It has been awhile! But I'm back! Let's dew this brah.

The walk from the car to his locker was the hardest thing Tweek ever did.

He was trusting Craig entirely to make sure he didn't embarrass himself, as well as staying up straight, for they were walking arm in arm.

Sure enough, in their march to the doors, everyone was staring.

Everyone was also gay as hell. Almost everyone, a few stragglers were looking uncomfortable as they stood out from the mass of heavily moisturized high schoolers.

But they were staring with envy.

If they paid any attention at all to the shows, the other straight boys should know Craig's gang was flaunting designer.

Butters did, and he dropped his books. Or maybe he was just being legitimately gay Butters, just getting as turned-on as he ever has. Craig smirked, as if in slow motion, as he walked by. Clyde winked. Tweek was too busy making sure his pants weren't ripping at the seams.

They made their way into the school, dropping everyone off one at a time at their lockers.

By the time Craig and Tweek were the last ones arm in arm, everyone had seen the group, so they were not looking twice at them making contact, but to get another look at their stellar outfits.

At this point, Craig was absolutely giddy from all the attention. Tweek, albeit a bit jealous, was not surprised.

On any given day, Craig looked good. On a special day, he looked fantastic, but today he looked hot, and Tweek isn't even being biased. With his hair styled and tight pants, girls were doing double takes faster than Tweek can comprehend written words.

Feeling a bit of envy, not sure if it is from Craig getting all the female attention, or just the attention in general Tweek gripped his arm a little tighter, pleased when Craig squeezed back.

And no one looked four times.

Tweek definitely noted some girls making extra passes than needed.

It was nice that he could be this close without worrying about being called out. He regretted disbelieving Craig.

"Relax, Tweek. They're looking at you too." Craig bent and whispered into Tweek's ear.

"Why would they?"

"Because you're cute as shit." Tweek blushed at the Craig-esque compliment. Tweek stumbled, and Craig caught him.

"Th-thanks." They made it to Tweek's locker, and Craig helped him get all his things together and they walked arm in arm to Tweek's first hour.

This has been a routine for the past year and Craig loves doing it. It gives him a little peace knowing his frazzled boyfriend can make it to class on time and in one piece.


That is what they are. They don't say it, but it's true.

Craig looks down at Tweek, whose eyes are glued to the floor, and gives him a sloppy grin. Tweek doesn't notice.

They make it to his English class, and before Craig darts to his own locker and then on to class, he unravels Tweek's arm and pecks his hand.

Tweek, late to realize what happened, stands dumbfounded as he watches Craig swish around the corner.

It's all Tweek can think about for the morning.


Craig doesn't know why he did it. It was such an innocent gesture but it meant a lot. It was the first real act of public PDA. Kissing in empty parking lots didn't count.

But Tweek looked too perfect, he simply couldn't resist. His face after was so worth it, no matter what paranoid things he had to say later.


Still worth it.

Plus there's nothing harsh Tweek could say that he would actually take seriously. But it was cute to think about.

Twirling his ear cuff that he admired so, he let his mind uncharacteristically wander to Tweek's pants and how well they fit, he couldn't help but wonder if Tweek were a girl, what kind of clothes she would wear. After five minutes of useless fantasizing, he let his mind switch over to just regular Tweek.

Usually he kept his mushy feelings in check, but today the blonde was too adorable. Tweek was the front of his mind all morning.

When the lunch bell rang, he made his way to Tweek's locker.

He was there already unloading and swapping books.

"Hey Tweek." Craig spoke softly so not to startle him.

"Hey. How was your morning?"

"Good. You look gay as fuck by the way. Super cute." Craig once-overed him and Tweek went scarlet.

"You too. Let's go to lunch?" Tweek smiled a shy smile and held out his arm. Craig grinned and eagerly took it, proud of Tweek for taking some initiative in their happy metrosexual situation.

They met up with their friends outside under a tree, happily sharing stories and boasting the numbers gotten from girls, and in the case of Clyde, the shy digits from Butters. Tweek didn't have too much to report, other than Rebecca and Wendy whispering behind hands, and giggling with the occasional point.

"Way to go Tweek! See doll-face, nothing to it!" Token reached over and patted Tweek's leg, who smiled thanks.

Craig watered down his stories for Tweek's sake, and sat a little closer than needed, but no one was the wiser. Clyde was sitting with his head in Token's lap with his legs up the root of the tree.

Lunch passed and they returned to class for the remainder of the afternoon. It was fairly uneventful, as everyone had gotten over the initial shock of the entire male class being 'totes metrofab' and Tweek was glad he stood out less in his pink garb.

He did like his clothes, and felt a bit regretful for not fully trusting Craig especially since Craig seemed to always be on the cutting edge of everything in South Park. By last hour, he had gotten over his petty fears about standing out and tried more to enjoy the dress-up. He even started narrating his thoughts with a lisp.

Silly, but fun.

By the end of the day, Tweek ran to catch up to Craig, before Craig could catch up to Tweek, as it usually happened.

"Someone's happy. How was your day?" Craig asked as they hooked arms.

"Good. It was fun."

"I'm glad. See, you need to learn to get over your fears and trust me." Tweek smiled a bit, for he realized that twice today.

"I know. Anything worth reporting? Are we doing this tomorrow? What's the plan? I don't think I can get ready by myself! I don't want to look like a slob when you all look so good."

"Relax. I can come over tomorrow morning, and yes of course we're doing it again, Tweeky-bean!" Craig reached to pinch Tweek's cheek who backed off and pushed his hand down.

"You look cute when you blush. I should embarrass you more often."

"I don't think so. Let's go." The made their way home and passing through the South Park strip, marveled at how quickly the town transformed. It was quite literally overnight.

When they reached Tweek's house, they rounded the corner to the back, and both their hearts picked up.

This was the best part of their days.

When the view of the street was obstructed by Tweek's house, Craig immediately dropped Tweek's arm and pushed him up against his house. Before moving on, They looked at each other before Craig pushed down onto Tweek's lips, kissing him with all the force and happiness he felt all day. Tweek responded and followed suit, happy when Craig intensified it. And then as fast as it starts, it stops, leaving them both panting.

"See you tomorrow." Craig cups Tweek's cheek and pecks his forehead. Tweek smiles and nods.

"Bright and early to help me wiggle into my pants."

"I wish." With a final tap on his cheek, Craig rounds the second painful corner of the day.

And what a day.