May 2013

"Anyway, as I was saying, we'll discuss all our hopes and dreams for the future tomorrow."


"And afterwards we can hold hands and skip off into the sunset."


"And maybe we can even sing a song," he smirks and then laughs "Hey! I thought you liked singing!" when Annie slaps his chest a couple of times.

"Jeff! I get it, okay? You don't want to talk about graduation. Understood. Message received." She links her fingers behind his neck, her thumbs tracing idly and soft against the sensitive spot behind his ear. "Just shut up and kiss me," she says.

So he does.

Surrounded by a calm early morning quiet and twisted in his sheets, Jeff traces the length of Annie's spine and kisses her. It's barely 6am and they have nothing to get up for – no classes, no study group – and the day lies ahead with hours of naked potential.

Stretched out on their sides, Jeff runs a palm slowly up from Annie's thigh, over the smooth arc of her hip, down the dip of her waist and along her ribcage, re-learning the nuances of her unmarred skin. He stops a couple of times to circle a cluster of freckles on her hip and stomach, memorizing them, before moving upwards again. His thumbs brush the underside of her breasts before he follows the same path back down with adoring fingertips, grinning triumphantly when Annie shivers as he sweeps off course and inches down between her clenched thighs.

Her spine arches into his touch.

Their lips meet and melt, tongues entwining leisurely as Annie touches him too, exploring the indents of his muscles, tracing the smooth planes of his pecs and lightly flicking his nipple just the way he likes. Jeff groans before she breaks away and their breath mingles hot against each other's mouths.

"What do you like most about my body?"

"What?" he asks distractedly, moving closer to kiss the corner of her mouth, cheek, temple. "Is this a trick question?"

"No." She idly traces the small scar above his lip, beaming at him when he kisses her fingertip. "I really want to know."

"Well…" Jeff palms her breast, swirls a fingertip around the nipple, and Annie shudders as it hardens under his teasing touch. "These hold a pretty special place in my heart," he says, and presses a kiss at the top of her breast.

Annie just rolls her eyes. "Oh, I'm sure."

"I'm serious."

"Of course you are."

Jeff halts his kisses of her sternum to look at her intently. "Remember when I struggled to write the speech for Shirley's wedding and you told me to look inside my heart?" She nods slowly, a little confused by what he's saying. "Well, I did and they were in there. Many times."

"Mmm-hmm. What else was in your heart? Let me guess…" She trails her foot up and down his calf, neck arching to invite his exploring lips. "Macallan's scotch and -"

"You." He sucks the pulse where it's fluttering. "You were in there."

"Yes, you said." Her fingers grow a little frantic, sweeping from the hard muscle of his ass up the sinew of his back, and she growls low in her throat. "God, your back is so strong and sexy."

Jeff chuckles. "I know. Wait. Stop distracting me. I meant you, not just your boobs, you." He pauses to meet her gaze. "You've been in there a long time, Annie."

Her hands halt their explorations, eyes widening in realization. "But we weren't even together then."

He swallows thickly because he's admitting a lot here. Probably too much. "So what does that tell you?"

Her eyes flit all over his face and the smile crawls wide across her cheeks as she presses forward to rub his nose gently with her own. She captures his lips just before she whispers, "Make love to me."

Jeff smiles against her mouth and says, "That, I can do," and Annie giggles in a girlish sort of excitement as he rolls on top of her properly, biceps flexed to hold his weight as Annie's thighs part to cradle him. He sinks fully against her and traces a path of kisses down her temple, jawline, the arch of her neck, stopping when he reaches her breasts.

Annie's mouth parts on a breathy moan as he shifts to nuzzle each smooth swell and she arches into his touch instinctively.

"See? Perfect fit for my hand." His thumb brushes her nipple, gently teasing it into one long rosy peak. "I love licking and sucking them into my mouth." He circles the areola with the tip of his tongue, lets her feel the soft scrape of his teeth before sucking the nipple deep. Releasing it, he blows on the skin wet with his saliva and she quivers. "You know what else I love?"

Annie wets her lips, her focus intent. "What?"

"How amazing they feel when you press them together to rub against my dick. It's just…fuck… The best feeling."

She groans and starts to rock against him, feet flat against the mattress either side of his hips and talking like this is clearly working for her. Jeff twitches at the wet heat and friction she creates between them. He's so hard he's honestly getting a little desperate here.

"More," she whispers breathlessly. "Tell me more."

Jeff shifts his weight to line his cock with her entrance. "I love your eyes."

She gasps, gripping his shoulders as he gently pushes into her, inch by slow wet inch. "My eyes?"

He nods as he pulls out fully and she hisses when he thrusts back in, a little firmer, a little deeper now. He rolls his hips back and forth slowly, savouring the feel of Annie tight around him. "Watching me as I touch you or go down on you, when I lick you out…" Annie arches her neck; a husky moan in her throat has him pushing in just a little faster. "Or when you look up at me while you suck me off…"


Leaning on his forearms, hands cradling her head, his rhythm increases against her, his cock going deep, powered by the intensity between them, the feel of skin sliding against hot skin. There is not a breath between their bodies as he presses her into the mattress with every measured thrust.

"You like me talking like this, while I fuck you?"

"You know I do." Annie pants harshly against his mouth. "It's. Your voice..."

"What else?"

He thrusts hard.



"Your hands, oh…" She shifts the angle of her hips and quivers as he penetrates deeper. "I love your hands. So big and strong. Your fingers…when I suck them." Her nails bite into his shoulders. "When you fuck me with them."


Jeff growls as Annie writhes beneath him, eyelids fluttering madly like she's on the very edge, lips bitten red as she meets and matches his every thrust in perfect accord. Her hands sweep up and down the length of his spine before resting on his ass and she pushes him harder, faster, the way she always does when she's close. His pace quickens instinctively, encouraged by the sounds of his cock pumping in and out of her, the feel of her breasts rasping against his chest, and her breath hot and uneven against his mouth, their faces mere inches apart.

He works inside her, with her, driven by an emotion he never thought he'd have and it's moments like this – as she trembles and spasms wetly around him, eyes never once leaving his except to clench tight when she comes – that Jeff can't believe how fucking lucky he really is, that he gets to have this, with her.

He watches her thrash soundlessly beneath him, shuddering on a silent breath, hands and fingers scratching his shoulder blades, marking him, branding him, and the hot tight feel of her lubricating his cock drags him into his own release and he slams into her, his hips finishing what he is powerless to stop, what he is desperate for. His forehead rests heavy against hers and he cries out against her mouth, a raw guttural moan that matches her high-pitch rising breaths.

Annie trembles beneath him, whispering "I love you" against his lips.

When their hips have stopped twitching, and Jeff has finished blinking the spots from his eyes, he lifts his forehead from hers and their lips meet gently, tongues twisting wetly, sensually, as the pleasure built between them ebbs away.

Smoothing stray strands of hair away from her face, he rubs his nose against hers just the way she likes, pleased by the contented smile grazing lips pink and swollen from his kiss. She's not looking at him, her eyes are closed blissfully, but it doesn't matter because he already knows what he'd see there.

"I love you too."

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