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A/N: This is a very smutty NC-17 rated companion piece to my multi-chapter fic, The Final Year. It's not necessary to have read that but without it this is just a series of unconnected moments from that fic expanded into smutty sexy times. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!

All moments from The Final Year appear in Italics.

January 2013

"Technically it was twice, or did you forget attacking me at 4am when I went to get a glass of water?"

He smiles at the memory of spreading her out on his kitchen bar and moans loudly, bouncing agitatedly on foot. "Annie…"

The bedside clock blinks 4am when Jeff rolls onto his side, throws out a searching palm and comes up empty. He lifts his head off the pillow, eyes adjusting to the darkness slowly as he blinks and gets his bearings. it takes a minute or two but his heart settles in relief when he spies Annie's lingerie still on the floor from last night. He spots her dress too, all curled up and creased, and Jeff can't resist getting up to shake it out, hanging it delicately over his leather chair in the corner with a soft smile.

Once that's done, he wanders out to the living room next, the floor covered in striped shadows of street light filtering through the slatted blinds. Annie's in the kitchen wearing nothing but the t-shirt he usually wears to the gym and there is something incredibly sexy about seeing her in his clothes. He likes the way it slips over one shoulder, hints at the swell of her breasts and the line of her collarbone he mouthed across the night before, reminding him how tiny she is in comparison.

It's all really working for him.

Jeff watches, bemused, as she opens and closes nearly every cupboard door.


She squeaks and spins to face him, slapping one hand against her heart. "Oh my god, you scared me!"

His lips quirk but then a yawn starts to roll through him and he pauses to stretch it out. "What are you looking for anyway?" he says, his voice still a little distorted with sleep.

"I was thirsty but I can't find any clean glasses. They're not where they usually are." Her eyes glisten in the dark and there's a heavy pause between them as he moves closer. "You're not shy are you?" she says with a nod at his naked body.

"Why would I be?" It's silent while Annie bites her lip and tugs the t-shirt further down her thighs and Jeff finally gets it. "Annie, you can't still be shy after last night."

She seems a little offended by that. "I'm not like you Jeff. I can't just strip and walk around in the nude."

"I remember a study room incident that suggests otherwise," he says with a smirk.

"That was different!" Annie insists. "I got carried away and I wasn't naked. I'm just not the kind of person who's comfortable walking around Jeff Winger's kitchen in her birthday suit!"

She scrunches his t-shirt in a tight fist against her chest as he treads closer, eyes widening when he comes to a halt, a whisper between them.

"Well," he murmurs, voice husky now. "I think we need to change that because I can't think of anything I'd like to see more."

Annie gasps a sharp breath as he touches her; fingers and thumbs tracing slow patterns on her thighs, circling under the hem of the t-shirt, every touch soft and lingering as he prints her flesh. He draws his palms up and over her hips and squeezes a little against her waist. When he reaches the undersides of her breasts she shivers as his fingers lightly tease the swell.

He licked a strip there last night, knows how she tastes now.

Her mouth parts and her harsh little intakes of breath sound so loud in the quiet darkness around them. Jeff doesn't break their gaze as he yanks the t-shirt over her head, throwing it mindlessly behind him. The metal blinds dance lightly against the window where it lands.

His gaze finally drops to watch her nipples harden in the cool night air. "You are so sexy."

She swallows hard, probably still not used to his compliments like this, and reaches up to tease his stubble. "So are you."

"I know." He grins, and runs one fingertip across her lips, eyes widening when her tongue darts out to lick it, drawing it into her mouth. Cheeks hollowed as she sucks, he growls and leaps forward to kiss her hungrily and the tip of his erection brushes against her stomach.

As their mouths move together, seeking and searching, he palms her breast, squeezing the weight gently as she arches into it, the perfect fit for his hand. Jeff tears his mouth away from hers, and traces finger-light circles around the areola. He can tell she's a little breathless as he fingers her nipples, tugging and pinching them lightly before he can't resist any longer and sucks one into his mouth. He lashes the peak greedily, over and over, his blood pumping hard – ecstatic by her eager response and the tight thread of fingers through his hair.

He releases her breast with a pop and Annie squeals in surprise and delight as she's lifted effortlessly onto the kitchen bar. Jeff eyes the length of her, every curve, every peak, loving the look of his hands dark against her pale skin.

"Would you look at that?" he says. "Annie Edison. Naked in my kitchen."

"You're ridiculous," Annie says with a smile, still bashful in spite of everything, and Jeff pushes her gently to rest on her elbows, stretching her out just the way he wants. She watches as he draws a teasing path between her rising breasts, down the line of her abdomen, and her stomach muscles clench as his fingertips lightly circle her navel and the jut of her hipbone.


"What do you want?"

There's a pause as she licks her lips and tentatively opens her legs. "Touch me."

The sound of her so breathless quickens his pulse with arousal."Where?" He walks his fingertips up the insides of her thighs, down the soft warm crease where leg meets pelvis, and smiles triumphantly as she shivers. "Here?" He strokes the length of her folds once, twice, grinning even more at the jerk and tremble of her hips at the sensation.

"Yes, there, oh… right there."

He repeats the motion with a little more insistence, a little more pressure, his fingers slick. "Like this?"

She nods rapidly and she's so warm and wet that Jeff can't resist leaning down for a taste. Annie's head falls back against the counter with a thunk, the air filling with broken hums and beaten breaths as he swirls her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue, alternating with light flicks and broad strokes while palming her pelvis to stop her cantering off the bar.

Wrenching his mouth away, he licks his lips and dips the tip of one finger inside her, just circling her entrance with a slow tease, pleased by the stuttered noises escaping Annie's throat. When he finally plunges two fingers deep, twisting and curling up, she screams loudly, with an edge of surprise.

"Feel good?" he asks, as he thumbs her clit firmly, setting up a hard rhythm with his fingers, delighting in the periodic clench of her muscles with every thrust.

"So so good." Her hands grasp at nothing but air, knocking his mail and keys and a dirty cup to the floor with a crash.

She's briefly startled from the hypnotic rolling rhythm of her hips but Jeff doesn't care. Annie can break every plate and cup in his kitchen, if only he gets to see her respond to him like this, in ways he's imagined for so long. His cock is painfully hard now, and the blood gushes noisily in his ears, but all he can think is hot wet tight Annie fuck. He removes his fingers abruptly and Annie moans her disappointment, shooting up onto her elbows to see what he's doing.

"Wha- why did you…?"

She's unable to finish her sentence as he licks his fingers, sucking them into his mouth and humming his pleasure. He pinches her thighs tightly then, fingers still wet with her, and lines her ass with the edge of the counter.

Last night – their first time – was all sweetness and slow intensity but now, now Jeff wants to fuck her brains out, right here. The sight of her laid out, squirming with want and so wet for him is just too much for his sanity and restraint.

"Wait right here, don't move," he says, before sprinting to his bedroom to grab a condom, sheathing his hard shaft in latex as he hurries back, throwing the wrapper behind him on the way.

Annie watches him with a quiet intensity that has his blood boiling with want and need, and just like he told her, she hasn't moved. Not an inch.

"Fuck, this is gonna be quick," Jeff says as he tugs her close, lips meeting wet and messy, and Annie's legs wind around him as she begins a slow rocking motion against his pelvis with every thrust of his tongue.

'I want quick," she admits, and that's it. He's done.

Lining himself with her entrance, Jeff watches as he enters her and there's something so erotic and intense seeing his dick disappear into her slickness, inch by slow wet inch. He holds still for a moment and they both groan loudly at the sensation of him unmoving, buried deep. Holy fuck she's so warm and tight Jeff can't stop the instinctive thrust of his hips, the compulsive need to move, and everything feels hypersensitive and tingly as her nipples brush against his chest with every stroke.

"You like that?" he asks, and she nods dazedly, thighs tense around his waist, arms tight around his shoulders. She whispers his name breathlessly as he pounds into her, rhythm vigorous and wild, and the sound has his cock twitching, his fingers pinching her firm curves hard as he slams her up and down, meeting and matching, hip to hip.

"Jesus fuck, Annie you feel so good…" he groans and grunts against her neck with every clench of her tight folds, every wet sound as he bottoms out inside her, their skin slapping together harshly. The air is hot and smells of sweat and Jeff can feel every sinew stretched taut in his thighs as he hammers into her, pace unrelenting.

Annie writhes against him the faster they move together, all sense of rhythm lost. He cries out as she slaps his ass with a hard thwack, holding him close to penetrate deeper, and Jeff feels himself nearing the edge, the tightening and throbbing pulse as he reaches down to rub her clit, needing to feel her to come around him.

"Yes, your hands…touch me…"

Her desperation has him thrusting deeper, harder, faster, and Annie wails endless meaningless sounds of nonsense, hands steel-like vices around his biceps as she tightens impossibly around him, her spine arching as she shudders out her climax. The feel of her contracting – the hot wet sound as she milks his cock – drags him into his release and he comes hard, shouting her name once between gasps for air. His hips pulse and lurch as he collapses against her, blinking spots from his eyes, moving tufts of her hair with his breath heavy and harsh against her neck.

Annie moans as their pelvises twitch and tremble from the aftershocks of their orgasms and Jeff pushes himself up to look at her, chest flushed red, mouth parted deliciously and still wet with his kiss. She looks wild and uninhibited as she smiles, all lazy and satisfied, and brushes a soothing palm up and down the centre of his sweaty chest.

"That was amazing."

He nods in wide eyed agreement, still a little breathless, still a little blown away by the fact that he totally just fucked Annie Edison on his kitchen counter and amazing doesn't even begin to describe how he feels right now.

Annie shifts upright again, wrapping arms around his shoulders and placing a kiss just above his collar bone. "Jeff?" He hums his response against her neck, not sure if he can even speak.

"Can I have that glass of water now?"