How it all started...

April 27, 2005.


"Professor Minaka, we have enough DNA and blood samples of Sekireis for our creation." A worker for MBI was in his office. "The only problem is that we need a test subject for it."

"I see." The chairmen of MBI was sitting their on his chair, looking out the window. The corperation was still early, it was still... unperfect. The disciplinary squad had only five members and Minaka had the whole plan ready. The Sekirei plan would be a game to him, but Takami felt it was wrong. "Find a host. This project must proceed!"

"But sir, who would we find?" Minaka gave a thought.

"A young one. He must be trained when this happens." He turned to face the worker with his red eyes and a grin. "Project: Icarus must be perfect." The worker bowed and walked out of the room. Minaka had the idea of making a future version of Sekireis. One more advanced. "Icarus, made his wings out of wax to fly to the sun, but when he got to close the wings melted and he fell down to the earth. Now, Icarus shall be "reborn" and be the next legend!" Minaka laughed thinking of the possiblities.


"GET BACK HERE YOU THEIF!" An angry sales men yelled out chasing two boys.

"Keep running!" One of the boys said with a bag of bread and apples while the other had some drinks. "Takeshi! C'mon bro!"

"I won' give up, Hebi!" Said the other. They were almost home free, as they made a turn in the alley, hiding in boxes for cover. The sales men ran passed the boxes that were covering them. They threw the box off and made a break for it, hiding in an abandon building. "We did it Hebi!"

"Yeah we did!" He said giving Takeshi some food. Hebi was dressed in ragged clothing with stains on them with messy brown hair to his neck. He wore a necklace that had a black angel wing on it. Takeshi had long messy hair to his shoulders that was dark brown. His clothes were ragged like his brothers and had a necklace with a white angel wing on it. "We live with our freedom. No parents, no school, no people to tell us what to do! Just us brothers."

"Yeah. 5 years old and I'm pretty fast." He said Taking a bite out of some bread. The two brothers may have lived a hard life, but they never gave up. After their dinner, they decided to grab an old bed and two old yet very warm blankets, and headed to bed. Soon they begin to hear the sounds of footsteps and saw a figure of a women. She held a sword at her side, wearing black clothing with a grey robe like over her shoulders. She had silver hair in a ponytail. "Excuse me miss," Takeshi began to yawn. "Are you lost too?"

"Actually I'm here to get something." She eyed at Takeshi. Hebi knew what she was looking at him for. He blocked her way in front of her and Takeshi. "A brave one you are, but it won't help." She drew her sword then cutted Hebi deep.

"HEBI!" Takeshi held his dying brother in his arms. "Hebi, please!"

"Takeshi... run..." He said crying. Takeshi couldn't run away from him. "Please... run away. Get out of here..." He gave his last breath and energy holding his necklace and giving it to Takeshi. As he took the necklace from the bloody hand, he ran away with tears in his eyes. The women only gave a chuckle and started walking in Takeshi's direction. The troubled orphan ran into a door opening it to see another person, but it was a man.

"Help me! Please!" He grabbed onto his pants. But the man drew a sword and pointed it at Takeshi. Afraid and scared, he ran but he passed out with a hand chop to his vertebrae on his neck.

"We got what we needed. Let's go Karasuba." The man said walking out the door with the woman following him. Takeshi only saw a glimbes of the woman in blur and passed out again.

Many years later...

"Where am I?" He thought to himself. He grabbed a glimbes of a person wearing white clothing and white hair. "That man... Who is he?" He saw him. "I remember being with Hebi and..." He remembered seeing his brother dying in front of him.

"Professor! Icarus' brain waves are going off the chart!" A voice said yelling out getting the man's attention.

"This is exciting!" He said with a grin. He walked up to Takeshi placing a hand on the glass. Was he in a glasstube? "Soon, very soon, Icarus shall be part of this world. A new version of Sekireis shall be born!"

"Sekireis? Icarus?" He began getting a head ache. His eyes widen, wakeing up and pushing the glass away from him. It began to crack. "They're outside! Hebi!" The glass broke, freeing the prisoned Takeshi. He was now more taller, his hair was the color of black and longer too his waist. He was soaked in liquid but no clothes on.

"Icarus. You've awakened." The man said smiling at him.

"Icarus? Where am I?" Takeshi asked sitting their with liquid pouring on his head from a pipe tube. "I remember seeing..." he remembered again. "Tell me! Where am I?"

"Why you are in a lab, under MBI who gave you superb abilities and powers!" The man said. "I am Minaka, the man who started this project and gave you your abilities. " Takeshi began to think. "I'm also the creator of the Sekirei Plan, a game where 108 sekireis find their Ashikabis and fight one on one to the death. A glourious game, and you are the invincible king, Icarus!"

"So you're playing God? That's a serious taboo."

"No no. I'm simply the Game Master. I've made you into a new version of Sekirei with the help of the others."

"Is this all you care for me about? Using me for your damn experiments?"

"This only stage one, now it all begins!" He said eye to eye with Takeshi. He looked at his palm, thinking of his brother. He stood up looking straight at them. He ran to the right of the room, exiting out. He was lost in the building, not knowing where to go. He looked around to see a room filled with clothing and rushed in. He saw a pair of white clean boxers, a pair of dark blue pants that looked very comfortable, a green shirt with an ace of spades on it. He wore the clothing feeling way more better. Being on the news naked wasn't gonna be his day. Before he got out, he saw a black hooded coat. He took it out and wore it to see it would fit and it did. The coat reached to his ankles, but it looked like it would be zipped down instead of up. He zipped down to his waist and flipped the hood hiding his face but his bangs were seen. He rushed out with no hesitation and bolted down the hall. Seeing nothing but blank walls until a door showed up.

"Where are you going?" A voice came behind him seeing a woman wearing black clothing and had pink hair tied in a side ponytail. "We won't let you get away. Now give up or we'll take you in by force!" Takeshi stood his ground and got in a fighting position. "Oh. Is that how you want it? I'll enjoy this!" The women charged in at him with his eyes covered. He took a sight to see his palm blocking her fist. He backed her away with a very hard push. "Your actually pretty tough." The woman said having a smirk. Takeshi only kicked the door with a backflip and ran down the hall. "Get back here!" She said running after him.

"What going on? My body feels heavier! I feel strange!" What he did was surprising to him. This never happened to him before. He faced another door and burst in it seeing workers everywhere. He landed on a metal plate that slid off the table and was sliding to the window. He jumped off the plate and out the window with his arms blocking the shards and sliding down the building like he was playing Megaman X. At very fast pace of speed, the timeing was right for him to jump off of the side and jumping to another building. He landed with a roll feeling safe. "What's happened to me?" Wanting to answer, he began to run again and slide down a pole into an alley. "I need a place to hide." He began walking into the streets and seeing many people walking. "Wow. Where am I? This isn't Tokyo." Takeshi walked up to a person. "Excuse me sir, but where am I?"

"You're in Shinto Teito, or New Tokyo." He said with his breifcase. "Please excuse me, I have to go now." The man walked by and took off.

Takeshi stood out of the group of people, he was wearing a black coat in the mid of day. He walked into another alley, looking for something. The man walked up to see a door that looked really old. He opened it to see an abandon building with an old bed with old furniture that a house needed. Scanning the area, he noticed a bathroom with a mirror. He turned on the light to look in the mirror to see his new self. "My god... What happened?" Takeshi backed away and turned to the sofa. It was comfy for him. He didn't mind at all, he's been sleeping in many things. He didn't need sleep now, all he wanted to do was relax as he closed. "Hebi... I'm scared..." The young man got up and walked out the building. He needed food. He saw the sky, already dark. "Guess I took a nap." He jumped high to the roof. As he flipped up his hood again, he saw the city lighting up.

"You're new." A voice came behind him. He turned around to see a person their in black with a mask on. The person looked female, silver hair with c-cup like breast, but those eyes had that of a boy. "I haven't seen your face, but I can't even see it thanks to that hood." She joked a bit but Takeshi took a step back and got in a fighting position. "I'm not here to fight. What's your Sekirei number?"

"Sekirei? Number?" He became confused. "What are you talking about? I'm only a man watching the night sky with city glowing."

"You can't fool me. Your Tama says that you're a Sekirei, unless you're a discarded number."

"I have no idea what your talking about. I'll be going." He began walking, but the figure shot something at him. It looked like fire. Takeshi caught glimbes and his life flashed before his very eyes. He thought he would be dead, but he looked to see that he was carrying a sword. It was a sliver blade with a golden gaurd and a white hilt, but it had a chain hanging off of it. The chain was black, but at the end was the white angel wing necklace he wore! He took a glimbes at his neck to see that his necklace was gone, but only the black angel wing Hebi had given him.

"What the...? Well that's new." The figure summoned another fire in her hands, and launched at Takeshi. With a couple more blast, the figure finally shot out a huge one. Takeshi didn't avoid it, but sliced it in half, seperating the fire. "What are you?"

"..." No word was spoken, but he only took a step back from her. He was near the edge standing on it with a long fall. "Catch you later!" He leaned back slowly as he was falling fast, but kicked the wall hard enough for him to be launch on to another building roof top. He ran away from her and jumped from roof to roof.

"I'll make sure to keep an eye on you. Right now I have to get back, or Miya's gonna kill me." She walked away from the scene and jumped to the north.

Takeshi was finally alone. He was alone... in the world. "Hebi...What should I do?" He needed to find out where and how to survive, and how to escape.