Hi guys! so i''ve been in a serious Fairly Odd Parents mood lately and i've been obsessed with Cosmo and Wanda. they're just so cute ^_^ so i decided to write my first official Cosmo and Wanda story about their lives before they became Timmy's god parents. I hope you enjoy it. tell me what you think.

Chapter 1:

First Meeting

Timmy came home one afternoon and went upstairs to his room after saying hi to his parents who barely paid attention to the fact that he was there. When he opened the door he gasped. His room was set up like a 70's disco party with strobe lights, a blinking dance floor, a disco ball, and "Boogie Wonderland" playing.

"Hi Timmy!" Wanda said as she danced with Cosmo. She wore striped bell bottom pants, a red tank top, high heels, and her hair was up in a pink afro.

"What the heck are you two doing?" Timmy asked putting his bag down.

"Dancing," Cosmo replied. He was wearing a white sparkly outfit like Elvis Presley complete with his green hair in Elvis' hair style and sunglasses. "Come join the party!"

Wanda put Timmy into a colorfully designed blue shirt, green pants, sunglasses, and an afro. Then they all started dancing to the music for a while. About a half an hour later they got tired and returned Timmy's room to normal.

"That was fun," Timmy said.

"And I got some great pictures," Wanda said. She scrolled through her digital camera and showed them the pictures of them dancing and making weird faces.

"We should have an 80's party tomorrow," Cosmo said. He waved his wand and changed his outfit. His hair was curly; he had on a white shirt, black jacket and high water pants, sparkly socks, a black hat, and one sparkly white glove. Then he started moon walking across the air. "Hee hee!" he said imitating Michael Jackson.

Wanda and Timmy laughed. "So how was school today Timmy?" she asked.

"Same old, still boring. But we have to do this project about our parents and their lives."

"Sounds like fun," Cosmo said changing back into his normal clothes.

Timmy sat down on the bed. "I guess it would be if my parents would stick around long enough for me to talk to them about it."

As if on cue his parents came into the room dressed in fancy clothes and Cosmo and Wanda went into the fish bowl. "Hey Timmy, guess what?" his dad said.

Timmy crossed his arms. "You're going somewhere and you're not taking me with you, and Vicky is coming over to babysit."

"We raised a smart boy," his mom said taking her husbands arm. "We'll be back late tonight."

"Have fun with Vicky," said his dad. They left the room.

"Hey twerp!" Vicky called stomping up the stairs.

Cosmo and Wanda came out. "I wish there were locks on my door that Vicky couldn't open," Timmy said. Huge locks and chains appeared on Timmy's bedroom door. Vicky banged on it but couldn't get it open and eventually gave up and went downstairs. "See what I mean?" Timmy said.

"Cheer up Timmy, maybe you'll have a chance to talk to them tomorrow," Cosmo said positively.

Timmy's face lit up. "Hey, you two have been together for almost 10,000 years. How did you meet each other?"

"Well Timmy," Cosmo began, "we were at a magical ball in a fairy tale kingdom. And we were dancing and one look into each other's eyes and we fell in love. Then Wanda had to leave at midnight and left her shoe…"

Wanda elbowed him. "Cosmo, that's the story of Cinderella."

"Oh right, wrong story."

Wanda had lived in a rich neighborhood in Fairy World called Fairy Hills. Her father had still run the trash recycling business back then so they had a lot of money. Unfortunately her mother had died when she was only five leaving her, her father, and her twin sister Blonda.

When Wanda started high school she and her sister went to a new school in Magic County. She met really good friends and became quite popular at the school. Everyone thought she was very pretty and nice unlike her sister who was also pretty and popular but snobby. She became a cheerleader and sophomore year started to write for the school paper.

There she also met Juandissimo. He was super hot and charming and he pursued her the entire first semester until she broke down and decided to go out with him. All the girls at the school thought Juandissimo was gorgeous and were jealous of Wanda for going out with him.

Cosmo was a different story. He lived in Magic County with his over protective mother, Mama Cosma. Ever since he was a baby he was accident prone with his magic. When he was a toddler he accidently turned his father into a fly and he was never seen again. When he was ten his mother decided enough was enough and sent him to the Fairy Academy for training. However when he was under Jorgen Von Strangles instruction he caused more harm than good and sunk the city of Atlantis ten times. By sophomore year of high school Jorgen sent him home because he was too much trouble and he went to the same high school Wanda was at. But then when he made the macaroni explode in the cafeteria people avoided him excluding a few friends.

The summer before senior year Mama Cosma had made Cosmo get a job. She told him he would be living on his own one day and he needed to learn how to work. So he started working at a diner downtown at the beginning of the summer.

One afternoon Wanda was flying down the street and decided to go into the diner for something to eat before she went to Juandissimo's house. She sat down and they gave her a menu. She ordered some fries and a smoothie. The guy, Jerry, went to the back kitchen with her order. He handed the food to Cosmo. "Take this to table three."

"Got it." Cosmo flew towards table three and nearly fainted when he saw the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life. She had the most gorgeous pink eyes, rosy cheeks, the thoughtful look she had on her face made her look gorgeous and she had long swirly pink hair. He'd seen her before. They went to the same school. But they never had any classes together so it was rare that he ever saw her. He was so caught up in looking at her that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, tripped over a wet floor sign and fell at her feet with French fries and raspberry smoothie flying all over the floor.

She looked down at him surprised. He looked up at her and his face was bright red with embarrassment. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Her voice flowed like the sound of an angel. He shook his head trying to concentrate. "Um, yeah. I'm fine. Sorry about your food." He started trying to clean it up.

She bent down to help him. "It's okay. Don't worry about it." She removed a French fry from in his green hair.

The manager came over. "Cosmo, what are you doing?"

"Sorry sir, I just tripped."

"Clean this mess up and get this young lady some more food."

He finished cleaning up the mess. "I'll be right back," he said to her. He flew to the back with his heart pounding.

"What's the matter with you Cosmo?" Jerry asked carrying more fries and smoothie for Wanda.

"Uh, I'm fine…Is that for table three?"


Cosmo snatched it from him. "Let me take it!" He flew back over to Wanda being careful not to trip on anything and embarrass himself again. He made it over successfully without spilling any of it and placed it on Wanda's table. "Here you go."

"Thank you," Wanda said. She recognized him as well and remembered him from school. "You go to Magic High School, right?"

He voice got stuck somewhere in his throat and all he could do was nod.

"I thought so," she said. She took a sip of her smoothie. "I'm Wanda," she said extending her hand.

Wanda, such a pretty name, he thought. "I-I'm Cosmo," he said. He shook her hand praying to whatever was up above that it wasn't too sweaty.

Wanda smiled. He was obviously nervous to be talking to her but it made him so cute. "It's nice to meet you Cosmo," she said. "Do you want to sit down, or do you have to get back to work?"

"Well, I'll be on my break in a few minutes so I guess its okay." He sat down across from her.

She slid her fries to the center of the table. "Wanna share? I doubt I'll eat all of these, this is a lot."

"Thanks," he said. "Do you come here a lot? I haven't seen you."

"I've been here a few times. Have you been working here very long?"

"I just started at the beginning of the month."

"Do you always trip over wet floor signs?" she joked.

"Only on Thursdays." They both laughed.

"You're really funny Cosmo," she said.

"You think so?" A girl actually thought he was funny. What else did she think of him?

Wanda nodded. "Mmm-hmm."

They continued to talk for a while and they finished off the rest of the fries. "I can get you something else if you want," he offered. His break was coming to an end but he didn't want her to leave.

She shook her head. "No thanks. I actually have to be somewhere right now." She had nearly forgotten she was going to Juandissimo's house, but a part of her wanted to stay here with Cosmo.

"Oh, well maybe we'll see each other again before school starts," Cosmo said.

"Yeah, maybe we will. Bye," she said flashing him that beautiful smile before she left.

He watched her go and he watched her until he couldn't see her out the windows anymore. He never thought in all his life that he would meet someone like her. She was perfect. He leaned against the mop on the wall which tipped over under his weight and he fell down with it earning laughs from those nearby.

"Cosmo, get back to work," the manager said when he saw him.

"And that's how it happened," Wanda said.

"I remember that day like it was yesterday," Cosmo said leaning against Timmy's head board. "You were so pretty back then." He held Wanda's hand. "You're still pretty."

Wanda blushed and giggled. "Cosmo."

"I wish I could do my project on you two instead of my parents," Timmy said. "It'll probably be more interesting."

"Now Timmy, give them a chance. Maybe tomorrow at breakfast you can ask them," Wanda said.

"Yeah maybe." Suddenly Timmy started laughing.

"What?" Cosmo asked.

"You tripped over the wet floor sign."

So i hope you liked this so far. chapter two is on the way!