The sun was beginning to set as Eien looked out on top of the roof. He had a good life after a year has past. Takeshi came by and walked to ledge, sitting near his brother. "Nothing has changed..."

"Yeah." Takeshi said in agreement. "I wonder how everyone else is doing?"

"Everyone at Maison Izumo? I'm guessing they're doing okay." He said having a good feeling about it.

"Yeah, I hope so." They kept looking at the sunset thinking about it.

"Takeshi! Eien!" Yuki's voice was heard as she came running to them. "Looks at this!"

"Yuki, what's up?" Takeshi asked her as she had a letter in her hand with the sekirei symbol. He took notice it was from Minato. "From Minato?" He took the letter and opened it as all three of them read it at the same time. Eien had a smirk on his face, as Yuki looked at Takeshi. The prototype smirked as he looked at the sunset. "Look's like... We have another thing to do."

"Looks like it." Yuki said as they smiled. Another story was about to unfold...