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It was near noon when there was a ring at the door. His brother still being stuffed and his dad just plane lazy left one person to open it. Gumball. Once he opened it he was in for a surprise.

"Granny Jojo?" he asked

Seeing the old pink bunny was a shock. It even made Gumball forget his hunger pain.

"Yeah" It was definitely her.

Not sure why she was here he just invited her in. As he turned to get out of her way he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he looked he saw granny holding out a large, blue wrapped box with his name on it. It was for him, she remembered his birthday.

"Happy Birthday Blueball." This shocked Gumball more than a 50 megawatt shock. She remembered. Feeling his eyes sting from tears he grabbed the box and hugged her. It was Granny Jojo's turn to be shocked. He always avoided her because of her kisses, but here he was hugging her.

"What's wrong kid?" She asked in her blunt tone, but he could still tell she cared. Before he could form his words he was cut off by his mom.

"Granny Jojo, were so glad you could come." This simple greeting caused Gumball to stand up straight and hide his gift behind his back. Nicole may have missed this action but not Jojo, grandmothers see it all.

"Yeah, what's wrong with the blue one?" This caused Gumball go stiff.

"Who knows?" Like any of you care. Was all Gumball thought as he lowered his head. "Come into the kitchen." Not saying anything she just followed with a frown thicker than usual. "Gumball, could you take granny's things to the guess room." Asked Nicole without looking back, it obviously wasn't a request.

After heaving everything up to the room he had only one thought. What does she put in these cases?Going to his room he sat on his bed and looked at the box. Opening his gift he saw that it was a polished black case with a letter on it.

To Gumball

This is memory from my father who joined the military during a bloody war nearly a century ago. Yeah I'm old live with it. He was so young at the time, actually near the age you're now. The war was so horrible that it wasn't even given a name it was just called Ka-Pow. For years he fought on the front lines protecting his brothers in arms from death to fight another day. It was him who ended it after the loss of his friends. He had bravery and determination to go through it all even when terrified. Going crazy on the enemy did help. Your father has none of these. I also know about your crazy antics, if anyone should wear this badge it should be you. If you do, wear it with pride not arrogance. His blood runs through you so I don't know if it's a blessing or curse. With this war going on you may have to find out yourself.

Reading this letter brought a tear to his eyes from both happiness and sadness. He was happy because his granny remembered his birthday his birthday when everyone else forgot. He was happy she would trust him with something like this.

Sadness not just because it was all he got, from his whole family. The war, it was so bad that it may actually be the next Ka-Pow. It was sad, the wolf army were constantly attacking everywhere for the sheer hatred and drive for dominance. They believed that all others should bow to them, that they are everyone's alpha.

Ever since he heard of the war he felt off. It was as if something in him had been born. What surprised him was the fact that it still felt caged. As if it was sleeping and waiting.

Not wanting to dwell on the subject he decided to check his gift case. Inside he saw a pair of dog tags for a Flippy. No surname. There was a beret with a military symbol and a bowie knife.

Grabbing the bowie knife he felt strange. He suddenly felt restless. It was if someone had given him an energy drink. Deep down he felt the color wasn't right. It would be better red. Shaking his head he put the knife down. I don't know what that was and I don't want to.

Lifting the hat to try it on, he saw a faded picture and medal under it. The picture had a young green bear, a chameleon and a mouse on it. Under each were names Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse ka-boom in that order. The medal read

For sacrificing MIND, Body and Heart.

Why the infancies on mind?

"So this is my great granddad? He does look pretty young. Wait, why is he a bear?" Not wanting to ruin his gift he put them away. Heading back down, he saw everyone at the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" They all looked at him and the smile left Nicole's face.

"WE, are going to go spend Darwin's day celebrating, YOU are staying here with Granny Jojo." It hurt how she emphasized him being cut out.

"Why can't I come too?" They forget my birthday and now they're cutting me out.

"Simple, we don't have enough tickets." What tickets? He voiced his question. "We won three tickets to the Daisy Land." Reaching into her purse she handed him some money. "Here occupy your time with Granny." He tried to ask why he couldn't come. He even pointed out that a single child ticket was not that expensive. He couldn't get one word out.

"We don't want to hear it Gumball." With that they all left without even looking back. All he could do was stare as they left through the door. They just left me.He felt his granny come up behind him.

"They just left you here?" He nodded. "Do they even know it's your birthday?" He honestly didn't know.

"At least they remembered my brother's day and cake."

The cake!

He knew he shouldn't. He just had to make sure.

Slowly walking to the kitchen he went to the fridge. Pulling out the cake he removed the covering. It read

We Love you Darwin.

He felt the tears that he's been holding back reach its limit on restraint. They were already pouring out harder than they ever have. It took all his will not to start crying aloud. He didn't even react when they TV started playing full blast, or to the hand guiding him to the steps. He just followed, grateful for granny.

Thanks granny. Was all he could think as he ran toward his room. No could hear him with the TV so loud. Pushing his head into the pillow he let all his misery out. She would let him have this moment in peace. Thanks granny Jojo.