Unhinged, part 2

Summary: Maura has been waiting on Jane for a long time. At last, the doctor leaps at a chance to show the detective just how wild she's been driving her. PWP.

Disclaimer: This work is intended as a piece of fiction. I do not own any of the Rizzoli & Isles characters, plot, etc. No copy write infringement intended.

A/N: This fan fiction is rated M (NC-17) for graphic sexual content between two female characters. If this is not to your liking, you need not continue reading.

Also, I added a bit of fluff at the end, because I just couldn't help it.

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The ride in the car was agonizingly long. Maura drove, which ended up being a horrible idea. She could not stop herself from gazing at Jane at every given opportunity. She could not wait to get the detective naked again, to hear her screaming, to taste her cum in her mouth.

By the time she pulled into her driveway Maura's underwear was wet with anticipation. Maura did not wait till they reached the house. Instead, for the second time that night, she leapt on Jane hungrily, just as the detective walked in front of the car. Jane was at first surprised, but soon melted into the kiss.

The brunette followed Maura's lips in a stumbling path to the door, her hands at Maura's neck. The two giggled and grasped at each other sloppily. Maura fumbled for her keys in her purse but was hindered by Jane pressing her forcefully against the door. Jane pinned Maura there by the shoulders, spreading kisses down her neck, pressing her hips against Maura's.

The doctor considered letting Jane take her right there, against the door, but her better judgment took over. "Jane," Maura struggled to say as the detective's hand wandered into her honey blond hair, "we should move this inside."

Jane reluctantly complied, but only long enough to let Maura spin around. Instantly, Jane's hands wrapped around Maura's frame pulling her ass hard against Jane's hips. Maura struggled to open the door as Jane nibbled at the back of her neck.

Finally, they practically fell into the house, Jane pushing the door closed with her foot. Maura dropped her purse and keys on the floor, ripping eagerly at the buttons of her shirt. Jane let her jacket fall to the floor and then scooped Maura up.

Maura wrapped her thighs tightly around Jane's waist as she carried her to the bedroom. She threw her head back as Jane's mouth made contact with the valley between her breasts. Her hands slipped around Jane's neck for balance. For a brief moment, the doctor was afraid that Jane was going to drop her, but instead the strong detective tossed her onto her bed with a smirk.

The two eagerly removed their remaining clothes before Jane climbed on top of Maura, her eyes dark and full of lust. The detective hovered over the doctor, watching her for a moment. Then, Jane leaned down and kissed Maura hard on the lips. Maura's hands slipped around Jane's waist and pulled her down beside her. Maura was hungrier for Jane now than she had been back in her office. Now that she had a taste, her need had become insatiable. She needed her mouth on Jane's pussy right now.

In one quick movement, Maura swung on top of Jane, pressing her arms forcefully above her head. Startled, Jane gazed up at her. A shy smile spread across Jane's face as Maura looked down at her lovingly. For a moment they stayed like that, Jane looking up at Maura curiously, Maura peering down at her appreciatively.

As Maura gazed down at the gorgeous woman below her, she started to wander if this might all just be a dream. She locked her gaze with Jane's coffee brown eyes, smiling as Jane's cheeks started to blush. Maura could tell she was making the detective very self-conscious, so she leaned down and kissed her very softly.

"You're so beautiful, Jane." Maura whispered as she moved delicate kisses down the valley between Jane's breasts. "Absolutely gorgeous."

Jane's stomach twitched as Maura placed light kisses down her abs, her breath hitching as Maura reached the small patch of dark hair. But rather than place her lips on Jane's center, Maura moved to her knee and pressed wet kisses up her thigh. She groaned in protest as the doctor passed over her center again, working up the other thigh.

"Maura…" Jane mumbled, lifting her head to look at her. "You are being so unfair."

Her response was to dip her head down between Jane's legs and lightly flick her tongue over Jane's clit. The detective's head immediately fell back, a light moan erupting from her mouth. Maura had intended to tease Jane some more, since she absolutely loved to make her squirm, but Jane's taste was intoxicating. So, instead, Maura placed her mouth fully on Jane's core and sucked greedily on the pearl of nerves.

"Oh, god, Maura!" Jane nearly screamed, bucking her hips up into Maura's face and slipping her fingers into Maura's honey blond curls. "Yes!"

The feel of Jane's desperate grasp at her scalp caused Maura to let out a humming moan. The vibration sent Jane twitching with pleasure, causing Jane to dig her nails into Maura's scalp slightly. Both their moans grew louder, Jane's growing more desperate, as Maura pressed her tongue to Jane's clit.

Maura could tell that Jane was getting close, but she wanted to give Jane even more pleasure. Slowly she inserted a finger into her opening, curling up as she pulled out. The detective bucked her hips again, squeezing tightly around the doctor's finger.

"Fuck!" Jane yelled through gritted teeth, her hands now grasping at the bedspread below her to avoid really hurting Maura.

Maura smiled, and added a second finger, still curling upwards. She continued to flick her tongue over Jane's clit as she moved her hand in and out of her opening. Jane was practically writhing beneath her ministrations, moaning her approval.

"Maur—Oh god! Maur I'm going to—" Jane yelled between unintelligible moans.

The only thing Maura loved more than Jane coming in her mouth was the way that Jane reached for her afterwards to bring their lips together in a bruising kiss. Jane moaned at the taste of herself on Maura's lips, sucking greedily on her tongue. Finally, several minutes later they parted, breathing heavily.

"Fuck, Maura, that was…" Jane said, lying beside her still panting.

"Jane, language." Maura said admonishingly.

"You didn't mind my language just a moment ago." Jane said with a frown.

Maura smirked playfully, "You couldn't help it then."

"Well, then," Jane said, climbing on top of her, "it's your turn to curse."

Maura grinned up at her, "Oh really?"

"Yeah." Jane said with a playful raise of her eyebrow before leaning down to place a passionate kiss on Maura's lips. The doctor's fingers dove into the detective's black curls as Jane sucked greedily on her tongue. Jane's hands moved quickly down from Maura's neck to her breasts, where she gave them a gentle squeeze, running her thumbs over sensitive nipples.

The brunette pressed their bodies close together. Maura spread her legs eagerly, letting out a low moan as Jane pushed her thigh firmly into Maura's core. The honey blond tossed back her head, a muffled "Fuck!" erupting from behind her bit lip.

Jane propped herself up with one arm looking down at the moaning doctor beneath her. Jane quickly dipped her other hand between Maura's soaking folds, rubbing purposefully over Maura's throbbing clit. Maura's back arched and her hips bucked upwards into Jane's hand, desperate for more sensation. Jane obliged, pressing harder and picking up her pace, Maura practically whimpering under her.

"You are so fucking beautiful." Jane said in complete awe at the woman riving and moaning beneath her.

"Jane!" Maura moaned as Jane teased her opening. "I'm so…close."

Jane could feel her own desire growing with the sound of her name on her lover's lips, the way her chest heaved unevenly and her hips bucking hard up into her hand.

Suddenly Maura's hands grasped at Jane's neck, pulling her down into a kiss and causing her hand to press hard onto Maura's clit. Maura moaned into the brunette's mouth as Jane slipped a finger between her folds and deep into her pussy. Maura moved her kisses along Jane's jawline to her ear.

"Fuck me, Jane." She said, "Please, Jane fuck me."

The sound of Maura swearing in her ear was almost enough to send her over herself, especially as her cries grew louder and more frequent as she added another finger and quickened her pace.

"Fuck, Jane!" Maura screamed loudly as Jane's fingers curled and Maura's walls contracted around them. "Oh, fuck, Jane!" Maura bucked her hips up once again, but fell back to the bed with a shiver.

Maura wasn't even able to catch her breath before a curious Jane dipped her head down and ran her tongue over Maura's opening. Residual shivers grew into waves of pleasure as Jane began to suck greedily on Maura's sensitive clit. Maura quickly came again, screaming even louder than before.

Jane licked her lips, moving kisses up Maura's heaving chest. When she reached Maura's mouth the doctor caught her lips in an appreciative kiss. She moaned at the taste of herself on the detective's lips.

"God, Jane…" Maura said breathlessly as Jane moved kisses down her neck.

Maura was clearly spent and completely incapable of articulating herself so Jane pressed a soft kiss to her lips and smiled lovingly down at her, running her fingers through her honey blond hair.

"It's late." Jane said, gazing into those gorgeous hazel eyes. "We should sleep."

Jane made to move away and Maura's heart sank. "Don't go." Maura couldn't help but fear that this was all a dream that would fade away tomorrow.

"I'm not, silly." Jane said pulling the blankets over them and snuggling into Maura's back, placing a kiss on her shoulder as she intertwined their legs. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Are you sure?" Maura said, her anxiousness diffusing as she felt Jane's body pressed against her again. "Sure you aren't going to have any regrets? Won't want to take it all back?"

"Maur," Jane said, nuzzling her face into her honey blond hair and placing kisses at the back of her neck, "the only thing I regret is not doing this a long time ago."

The End