"Good morning, Lenalee."

A groan.


A slightly louder groan.


Another groan.

"I told you not to drink so much last night." But of course no one listens to the apprentice of the biggest drinker and womanizer alive. Allen just didn't get it. He knew just as much as his master, if not more since he had to deal with Cross' hangovers. It was almost like an experiment to see which alcoholic drink did what to the drinker. The Rum that both Lavi and Komui spiked the punch with wasn't that strong to Allen but it gave a nasty hangover the next day to normal drinkers. Yes, the two idiots decided to give a giant gathering of people alcohol, including underage teenagers, and see what happens. They were punished accordingly; Komui was stuck with piles and piles of paperwork under the watchful eye of the science department while Lavi was being babysat by his Gramps in the library, probably being forced to memorize boring history.

Why was there punch, Rum, and a gathering of people? Simple, they had thrown a party for Allen. Both for his entrance into the Black Order and for his first mission. Allen didn't think he needed one but the others thought differently; Hell, even Kanda was there. Allen personally suspected bribaby and blackmailing was involved. Possible begging too.

More than half of the Finders were out cold on tables in the cafeteria. Most exorcist weren't much better. Only the ones with a high alcohol tolerance and those who didn't drink the punch were spared; this included the Generals, the Crows, Bookmen, Kanda, and Lavi. How Lavi had managed to get every other personal to drink was a question better left unanswered. The energetic bunny had managed to get Kanda drunk too. Though it only lasted a short period of time due to Kanda's special immune system.

Allen was an experience drinker, so something that weak had no effect on him. He did love the looks when he was still sober while men twice his age were stumbling around. He was also proud of winning the drinking contest. Cross had taught him to hold his liquor. Well more like forced but similar concept. The General enjoyed when he could finally hold his own against Cross after just a few short months of being with the old smoker. Allen could never really do anything the normal way. The center of the stage was all his.


"Ugh. This is boring Gramps. Can I go see Allen?"


Lavi pouted, "But you wouldn't even know that I put the alcohol in the punch if Allen didn't tell you guys." It was true. Finding out Komui spiked the punch was easy but only due to Allen tattle-taling on him did Gramps finding out he had also added Rum to the drink. It was not a happy memory. . .


"And-. . . the cat goes *hic* moo. . ." Komui got drunk off his own spiked punch. That was predictable. Reever dragged him away as he babbled on about nothing.

It was too late though, mostly everyone was drunk off their asses.

"Hey Lavi. Nice party you guys throw." Except him. Lavi didn't get it. Allen had a small body. He should not be able to consume more alcohol then his weight. Then Lavi remembered all the food the boy eat on a daily basis. Seeing him drink just as much didn't seem so far fetched anymore.

"Yeah, Komui kinda kicked on the extreme mode though." Lavi received a weird look, it was something in between a stern look and an amused one. With what the boy usual thought was amusing, Lavi was suddenly weary. What was he going to do now?

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw two other sober people coming their way. It was Kanda and Bookmen.

Allen spoke. "I'm sure Komui wasn't the only one who wanted to see who could hold themselves in alcohol. Besides, I'm sure it was just coincidence that I saw you sneaking into the Kitchen earlier with a bottle of Rum under your arm."

Allen smiled that increasingly annoying innocent smile.

Lavi paled.

Kanda growled.

Bookmen glared.

Damn. He was so close. He would so get Allen back for this . . . if he could.


Lavi groaned remembering again. He was so careful, too. He added juice flavoring so people couldn't detect his added ingredient right away. He was hoping to get Kanda and Allen drunk. It obviously didn't work, although he was close with Kanda. After his innocence involved, the samurai's immune system decreased in efficiency even if it was still above normal. Lavi had no idea how close he succeeded with Allen; the boy simple drank and drank . . and drank some more. Yet the General didn't show any signs of drunkenness. Maybe it was a General thing. Wait. General Yeegar and Tiedoll couldn't hold liquor if their lives depended on it. General Nine, General Winters, and apparently General Allen could. With the rumors he had heard, General Cross drank everyday. Maybe fighting Akuma wasn't the only thing Allen learned from the other redhead.

A kick to the head and Lavi was brought out of his thoughts and memories. "Hey! That hurt, you old panda." A book to the face this time. "Would you stop throwing things at my head? I need that, my brains in there."

A chuckle behind the redhead caused him to jump. "Don't worry, you can only harm brain cells if you had them to begin with." Lavi looked offended while bookmen chuckled at that before he tried covering it with a cough.

"A-Allen! You're so mean to me!" Why was Allen here? And was that Tim nestled in white hair? It looked so cute atop of the General's head.

"So bookmen," Allen was now completely ignoring the red haired bunny, "I was wondering if I may have the recipe for some tea that will get help the headaches of last nights drinkers."

"Of course. But only you, this is private information even if it's just a recipe."

"I'm glad you are willing to share."

"This isn't sharing, it's a trade. May I accompany you on your next mission?" It wasn't a true question, it was just posed to look like one to seem polite.

Allen smiled, like he understood-which he probably did-what the old man was trying to do. "I would not mind at all."

Huh. So Grandpa was going to get as much informations as possible out of the boy while they were alone. Lavi blinked. He sowanted to be there when that happened. But the moment he opened his mouth to ask to go with them, Bookmen interrupted, "And you will stay here and finish your assigned work."

Lavi pouted. "You did go with me last time, Lavi. Maybe another time when you're not grounded?" Allen was mocking him. Lavi could feel it. Even as the General and bookmen left the library, he could still feel the laughter in the air.


"Thank you so much, Allen."

"It was no trouble to me. Would you mind helping me distribute this, I feel like the mood needs a little boost."

Lenalee smiled, she could do this. "I agree. But what kind of tea is this? I have never tasted something this good while clearing up my headache."

"Actually, I can not say." Lenalee was confused by this until he continued, "It's a secret recipe. I got it from bookmen." Then that explained why he couldn't tell her although she wondered how he had gotten the recipe. Not just everybody could achieve getting knowledge, even the smallest tidbit of information, out of a bookmen.

They began to pass out the cups of the steaming liquid to Finders and Scientist alike with the occasional exorcists. Many were soon revived and thanking them profusely. Timcampy switched from sleeping on top of Allen's head or trying to eat other's late breakfast.

An hour and twenty three pots of tea later, they were finally done. The two had managed to enlist help from Miranda after she had multiple cups of the tea so the work went fast even if they had to clean up multiple spills while counseling a sobbing Miranda.

"Ah. Man, I'm so tired yet it's only mid day," Lenalee complained as she rested at a table with Miranda. Both were exhausted from running around. Miranda was half asleep on the wood table. She smiled slightly, Miranda was her crazy aunt, not by blood, but Lenalee considered her part of her giant, surrogate family. She didn't mean crazy as in clinically mad but sometimes, Miranda's selflessness led to the woman doing drastic things. Lenalee could tell she meant well and she wouldn't trade anything in the world for the older woman.

Lenalee noticed a certain white haired boy heading towards the doors with Tim following behind. Lavi had told them about Timcampy, the golden golem. Lenalee thought it made Allen seem cuter than he already was. She spoke before he got out of site, "Ah! Where are you going Allen? Do you not need to rest?"

He just smiled over his shoulder, "I shall be perfectly fine. I'm just going to have a little chat."

Chat? With who? Actually, on second thought, she was content just knowing that Allen isn't as hard to talk to as he seems. It was nice to just chat and get to know him as they worked. Lenalee enjoyed watching the General interact with the others, it shows how well people with different status can get along. Plus, it eased the tension around the Finders and Exorcists alike.


Allen assigned himself a mission of sorts. He was going to begin now that he spent some time familiarizing himself with some of the people here. But it was time to get serious if things were to go as he wanted. He found a deserted hallway where he wouldn't be found or interrupted. He told Tim to keep watch a few hallways down just incase. Concentrating on his second innocence, he called forth his necklace. After a few moments, Allen could feel the metal on his neck along with the added weight of the cross. A gloved hand reached under his shirt and brought out the silver pendent; it was a fairly large that could fit one hand alone. It was a normal looking cross with the only difference being the smaller cross on top of the intersection of the large cross. The top cross had a black base color with small white lines forming a pattern that glowed green when activated.

He smiled, he hadn't relied on this in a while. Just like how a sword gave a samurai the feeling of protection, his necklace gave him a sense of balance.

"Innocence activate, synchro rate 43%." That should be enough power for what he needed it for. Allen whispered out a name, "Klaud Nine, please." Then, visible to his gray eyes only, a small mist like line appeared in front of him that lead back out the hallway and down another. Allen silently followed this, his necklace hidden from view.

For while, he just silently followed the trail with Tim riding in his hair again. Allen didn't understand why Tim had chosen his hair to make it his permanent resting spot but the slight movement reminded him he wasn't alone. That was more than enough for the General.

The mist stopped at an older door. Allen thanked his innocence before deactivating it and turning back to the door. He put on his smile and knocked politely three times.

General Nine opened the door, blinked at him a few times before pulling herself together to ask what he needed.

He smiled, because he understood, and replied, "I believe you and him would like to know more about me since it seems I am not trusted enough to be part of the Deal." The Deal was made between Cross, Cloud, and Winters. His Master had told him of the importance of the other two Generals. No one knew but three of the Generals had made a special kind of arrangement that was only known to them and now Allen. No one else, not even the other Generals. It was agreed on due to the circumstances and General Cross' little stunt he had pulled back when nothing was complicated yet. Why it was made was simple, because they were not naive. They knew how bad the war was going to get and the chances of survival was decreasing with each new Noah appearing. The three understood the sacrifices that were going to be needed to win the war. It was only a matter of time and they knew that.

Allen's second mission was simple. All he had to do was gain the trust of two Generals who never fully trusted Cross in the first place. Oh. And one had a one night stand with the womanizer and it wasn't Winters. General Winters would try and kill him at any possibility he had, all while enjoying it. Simple? Probably not. But hey, nothing ever was when Allen was involved.


After somehow getting Socalo Winters to Klaud Nine's room quietly, the three sat at the small round table. General Winters had arrived when Allen was on his first mission with Lavi. Apparently, Komui had come up with a way to try and preserve the Generals. A maximum of two Generals-not including Cross-were allowed to be on missions. Both Tiedoll and Yeager had left so now Socalo was stuck until one finished their mission.

The tension was high and all the three of the room's occupants could feel it yet all three were very good at hiding their feelings. Lau Jimin was batting around Timcampy on Klaud's bed. The General's room were slightly bigger then normal rooms. This did not make much sense to some; Generals were away longer then exorcists yet they get a larger room. It was probably Komui's idea.

Allen begun by pulling out a small book about the size of one of his hands, one of the few things he kept with him, and setting it on the table in clear view of the other two. He almost had a panic attack when he woke up without his items. Before he had even opened his eyes, he searched around for his things. Out of the five items-Tim included-the red book was the least important to him. He could afford to let the other two know about a small secret, trust was a two way street and Allen was going to give before he took. Plus, Cross had already spilt the beans with the whole Magic thing so it wouldn't be too hard to explain. It was a red book that contained spells and ways to modify Akumas. Allen didn't think the souls deserved to be bound to a demon, but he didn't think having to fight an urge to kill every second of every day for just a few months of freedom was any better. He prefered purifying them. Allen only modified them when it was completely needed. The other objects included Tim, a deck of cards, a small black cube, and a pouch of small white blocks.

Timcampy was needed for communication and data storage. The golem was most useful when he had an episode and needed to access memories or information. It was like a back up brain. The golden ball was also great company, if you could ignore the biting.

The deck of cards was more of a sentimental item but Allen needed it more than anything when he has his occasional breakdown. It had been a gift along with his necklace.

The black cube and white pieces were not important right now. What was important was the two pairs of eyes on the red notebook. Good. They recognized it. Less explaining on his part.

"Isn't that. . . " General Nine started, she remembered the small golden carvings outlining the edges of the inch thick book.

"This is the sister book to my Master's own spellbook."

"Does this mean you can do magic?" General Nine asked again. Allen simply nodded.

"So you can do some fancy magic, so what boy?" Winters finally spoke. Allen had wondered why he had stayed silent while not moving to attack. According to his score, he was brash and attacked anything that moved in a threatening way. It could have something to do with the underlying feeling of intellect. Hmmm. . . . Allen would have to observe General Socalo Winters some more. He didn't seem to be who he wanted people to see him as, but he wasn't anything bad like a spy for the Earl or a Noah. His tone was just. . . different yet similar to someone's he had heard in the past. Allen made a mental note to check Tim later for memories of similar scores.

"Well, Mr. Winters. This 'boy' can do twice the amount of Magic Cross could do and I also happened to beat his previous record of synchro rate with my innocence. I do not like bragging but seeing as you don't plan to reveal yourself, I was trying to prove I can be helpful in this war."

General Winters practically growled. He didn't necessarily hate the boy yet, but he could start now. Than the smart little voice in his head repeated what the white hair boy had said. It makes sense though; Cross could do Magic, so his apprentice should be able to, too. The turning point of the war was now, he knew that. The sudden appearance of so many Noahs was a clear sign that the final battle draws near. Will the corrupted Black Order fight to it's last exorcist and win or will the death loving Noah clan prevail? Only Time can tell and Socalo was never a patient man. He wanted to be there when it happened. Because if he was there, alive and breathing, he would go berserk on the enemy. He loved fighting, that's all he has known and he was okay with that as long as he had strenght. Power kept the world spinning, not money. If someone had power, the can easily attain petty things like money. Power, strength, intelligence won fights; Allen seemed to have these. So he would lay down part of his pride and side with the kid. He almost looked forward to fighting side by side with the kid. He was still a mysterious brat, though.


Klaud Nine watched as Socalo half glared and half scrutinized the boy. She could see the intelligent look behind the mask if she looked long enough. She had always known that he was smart but chose to hide it so he could fight. And Winters fought brutally. Klaud knew he could hold back though. He wasn't always merciful but he never killed in cold blood. General Winters may be bloodthirsty but he never took it out on someone who didn't deserve it.

Finally, he spoke, "Brat. We will let you in on the Deal. How much do you already know?"

Now that was a surprise. It wasn't often someone got to see Socalo Winters in business mode. It was rare for even her or Cross to see this side of him.

Taking a look at Allen, she could obviously see that the change didn't bother the boy at all. Interesting. So how much did the boy know?

"The requirements of the Deal along with the consequences of speaking about it to anyone other then those present in this room and my Master."

"Do you agree with everything contained in the Deal?"

Klaud spoke the next part, "Do you swear on your name that you will not interfere with the Deal's plan?"

"Yes." All three pairs of eyes were dead serious; this was talking about the future of the entire world after all.

Winters stared at the ice cold silver eyes. Apparently finding something he liked, he smirked and stood up, making his way to the other side of the table. He held out his hand, "Welcome to the worlds saviors, brat." The mockery was clear when he had said saviors.

"I go by Allen. I don't need another nickname, I get that enough from Lavi and the prick." General Winters laughed, the sound not completely positive.

"I like brat better," Allen's eyebrow twitched like it usually did when he was called something other then his name. Winters left with a small wave over his shoulder.

"General-" Klaud began but was cut off.

"Allen. Please." There was no way she could say no with that almost puppy dog look. She did have a soft spot for animals. Just look at her innocence. Which was currently trying to eat a spastic Timcampy.

"Allen." The name felt weird almost foreign coming out of her mouth. But it wasn't like she could call him anything else, he didn't have a last name. And she didn't want to be rude, like her companion, and call him 'kid' or 'brat'. Besides, she could feel her motherly instincts kicking in. The war was no place to have a baby. She knew that, but she couldn't stop herself from wanting one. Plus, it seemed like Allen needed some love. Klaud could detect just flashes of sadness in silver eyes. Allen may be good at hiding his emotions but when it comes down to it, Klaud had an amazing sense of empathy. She could easily read a mood and the flow of a conversation.

"Allen. We will be having meetings in the future to discuss what needs to be done. Is there a safe way for me to contact you and notify you of the time and place of the meetings?"

He turned to her bed and spoke, "Tim. Come here please." Instantly, the golden ball freed itself from Lau Jimin's paws and flew to its master. Gloved hands grabbed the object out of the air and held it close to his face.

Allen spoke in a whisper, not letting Klaud hear. A white circle of light appeared around the still golem. Allen let go; the golem stayed perfectly still within the air. Allen turned back to the curious eyes of the other General.

"You have your own unique golem, yes?" He asked.

She stood up and walked to the dresser next to the bed. Opening the top drawer, she pulled out the inactive golden shape. After the attack, each General got their own golem with special abilities based on each General and their needs. For example, Winters was based off of his fighting streak and was crimson red outlined in black. His was shaped like his innocence middle piece-a flat circle with spikes on the edges. Basically, it looked like a flattened sun.

Klaud's was a spherical shape with a long, curly tail. She kept the simple gold lining but switched from a black base to a dark purple. It was her favorite color; coincidentally, it was also the color of her eyes. One of the few differences between hers and the regular golems was the two smaller balls on the face along with two white circles that glowed when active that served as eyes. It looked similar to her familiar-who was once again on her shoulder- just the way she like it. Not many knew, but she had a huge soft spot for small, cute animals. Another useful thing about hers was the way it communicated. The antennas stayed drooped down when on standby but when someone from headquarters or another member of her team needed to contact her, both antennas stood up on ends and a hologram appeared between the two extensions. She never did like the whole image from the mouth idea. The wings were a pretty matching golden and purple. In some places, the two colors merged.

"Awaken, Ayame." Each new personal golem could be given names and General Nine picked the one that meant Iris, a beautiful purple flower. Unexpectedly, for Allen at least, the two eyes began glowing a white. Small vine like lines began sprouting from the glowing eyes and continued to spread across the golem. Once it had touched all corners, the lines faded and the body twitched.

The wings began moving and within the next ten seconds, it was floating on its own. Allen was impressed, if only a little bit.

"This is completely my own. No one, no matter what Central say, can access any information unless I give them permission first." Klaud had gotten something once in awhile from Cross and this had been her gift before he went on the long term mission and went missing in action.

Allen held out Tim with a few inches between the two golems. He spoke, "Timcampy. Form connection with Ayame." Similar to how both golems had been activated, a white almost hazy green light circle appeared around both objects. Neither struggled and for a few moments nothing seemed to happen. Then the light disappeared faster than it had came. Tim flew back to nestle in Allen's hair. Ayame came back to Klaud's side.

She stared at the younger boy until she received an explanation, "I had Tim share with Ayame. It is a simple way to communicate and share information. Just ask Ayame to call me, or Tim actually, and in an instant a safe line will be connected. You don't even need to find a phone booth, I had Timcampy transfer just enough magic capabilities to your golem to make things easier. You can summon me whenever you need me."

"Thank you," she said. That was new; Cross almost never shared or passed on magic to another person or object besides his own devices.

"It was no problem at all. Well, goodnight General Nine." She was allowed to call him by his first name-it was his only name but still-but he couldn't call her by her first name. Wait, she had never even asked him to call her by Klaud. No many had the privilege to call her by her first name. Yet as she thought about it, she found herself wanting to be called by Klaud. Allen was a nice kid and she could feel how protective she was getting. The only other time she felt like this was when she first met Timothy.


"Huh?" He looked honestly confused. Well, he may be a genius but he was still dense as brick.

"If I get to call you by your first name, it is only fair you can do the same."

He blinked, which for him showed he was slightly shocked by that. The next moment, he smiled. And this one looked like heaven compared to the usual ones the boy smiled.

"Goodnight. . .Klaud," he was still smiling, though now it was less noticeable. He left soon after that. She sighed and went to take a hot shower before going to bed. Apparently, one of the Generals was coming back in a few days and it was her turn to go on a mission. As much as she loved traveling-and she really did-it was nice to take a breather once in awhile. Plus, with her new apprentice, Timothy, and Allen here, she had something to look forward to coming back too.