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The Forgotten

I have made the promised changes. Gumball's family will not be evil. They will however be idiots.

It was a quite Sunday morning in the Watterson's house as Gumball awoke from a dreamless but pleasant sleep. Looking over to wake his adoptive, fish brother for their day he noticed something strange. The bowl was completely empty.

That's strange; usually I have to wrestle with him to get him up.

Ignoring the strange morning he decided not to let this get to him. Today was a special day for Gumball. Today was the day he and Darwin became brothers years back. It was also his birthday. Yes, I'm 13 an official teenager.He thinks as he gets out of bed in a rush. As he runs downstairs he thinks of how he'll spend his day. First, I'm going to eat mom's breakfast specialty. Then I'll spend some time with it settling in front of the TV with dad and Darwin."But first I need a shower." He says to himself.

As he continued to go on about his birthday he entered the living room to see his dad sleeping with the TV on. If he ever put one in his room or the bathroom he'd never leave. Ignoring his father Gumball went straight toward a mouthwatering smell. Mom's already making her breakfast specialty. This is going to be amazing.

Walking into the kitchen he noticed his mom already finishing the dishes. He also noticed her already made breakfast specialty. A plate of LARGE chocolate chip pancakes drowned in syrup and a half pound bacon and egg with two types of cheese sandwich. A single grilled cheese with four different types of cheeses with a crunchy crust and soft middle. To finish it off you're allowed a soda with breakfast. This breakfast is only for special days and is a single person dish for the eater only.

The problem was the dish was already being eaten by Darwin. Where is my dish?

"Good morning Gumball." Spoke Nicole. This caused Darwin to look up for a second. It was only for only a second.

"Hey mom, what's for breakfast?" Asked Gumball hoping he wasn't forgotten.

"You'll have to make yourself something to eat, but first go wake up Anais." Spoke Nicole further proving his fear.

"Isn't there something you want to say?" he asked

She seemed to think before shaking her head.

"Bu-." He never finished.

"NOW Gumball, go WAKE her NOW!" She commanded quickly losing her temper.

Deciding not to get on her bad side on his birthday he left. I can't believe she forgot what today was. Then again it's Darwin's day too. Noticing his sister's door he knocked. I know Anais won't forget. A quick second later the door opened.

"Already up." She stated, already in her orange dress.

"Anything you want to say?" He asked. Say it, please say it.

"Yes, Good morning and here." She handed him a card and… a pen. I knew you wouldn't forget but what's the pen for? He thought taking the card and voicing the question.

"So you can sign it for Darwin, Duh" She said in her 'isn't it obvious' tone. "Don't tell me you forgot." She accused pointing her finger.Not you too.

"No, isn't there something you want to tell me?" Please remember.

She was quite for a moment. "Not that I can think of. Why?"

Some genius you are.

The blue cat just dropped his ears and walked off.Maybe dad will remember. Heading back to the living room he saw the pink rabbit still asleep. Hearing a groan he saw his brother walk in holding his stomach. This reminded him how hungry he was, after a quick hello he passed the fish toward the kitchen.

Reaching for the eggs he noticed something large and wrapped up in the back part of the refrigerator. I wonder….Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to peek. It was cake. "Gumball!" At hearing his name, he jumped hitting his head on the top of the fridge. Before he could even groan he was pulled back and fell onto the floor.

"What do you think you're doing?" Hearing the voice and tone let him know he was in trouble. Looking at the larger female cat in her rage wasn't helping.

"Wha-I was just making breakfast." He tried to reason. Why is she so mad?"You told me to."

"You peeked didn't you?" Why was she mad, it's my birthday cake?

"Yeah but it's for me isn't it?" As he asked that he regretted it as he felt his hope sink.

"Why would it be for you?" She half asked and half shouted.

A little known fact about Nicole Watterson was that she had anger issues. However; she never forgot anyone in the family. She would scream at the top of her lung or slap them but never forget them.

"Gumball, get out of here!" What's going on?

"It's just cake." He grumbled as he walked out into the living room. Not before hearing. "Little brat, why would the cake even be for him." That hurt Gumball more than he thought. He decided to watch TV with a stuffed Darwin an unconscious dad. Sitting on the couch between Darwin and his dad seemed to wake Richard up.

"Hey Gumball, how are you doing?" Hearing his dad's voice even groggily raised his hopes.

"Hey dad, isn't there something you want to say?" Watching his dad shake the webs from his head was actually amusing. After a quick moment he saw a light of recognition in his dad's eyes. I knew you wouldn't forget me.

"Yes actually" Leaning forward in anticipation. "Glad to have you with us Darwin." Only to be shot down. "I remember when we first got you." Not you too dad.Giving up hope he decided to just sit there. My birthday and nobody even remembers it