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Korra came to with a nasty taste in her mouth. She blinked her eyes several times to get used to the darkness that enveloped her, but scrunched her brow when she felt the soreness in her arms that were now raised above her head chained to the wall. The smooth texture of the locks left little space for her wrists to circulate blood into her fingers, let alone keep them from falling asleep. It was the same to the shackles that confined her to the cold metal floor, Korra was completely immobilized no matter how many scenarios she formulated.

It all happened so fast. The thought of the incident to be a dream was little less than convincing after making out the situation Korra knew she was now in.

Rain fell not long after the end of the tournament. The Fire Ferrets made yet another well-deserved victory up until they went to the training room to wash up and leave for the day with their prides intact and the glory merely fingertips closer to obtain. Of course it was Korra who started it, and of course she had been too ill-tempered to comprehend what she had done would without question lead to heavy consequences. But it was also Mako's fault. He was being him. And Korra was being. . . well, usual Korra. And Bolin, poor Bolin, was the brother who could do nothing to prevent his teammates from lashing out at each other mercilessly. Korra was about to cheer for another success only for it to be stamped on viciously as the dictator of the team threw her way negative implications Korra felt were out of her control. Yes, Korra couldn't make to all their practices. She had to keep the peace in Republic city on a daily basis, while at the same time maintain balance of all elements and prevent an Equalists havoc on the same agenda—that was the duty of the Avatar. It was a duty that, at the time, didn't seem much of a bad thing. But this was now. Korra was no longer the three year old with a bloated tummy boasting about the promising adventure and recognition that came with the title of being the reincarnated avatar. She was a teenager now, and she was definitely not too hot-headed to know when not to use her title in an argument against her teammates. It would cause more harm than good. But the things Mako spat her only tempted the words that already played at her lips more so. When the argument ended—on a very sour note, to be exact—Korra stormed out into the rain without the proper attire like other civilians were wearing. She was so angry that she even refused a ride back to the Air Temple with Bolin, even after witnessing her and his brother fighting. What happened next only made her night all the more worse.

If only she were paying attention, Korra had ran through her mind over and over again. This would never have happened. Aimlessly walking down an alleyway as the sun disappeared completely disappeared, a most unwise action in any time and day, Korra was ambushed by black and green that was too fast for her to react in time. It was all starting to come back to her has her mind recalled her arm going limp in one breath of the sudden attack. Korra was quick on her toes soon enough and used her water-bending to counter the chi-blockers with the rain. She thought she had the upper hand for as she made to swipe around her personal space to knock out two blockers with one attack, yet their movements had her had at surprise. The instant the ring of water expanded, one leaped in the mid-air while the other dropped under the ring and made for a puncture to Korra's chi-point. Followed by another, and another. And then her back was attacked by a dozen chi-blocking that she gave to a yelp and fell to the wet concrete floor not long after.

And now Korra was here alone in the darkness. Alone. Restrained. Bending-less. Soaked to the bone. And. . . afraid.

She darted her gaze in every direction, searching for a way out of this predicament to no avail. After what had to be an hour of no results, Korra opened her mouth to shout out until she caught the sounds of footsteps echoing into the room and a light growing closer to her direction. In the darkness, Korra could vaguely make out a tall figure, much taller than she, until her electric blue eyes made out white and red and green. Her confused and shocked expression instantly changed to anger and contempt.

Amon emerged from the shadows before Korra with a lamp in his hand and the other behind his back. He looked down on her weakened form with a satisfied look, tipping his head ever so slightly in the process. As he crouched and at last moved his hand from behind his back to her face Korra knew that this was it. Her bending was going to be taken away, and to her it was worse than death.

Weakness was never a trait Korra was accustomed to, even now she felt her eyes sting in betrayal for her incapability to be stronger than the enemy, against Amon. How could she let him get the best of her? She was the avatar for crying out loud. The only being capable of bending all elements known across the lands, and yet here she sat, vulnerable and at the mercy of Republic City's number one enemy.

How could she let him get the best of her?

When his hand was an inch from her forehead, fear took over Korra to avert her gaze away from those eyes staring her down like an easy meal. His hand, however, twisted and stroked her still-wet-bangs from her face—a gesture that had Korra to question the mysterious man's motives on a whole other level—then forcibly grabbed her chin up to look at him.

"Greetings, young Avatar."

The young brunette looked up to the man in silence, her lips unable to formulate any intelligible notion in return.

"You must still be in shock, but needn't worry." His hand left Korra's cheek and slid down in slow agony, his fingertips stinging against Korra's chocolate skin, until resting at her vulnerable neck. ". . . no harm will come to you so long as you comply to my demands."

"D-demands?" her voice finally revived, anger re-emerging. "Y-you kidnapped me. Out of nowhere you kidnapped me! Why am I here? What are you going to do me! Let me go, you—"

"Hush, young one." The irony in his words really pissed Korra off. The usual dark tone from behind that horrid mask could not be determined behind the velvet-coated voice a parent used when soothing their child. "I will answer any question you have so long as you calm down."

The emphasis on the last two words sent euphoria of agitation within the Water Tribe teen; she closed her lips and relaxed her posture, indicating her temporary compliance.

"Good girl." Amon praised dryly. "My Lieutenant felt otherwise, but you can be prudent with the correct motivation, of course.

"Where. Am. I?"Korra hissed through a tightly clenched teeth. Her expression intensified slightly. Brows furrowed, seething at the man now sitting in front of her, his eyes detached, guarded, and eluding Korra's advances to further figuring out his motives.

"This is your new abode," Amon spoke casually as he sat himself in front of her, ". . . in other words, your prison. You are confined under an Equalist headquarters where you will be kept until your presence no longer benefits me."

Korra growled at that, "People will look for me! Don't you for a second think I won't get out of here either."

"I'm aware, I've taken a further step ahead and prepared for whatever vain attempts you will make."

"You psychotic lunatic! I'll break your—" Korra was cut short when Amon lifted a hand and made a motion of moving his finger side to side.

His mask drew closer. Korra breathed heavily from the close contact, she could feel her breath against his mask but received nothing in return except for the voice emanating from under that cape. "What a shame. Perhaps Lieutenant is right. You really shouldn't become difficult—especially in your situation."

Korra growled just like Naga would if any dangerous animal came too close to Korra when she was much smaller. "I'll show you difficult!" Ripping against her chains to the point her wrists began to sting, Korra lashed out and squirmed to get closer to the man watching her with placid calm, intent on inflicting harm—any if not, on Amon. She just wanted to prove him wrong and make her right when she said she would escape. She will escape. And Amon will be sorely sorry for trying to capture her. When restraints remained unyielding Korra gave into her rage and threw his way series of epithets and other sorts of profanity, none affecting the man from what Korra could see. She struggled again after it was clear words were meaningless and actions were more effective. After what must have been an hour, Korra accomplished two sore and badly bruised wrists as well as her shoulders hanging her tired, limp body as her sweat stuck her messy hair to her face.

Amon just sat there and watched the whole time, and even though Korra was too tired to look up to see his face, she was sure he must be getting a kick of seeing his enemy in such a piteous state.

"So that's it then. . ." Betraying tears stung at her blue eyes as Korra forced herself to breathe, "You will take my bending away now and leave me here to rot away. . ." The last sentence croaked through ragged breaths. The idea of dying in such a deplorable place made the tears sting more. When Korra felt she would cry any minute, she bit her bottom lip hard only for a whimper to escape.

Cold fingers picked Korra's sticky hair out of her face, then felt her chin forcefully yet gently lifted up to face Amon. In that instant as Korra was forced to gaze in the Equalist Leader's unemotional eyes, she realized true fear in what this man could bring to her. She didn't want her bending taken away. Bending was what made Korra who she was—what she was. But as she limply hung on the wall before Amon, Korra knew he would without a doubt destroy her.

And there was nothing she could do about it.

If at all possible, Korra inwardly cried. Please make it painless.

Blue eyes looking into empty was cut off by an intimidating hand making its way to Korra's face. And when Amon covered Korra's forehead with the palm of his hand, Korra flinched so hard it sent rattling shivers down her entire frame. Korra was tempted to beg, beg for her life even, but when she felt the palm glide it's way to the side of her face instead of to the center of her brow as demonstrated at the Revelation merely weeks ago, Korra frantically eyed Amon carefully, cautiously. Wondering, again, what the mysterious man was up to. His caress sending waves of unwanted feelings deep inside her.

"Not quite, young Avatar. Not quite. Such an amusing imagination, though."

Korra couldn't hold back the whimper in her throat. "W-w-what?"

"To make you a martyr would prove to be a difficult obstacle for my goal. But to take your bending away now would also take away the purpose for you being here in the first place. It would be most regrettable for you not to suffer as well." His grip tightened, causing Korra to wince as she felt his fingernails dig into her flesh. "And I do not want any regrets as I slowly destroy you."

Korra's eyes widened in fear. Thoughts screamed to run away and tear away from his menacing grasp, but all Korra could manage was shivering in her bonds.

"This is the arrangement, young Avatar Korra." He said her name with malice, oozing with venomous hate. "You will be confined to this room for the remainder of your days. During this time, you will be provided the necessities to keep you sustained. As I said before, no harm will come to you so long as you comply," he emphasized slowly for good measure, "And after I accomplished my goal and end all bending in every nation, you will be presented before the entire world to see. There, I will finally relinquish you of both your bending and your title as the Avatar, ending bending and creating Equality amongst men as it should have been. Forever."

"Your wrong! The Republic council will stop you. Even without me!"

"We shall see, but for now. . ." A motion of his hand, and two Equalists followers appeared from the shadows behind Amon. "During your confinement, I see this the perfect opportunity to perform a rehabilitation of whatever nonsense Republic City has you to believe that you are a higher being." Walking around the two, Korra heard their soft footsteps continue until they halted right behind her. "You will be required to have you bending blocked at all times as you slowly realize that the Avatar is no more significant than the rest of all non-benders in the world." She heard them crouch, and was about squirm in every direction after realizing their intents. Any attempts were quickly subdued, however, as Amon must have read her mind because the next thing she knew Korra was snatched into a powerful hold, her cold body tightly pressed against Amon's warm chest. The chi-blockers wasted little time proceeding to block her chi again. Every stab came in slow succession up to her neck, while Korra screamed in pain, clenching her fists in attempt to divert some of the pain.

Korra's body immediately felt weightless against Amon's warm chest when they were done. Her vision began to blur but Korra willed herself to stay awake as long as possible. "There, there, young avatar. This procedure will be regular, but you'll endure." Her shoulders were roughly pushed away from the warmth and watched helplessly as Amon rose to his feet and glanced at her one last time before turning on his heels to depart.

". . . I await to see the feisty and strong-willed bender you claim yourself to be at last crumble at my feet after you realize escaping me is impossible." At such a distance, Korra's ears heard Amon smile from underneath his mask. "Until then, good night. Food will arrive in the morning

Amon left without another word, fading further and further into the darkness until Korra's watery, tear-filled eyes could no longer make him out from the darkness. She went limped not long after, and curled into her chest, rocking back and forth, praying that she would indeed escape to her friends and family.

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