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Stepping into the junkyard Gumball would be lying if he said he wasn't terrified. It was broad daylight and the area was completely silent. Even with his sensitive hearing he couldn't hear anything. It's like the calm before the storm.

"It's quiet" he stated "too quiet" I've always wanted to say that.

He continued to walk another few feet in the darkness for a…darkness, oh no

"You're right behind me again, aren't you?"

"Yes" came the gruff voice

Turning around slowly, he got a look at the father Rex. He stood at his fool height over the cat.

"Look" started Gumball "I'm just here to talk"

"No talk" he stated coldly "Run or die"

Gumball didn't need to be told twice, he ran into the junkyard. When he looked back he saw the Rex standing where he left him. It seems like he's going to give me a head start.


Just not much of one

The chase was on


He continued to run, not caring about the direction. He just needed a plan, something to fight with, anything would do. Why did I leave my knife? What would posses me to do that? Am I insa…-not even going to finish that.

Looking back he saw the reptilian predator was a large distance away. Too bad for Gumball he was gaining fast.

Looking up he saw that the area was stacked high with abandoned metal material like last time. It worked once. Taking the chance he climbed the rusted metal vehicles.

He took a look back to make sure he was being followed, he was. However, Mr. Rex had slowed down. He had become hesitant after last time. It looks like he remembers the last time we had a scuffle. Good, I can use that.

Mr. Rex came to the pile of metal and stood there. He eyed Gumball like a… cat eyeing a mouse. He continued to climb but the T-Rex just stood there.

As he reached the highest point a thought occurred to him. Why would he just stand there?

He received his answer. It was in the form of a loud noise and the whole pile trembling.

Looking down he saw the source. It was Mr. Rex who was swinging his tail at the mountain pile Gumball stood on. He's going to knock the whole thing over!

Looking around he realized he was stuck. He couldn't go any higher and going down would be suicidal. He has me trapped.

"You should have realized the same thing won't always work twice." Mr. Rex called taking another swing.

He continued to hammer away at the pile, mighty swing after mighty swing. The tremors were so powerful that they nearly knocked Gumball off. I need to act fast.

Looking around he saw that there was way for him to survive this ordeal. A car, it was an old, rusted and broken heap, but it was sturdy and the trunk was open. Moving as quickly as possible, he hurried toward his only hope.

Made it!

With one finale strike the pile reached its limit, just as Gumball closed the trunk. Fortunately or unfortunately the pile didn't topple over.

It collapsed…with Gumball still on it.

The fall had been terrifying. Without anything to secure himself with he was pretty much being thrown around in the trunk of the car. The sound of all the other items were deafening as they crashed and piled onto the car. Since he couldn't see anything the fear was all the greater.


Looking toward his arm, he saw only darkness. He felt around a bit a regretted the action instantly. Pain, excruciating pain! That's the only way he could describe it, all he could focus on. Pain!

Slowly he mentally ordered himself.

He felt around the edge of his shirt. It was wet with a warm liquid. He moved closer to the pained area. The 'Forbidden area' he thought. It was truly agonizing for him.

He felt the source of his agony. It was flat with a jagged edge. There was an unnatural roughness to it, most likely rust. Hey rough rust… hehehe rough rust. I'm losing so much blood right now. The worst part was that the metal was coming out of his shoulder. I'm going to need a tetanus shot.

He was going to have to remove it and the only way was to sit up. This is going to hurt. And it did. With everything he could muster he sat up with ever y ounce of speed and endurance. He didn't even bother to try and hold his scream. He was in a car so it would be muffled. Once he couldn't scream any more he laid there for a bit.

Just going to take a little, small, tiny nap….

"…how long have I been out?" he asked "who am I asking."

I'm losing too much blood.

He felt his new scar. It was a clean cut, minus the rust. Hehehe a clean-rust cut.

"A clean-rust cut" he spoke "I'll have to tell that one to Darwin. Hehehe"

He was definitely losing blood.

Feeling around the trunk he searched for anything useful. He found ten yards of chain and a straightened tire iron. It must have been a pain to have these chains…wait I can do better…they must have been tired…no I can't.

"Hehehehe" It feels good to… laugh… "Hahaha"

Wait… I can't stop.


The laughter penetrated the very car. It echoed under the metal of mountain.

All the way to Mr. Rex's ears

"Uh-oh" was all he could think to say

"I've got a few more lives in me" He turned to where he left the cat "How about you?"

The one that had dared to hurt his daughter.

The one that should be trapped, or even dead, under a mountain of metal

He was standing on top of the reorganized metal pile. There was a horrible stain of blood on his shoulder. He was also spinning chain in one hand and holding a straight tire iron in the other.


They stared at each other in anticipation. Mr. Rex with a mixed look of hate and fear, Gumdall with a stab-you look.

Mr. Rex made the first move. With a mighty roar he charged

Without thinking he jumped.

Mr. Rex bit the spot Gumball was in only to catch the end of the chain. Holding it tightly he started thrashing it around. Letting go of the chain he reached for his knife, only to find nothing. He remembered his 'other' half left it. I'm going to kill 'me'.

Looking down he saw the jaws of death.

I'm going to kill 'me' so hard.

He landed inside the maw of Mr. Rex.

As Mr. Rex closed to swallow he felt a point.

"I know your skull is as tuff as diamond" he stated "but what about your mouth again rusty iron?"

To be honest neither knew what would happen. Gumdall didn't know if it would kill him and Mr. Rex didn't want to find out.

"Dad?" spoke a familiar voice. "What are you doing?"

Not able to talk without closing his mouth he slowly turned. He was able to see her still grief stricken eyes. He was tempted to close his mouth just to punish the one that put them there.

"I-is that you in there Gumball?" the tone in her voice was filled with such venom he actually 'un-flipped'.

"Tina I…am I in your dad's mouth?"

"Uh-hu" came Mr. Rex's muffles reply.

"I…can work with this." He reasoned to himself. "Tina Rex!" he shouted "I ask you, low on blood, from inside your dad's mouth, WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME?"