock the doors and silence the room will you Merlin?"

Merlin nodded and did as he was asked. Once done, Merlin walked over to Arthur and smiled. "Why don't I need a wife Merlin?"

"Because within a week you will have me as your husband."

Arthur smiled and drew Merlin into his arms and gave his lover a slow and passionate kiss.

"Well you surprised your people with the news today and will surprise them again tomorrow when you tell the just who your lover is and that you will be married to him next week."

Arthur chuckled. "We just need one more thing to tell them now for the day after as they say things come in threes."

"Well Arthur. Day one, tell them of your affair and Gwen's and wish Gwen and Lancelot a lifetime of happiness. Day two, tell them who your lover is and you plan to marry them next week. Day three..." Merlin lifted Arthur's hand and placed it on his flat stomach. "You can tell them of your child I am carrying."

Arthur looked wide eyes at Merlin. "You're serious?"

"Very much so. I am thirteen weeks along."

Arthur picked Merlin up and spun him round. "I love you Merlin."

"I love you too Arthur. So much." Merlin replied with a smile on his face as his lover of one year, soon to be husband and father of his unborn child held him tight whilst placing kisses all over his face.

The end.

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